Carp-Talk Reader Survey 2017
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2. Gender


3. Region you live

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4. Region(s) you fish

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5. Type of angler


6. How long have you been carp fishing?


7. How often do you go carp fishing?


8. Do you share your copy of Carp-Talk with other anglers/friends?


9. What are your main reasons for reading Carp-Talk?

Here are some front covers of Carp-Talk.
10. Which of the above covers appeal to you most and why?
11. Does the cover influence whether you buy the magazine?


12. What would you like to see more of in the magazine?

13. Which of the following angling magazines do you read? (please tick all that apply)

14. Do you think Carp-Talk is good value for money?


15. Where do you find the bulk of your fishing information?


16. Where do you find information about catches?


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