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1. What are the reasons for seeking NATA's services?
For example: contractual requirement; management request; legislative condition; market advantage.
2. Do you think NATA's services add value to your organisation?
3. Were the NATA staff effective and professional in dealing with you and your staff?
4. Have your requests been responded to in a reasonable time frame?
5. Are you satisfied with the overall level and quality of NATA's services provided to your organisation?
6. What additional services do you feel NATA could offer to your organisation?
7. Do you find the content of NATA News interesting and informative?
8. During a Member's meeting what type of information would you like presented, in order of preference?
For example: NATA's finances; regulatory issues; industry experts; government policy.
9. Do you find the design of the NATA website makes it easy to use?
10. Do you find the information on the NATA website useful?
11. Please use this section to provide information in relation to responses given.