Adapt East Boston Survey
1. My main connection to East Boston is (check all that apply):

2. ​If you live in East Boston, in which neighborhood do you live?


3. If you work in East Boston, in which neighborhood do you work?


4. ​What do you like most about East Boston?
5. What do you like least about East Boston?
6. ​What improvements would you like to see in East Boston?
  High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority Not a Priority
More jobs
More affordable housing
Protection from weather events
More green spaces / parks
More parking
More community / cultural spaces
Better public transit
More entertainment / shopping
Safer / more pleasant streets
Reduced crime
Better access to health care
More access to the coast and coastal waters
7. ​Are there any other improvements you would like to see in East Boston?
8. ​East Boston is particularly vulnerable to weather events associated with climate change, such as flooding -- from coastal waters or extreme rainfall -- and extreme heat. Have you personally been affected by any of these events? If so, how?
9. ​East Boston has experienced a lot of new development over the last five years. Some families are worried that they will be forced to move because of rising rents. How do you feel about these neighborhood changes?
10. ​Do you have flood insurance?


11. ​In the past 5 years, have you experienced a power outage of more than 12 hours?


12. ​Do you own a generator for backup power supply?


13. ​Do you have a disaster plan in place in the event of a significant flood?


14. ​Are you aware of any disaster preparedness plans in your community?


15. ​If you are aware of disaster preparedness plans in your community, what are they?
16. ​Is there anything else you would like to tell us about East Boston?
17. ​Would you be interested in staying involved with ClimateCARE by attending meetings, presentations, etc.?


18. ​​Are you interested in any of the following?

19. ​If you are interested in a house or apartment energy audit, business energy audit, flood management review, and/or tree survey, please provide your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address:

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