2014-2015 Student Organization Registration
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For a student organization to be granted official recognition and maintain status as a recognized student organization, the following requirements must be met: 

1. Each recognized student organization must renew recognition status at the end of each spring semester. Registration is available on the Office of Campus Activities webpage. The renewal process includes the completion of an online form, a signed advisor agreement form for the following academic year, and updated officer listing. Student organizations that fail to renew their registration by the deadline will be declared inactive unless approved by the Office of Campus Activities. Inactive student organizations are not entitled to privileges granted to those student organizations that are officially recognized. 

2. Each organization must govern itself according to a constitution agreed upon by the organization's membership and approved by the Director of Campus Activities. The constitution must state, using proper form, all membership requirements, the purpose of the organization, and all policies which will govern the workings of the organization. A current copy of each organization's constitution must be kept on file in the Office of Campus Activities.

3. Each organization must have an advisor approved by the Director of Campus Activities. The advisor must commit to be actively involved in overseeing the activities of each organization. It is expected that each organization will routinely consult with its advisor and inform him/her of all organization activities, practices, and undertakings. Any faculty or staff member employed by Young Harris College is eligible to serve as an advisor to a student organization. 

4. Each organization must submit a current membership roster to the Director of Campus Activities no later than the end of the second week of classes each semester including full names and current positions. Each organization must immediately inform the Director of Campus Activities of any changes in membership during the course of each semester. 

5. All organization-sponsored campus programs must be approved no less than one week in advance by the Director of Campus Activities. This approval process applies to any event/activity held on Young Harris College property and/or off-campus, which is formally or informally planned, advertised or undertaken by any student organization or any part thereof. 

6. Each recognized student organization must provide one student representative to the Student Organizations Council of Presidents as an active and voting member. Meetings are held on a monthly basis. 

The College may deny or withdraw all recognition of rights and privileges from a recognized student organization where there is 1) a failure or refusal to abide by College Policy, 2) danger of violence or disruption of the College's educational mission, or 3) has been a violation of criminal law by the organization or by it's members at a function sponsored by the organization. 

Rights and Privileges of Recognition

-Use of Young Harris College facilities subject to facilities use policy;
-Appropriate use of the Young Harris College name and logo on formal letters and publications in accordance with the YHC Brand Standards manual available from the Office of Advancement located in Sharp Hall and YHC Connect; 
-Authorization to publicize events and distribute information on campus (with proper approval); 
-Opportunity to sponsor fundraising activities on campus consistent with College Policy; 
-Opportunity to schedule registered activities and events in accordance with the appropriate policies and procedures; 
-Advisement from the Office of Campus Activities; 
-Ability to borrow items for events/meetings from the Office of Campus Activities; 
-Opportunity to have club or organization information on the Young Harris College website; 
-Representation on the Council of Presidents for Clubs and Organizations; 
-Eligible to receive funding from the Office of Campus Activities when available; 
-Participate in the leadership opportunities offered by and through the College; and 
-Access to the Poster Room. 

An electronic response below indicates that I have read the above policies and procedures, and agree to provide all supplemental materials requested in order to receive recognition approval. 
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