Summary Report

ITTT post-course evaluation

1. How would you rate the quality of the course materials?

5 (excellent) 53.85%
4 (very good) 39.01%
3 (satisfactory) 5.97%
2 (poor) 1.10%
1 (unsatisfactory) 0.08%
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2. How confident do you feel, as a result of this course, to teach English as a foreign language?

5 (extremely confident) 30.85%
4 (very confident) 46.86%
3 (quite confident) 17.50%
2 (mildly confident) 2.59%
1 (not confident) 0.31%
About the same as before. 0.08%
Extremely confident, however, I notice that all my previous materials are now locked and it would be great to be able to still have access to those books and videos as well as previous lesson plan results (allowing me to improve my skill prior to entering a classroom), 0.08%
Having had teaching experience in the past, it was a great addition to what I have already learned and practice. I would rate 5/5. 0.08%
I already teach English, I think this course did help me to have some new ideas about how to teach as well as giving me some activity ideas. 0.08%
I am confident but not because of this course 0.08%
I am missing a lot of experience which were visible that teachers at the videos had them. 0.08%
I am very confident after taking this course from ITTT to teach English language. From planning course outline, lesson plan, course learning outcomes, activities and action plan for the lessons. 0.08%
I am very confident but I also have significant experience in this. This course built upon that experience. 0.08%
I can not give a meaningful answer. I worry about my abilities in regard to classroom discipline, time management, and having had little experience with children 0.08%
I can teach Englis in my language, but in English, it's quite hard, since I do not have much experience speaking English. 0.08%
I don't feel confident from using this course, I've had other university training that has made me more confident. 0.08%
i feel i'm confident after passing the online Part 1 of the combined course. Yet, i still need to attend the observe practice teaching ( part 2 ) to really gauge how far am I so confident on it . 0.08%
I have been teaching for some time and was hoping for some tips and techniques to improve. I did learn new ways of reaching students. However, my job requires me to work with large classes and the methodology doesn't work great with 40 + students. I believe I can adapt some of the new methods. 0.08%
I must admit however, that teaching English is not new to me, I've been a language teacher originally using a very similar method 0.08%
I need more practice experience but the theory provided by the course will help me to devolop it. 0.08%
I was totally clueless about teaching because I have never been a teacher in my life 0.08%
I wish to testify that my teaching skills have increased as a result of this course, i have learnt many new things especially in classroom management. I will recommend the course to every teacher of EFL. 0.08%
I would need to have in person training to feel completely confident. 0.08%
I've always had self confident problems, but after taking the 60 hour class I think that I will be able to do the classes. Thank for the help! 0.08%
I've yet to have any practice with teaching. I know what I would want to do, but I will have to see what I can actually pull off. No substitute for experience, I suppose! 0.08%
My comfort with foreign students is very good having taught in Busan in 99' and now having done this course know my teaching will be better structured. 0.08%
Not without my certificate and I still haven't received it a month after passing. I have emailed and received no reply. 0.08%
same 0.08%
The quality of the PDFs were well done, but the video picture and sound quality were somewhat lacking in clarity. Thus I'd rate this at a "2.5". 0.08%
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3. How would you rate the quality of feedback from your tutor?

5 (excellent) 34.93%
4 (very good) 19.00%
3 (satisfactory) 9.65%
2 (poor) 1.33%
1 (unsatisfactory) 0.86%
I didn't have a course tutor 34.22%
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4. If you had a course tutor, how would you rate your course tutor’s email response time?

5 (excellent) 32.97%
4 (very good) 18.21%
3 (satisfactory) 7.46%
2 (poor) 0.47%
1 (unsatisfactory) 0.63%
I didn't have a course tutor 40.27%
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5. If you signed up for the course without tutor, do you feel that you would have benefited from tutor support?

Yes 22.92%
No - I was happy with the course without tutor 34.07%
I completed the course with tutor support, so this doesn't apply to me 35.64%
Although I didn't have a tutor and I was happy with the course I believe that I would have benefited much more with a tutor. 0.08%
although the Teaching Business English on line course doesn't have a tutor, once the answers to the tests are submitted the immediate correction with reference on where the correct answer is found in the lesson is an excellent feedback. 0.08%
at certain points yes, but then again sometimes not really. 0.08%
Course materials were sometimes unrelated to the questions on tests, so maybe a tutor would have helped. 0.08%
Did not have a course tutor 0.08%
did not receive any answers from tutors. 0.08%
Didn't use tutor during course, but received feedback for my final lesson plan. 0.08%
For question Nr. 3., 4. I didn't contact my tutor during the course, but I got course with tutor 0.08%
had a tutor 0.08%
had problem with my lesson plan,i had to resubmited it 0.08%
I am happy with tutor. 0.08%
I applied for the course with a tutor, but unfortunately whenever I need something from the tutor he/she answers with this usual answer :"everything you need is in the unit number.." 0.08%
I applied tutor, but I used very little tutor surport. 0.08%
I chose the course that had tutor support available but i did not find any need to contact the tutor throughout the course as the study material was very good and easy to understand. 0.08%
I compleated the course on my own without tuter support 0.08%
I completed the course with tutor support but the tutor's email response time wasn't fast 0.08%
I completed the course with tutor support, although I did not really use the service. aside from a question which pointed me back to my course notes. 0.08%
I completed the course with tutor support, but I didn't feel the need to contact the tutor. 0.08%
I completed the course without the aid of a tutor 0.08%
I could have done it without tutor support. 0.08%
I did have a tutor, but I never asked for help because I didn't need to. 0.08%
I did not make use of the tutor even though I had tutor support available to me. 0.08%
I did sign up for a tutor but didn't need it. 0.08%
I didn`t actually use the course tutor. My answer for #4 applies to the response time once I had submitted my lesson plan. 0.08%
I didn´t use the tutor support. 0.08%
I didn't get the reason why I would need a tutor, so I signed up to the course without tutor. The course material was pretty simple reading and the tasks at the end of each unit reading and the test were not that difficult for me. A tutor could be helpful for trying to correct my task answers and probably at the final lesson plan writing. 0.08%
I didn't have a tutor and would have appreciated additional examples of completed lesson plans. 0.08%
I didn't use a tutor course since I needed to do the course as quick as possible. 0.08%
I discovered when I went for my in-class part of the course, that no aspect of teaching courses should e done online especially where an in-class option is possible. Learning from the instructors made me want to do it all afresh in-class! 0.08%
i don't feel i needed the tutors support never used the tutor 0.08%
I don't think I would have considering the extra cost, but I have been teaching for years. However, I did get my lesson plan rejected and thought the extra work to get it accepted was useful for me. 0.08%
I failed one of the unit tests, so I think having the option to get extra tutoring on particular sections would be helpful. Perhaps at additional cost.. 0.08%
I finished the course without contacting my tutor, but it just feels good to know that if i needed s/he would help me 0.08%
i got good support from the tutor 0.08%
i got tutor support after my lesson plan failed the first time. it was a little help to meet the criteria but i don't feel that the course was hard and i didn't need a tutor 0.08%
I had a course tutor but didn’t avail of the course tutor 0.08%
I had a course tutor but I didn't contact him. 0.08%
I had a tutor and found that they were a waste of the extra money. They never explained anything to help you. I found I had more help from other sources not related to the course. 0.08%
I had a tutor, but only contacted them twice, not related to the actual materials. So I didn't need a tutor, but it was nice to know if I had need of one, I could have asked. 0.08%
I had a tutor, but the materials were written to understand. So I didn't need a tutor that much. 0.08%
I had a tutor, Sent 2 requests and only got one answer within 24 hours later and the answer was that I didn't need to know so after that I used google. 0.08%
I had a tutor, unfortunately I was not getting immediate response when I needed most. That discouraged me of contacting the tutor so often. 0.08%
I had course tutor, but I didn't appeal to him/her during the lesson. 0.08%
I had signed up for the course with a tutor, but did not feel the need to contact them. 0.08%
I had tutor but his answer was not helpfull, he gave me link to study materials instead of explaining the problem more clearly. After that I saw asking more questions as waste of my time. 0.08%
I had tutor support but didn't use it, all content was very clear 0.08%
I have an experience in the field, thus I didn't need a tutor's assistance, yet for beginners I'd advice to study with a tutor as I used to :) 0.08%
I have completed this course without a tutor. However, during my Summative task summary, the support team was very helpful to elaborate the activity and my understanding of the assignment. 0.08%
I may have, but felt fine without. I think others who may not be as do-it-yourself like me would want a tutor. 0.08%
I must say that I did quite well without tutor support as I only wrote to the tutor at the end, after I had to re submit my the lesson plan. 0.08%
I never received responses from my Tutor regarding my questions so I basically did not have Tutor support. 0.08%
I opted for the course with tutor support, but never ended up making use of it. 0.08%
I paid for a course with tutor support, but didn't really feel like I needed to ask anything. 0.08%
I regret I couldn't get this course with tutor 0.08%
I signed up but felt that perhaps tutor was not really necessary and would not recommend a tutor to anyone with a teaching background. 0.08%
I signed up for a course tutor but never used him 0.08%
I signed up for the course with a tutor and never utilized it. 0.08%
I signed up for the course with a tutor but I never needed to use it, therefore I cannot answer the previous questions 0.08%
I signed up for the course with a tutor but it didn't benefit me much. 0.08%
I signed up for the course with a tutor, but was unsure how to utilize them. 0.08%
I signed up for the course with tutor but I never contacted him/her. 0.08%
I signed up for the course with tutor support, but I never used this resource. 0.08%
I signed up for the course with tutor, but did not need it. I asked a quick techinical question which was promptly responded, but I would have preferred to have to option to renounce the tutor after starting the course. 0.08%
I signed up for tutor support -- wish I would have reached out during a couple of lessons. 0.08%
I signed up to have a tutor but did not end up needing any assistance, and was happy with the course without a tutor. 0.08%
I think I have paid my course with the tutor support, and I did contacted him 3 times but I did not receive any reply. 0.08%
I think the tutor is very important especially in the last phase. 0.08%
I think this comes down to individual style. I think tutors are most certainly beneficial and would add significant value to the course. 0.08%
I used it less than I had to, but it was good to know it was there. 0.08%
I was happy with the course without a tutor but that´s because I have already studied and taught for several years. I wouldn´t recommend doing the course without a tutor if this is the first experience into TEFL/ESL 0.08%
I would appreciate a tutor to correct not all your task sheets but at least the requested lesson plans to have some practical feedback before doing the final one. 0.08%
I would have taken a tutor, if I was living by myself and if I did not have the safety net of adult children, who both graduated from university. I found the course structured in manageable pieces and did not require any support to complete it. 0.08%
I'm not really sure but two heads are always better than one . 0.08%
It was ok without tutor but sometimes I felt that maybe tutor could give me more useful information. 0.08%
It would have been a different experience. I would have probably have more insight with a tutor but I am super happy with the course without one. 0.08%
Just to help clarify things 0.08%
Maybe, just for certain aspects of language teaching. But overall, it was very straightforward. 0.08%
Not applicablr 0.08%
People are different. Since I use to teach English in my home country, I really didn't need a tutor, but many people may do. 0.08%
Perhaps 0.08%
Teaching has to be practised and need experience. Online course is supplementary. Theory can be technical. Reality is a different story. 0.08%
The course were with tutor Option but i never use tutor help till this end 0.08%
There were certain Units that I definitely would have benefited a tutor from! 0.08%
Though I had access to a course tutor, I never felt the need to contact them. 0.08%
Throughout the units I didn't need a tutor, but I could have used one for my final assignment (the lesson plan). 0.08%
tutor , helped me only during the lesson plan submission. 0.08%
tutor is always beneficial if you have enough time and budget. In my case I am working to survive and study on my own pace. 0.08%
While completing the units without support wasn't difficult, it would be beneficial to have someone to consult with when completing the lesson plan. I found myself spending a lot of time rereading the course materials and also searching online for further clarification. Having someone to ask about the issues that came up when completing the plan would have sped up the process. That being said, having to search for these things means I have discovered plenty of great resources I can use when I become a teacher. 0.08%
While I did have tutor support I did not make any contact with them during my study in the course. However knowing that I had someone to help if needed was better than not having anyone at all. 0.08%
While the package I purchased came with tutor support, I never used it for the 120-hour course. 0.08%
Whilst doing the course it's ok but what's the point if I don't receive my certificate 0.08%
Without the tutors assistance, I would have been lost. 0.08%
Yes I feel like it would have been good to bounce ideas off of someone at the conclusion of each lesson. 0.08%
yes it would be. 0.08%
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6. How motivating has the course proved as an incentive for your own further learning in this or associated areas?

5 (very motivating) 53.85%
4 (quite motivating) 36.50%
3 (mildly motivating) 6.44%
2 (I'm ambivalent) 1.18%
1 (not motivating) 0.86%
Actually, it helped me to get acquainted with many more methods and ways to be more effective and efficient in teaching foreign students. As you know, some of those students' mother tongue have already ruined the chance of the students to be perfect in their pronunciation when they talk English. Also, they don't have some of the tenses and the word order that English has. 0.08%
I am motivated further my studies. I am considering pronunciation lessons, to internalise phonetic alphabet and improve my own pronunciation. 0.08%
I am motivated to learn on the job now, by starting teaching in Korea! 0.08%
I didn't really think beyond this course yet, although I would like to get my BA sometime. 0.08%
I don't think motivation is external. It comes form within: it's one's passion. If the course was average or bad it wouldn't demotivate me in becoming teacher. I would just put it down to a bad experience. 0.08%
I have had a glimpse of the breadth of training available for TEFL/TESOL instructors. The well laid-out content of this course will be a standard with which to compare the training I will no doubt take in future. 0.08%
I kind of feel forced to make the time. At first I was full of motivation getting this certificate but as time went by, I got lazy and I needed some more motivation rather than the due date. 0.08%
I personally do not think the course itself is a good motivation to learn further into the subject, for me the motivation shall come from a rewarding teaching experience in this field. However, i am certain to choose ITTT as my source of education when i choose to further my education in this field. 0.08%
I thin that it has been quite motivating and I am thinking to deep my knoledge by taking now a CELTA certificate or a master degree in TESOL. 0.08%
I think that for younger students of your course, it would be quite motivating. As I am nearing the last few years of teaching English, while I am interested in learning more, whether or not I'll spend the time and money to do so is an open question. 0.08%
I was already teaching ESL prior to enrolling in this course. However, it gave me some good philosophy and lesson plans to pull from. 0.08%
I'm hoping to do more courses with ITTT ! 0.08%
Same as above what's the point if you get receive your certificate 0.08%
This course challenged me to learn in-depth grammar and to practise. It increases my knowledge on phonetic and lesson planning.ESA methods of teaching English , learning styles and different kinds of learning to plan course and game plan of activities for teaching students. How to plan the course for teaching for the business learner and for different level of English language. 0.08%
This question needs to be reworded. 0.08%
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7. Would you recommend this course to a friend?

Yes 94.90%
No 1.96%
Absolutely I have just sent to 2 friends who are interested to enrol this course 0.08%
Already have. It is now up to my friend to decide whether to continue. 0.08%
But I would warn them about the lesson plan and to not take it lightly 0.08%
depending on the persons educational level this course could be frustrating for the lesson plan part 0.08%
Depends on many different factors. 0.08%
Do both, online and onsite 0.08%
I already have but it is up to my friend to start doing the course 0.08%
I already have!!! 0.08%
I have already recommended this course to a friend and she is enjoying her course. 0.08%
I have recommended this course many times 0.08%
i will recommend to my friends 0.08%
I would but only as a starting course, much of what I learned in the lessons was very basic for me and things I already knew about teaching from research I had done on my own. I was looking for something that was more specific and detail orientated. But its great for beginners. 0.08%
I would but only if I look at Sample lesson plans, other reviews, AND PaY for a TuTor!! 0.08%
I would if they already have teaching experience but wanted to get a certificate, and had limited time and money. I don`t think I would recommend it to someone new to the field, as I do not think the course provides enough information for someone starting new. 0.08%
I would recommend an online training only to friends who have some practical experiance already or have the opportunity to do practice as well as this material alone is not enough to start teaching immediately. (just like any online course where practice is needed, so it is not the courses fault) 0.08%
I would recommend getting a tefl or tesol certification. 0.08%
I would tell them that the methodology and techniques are great provided they intend to teach smaller groups but that if they are in school like mine they might look for something more compatible. 0.08%
I'd recommend this course to those who are familiar with online learning programs, or those who are willing to read and receive critical feedback on their performance. 0.08%
If my friend has prior knowledge of educational techniques and is simply looking for a cost-effective course, then yes, absolutely. If my friend does not have a background in education and needs a well-rounded course, then no. 0.08%
Its quick and easy. 0.08%
I've already did 0.08%
I've already done it. 0.08%
Learning-wise, yes I would. But I am still to receive my certificate and apply for jobs overseas, so I cannot yet specify how the certificate would be accepted by schools. 0.08%
My friends don't teach ESL. 0.08%
None of my friends would need this course. 0.08%
Not if they don't get the non replying of emails 0.08%
Not sure,because the people of my native country are not so familiar yet with these kind of courses and professions. 0.08%
Not yet, as I have not gotten a job with the course but once I do, I will definitely recommend. 0.08%
Only if they need a certificate under a severe time crunch. 0.08%
Please see the additional comments below. 0.08%
Probably not. Although the course was informative and I learned what I needed to go forward and teach, the way the lesson plan was handled needs major improvement for someone that would take the course without a tutor. 0.08%
The course itself was fine, and that is great, but the problem is I need the course legalised by the FCO for a working visa in China, and because the certificate I received didn't originate in the UK - it has been a load of hassle... So for British student's I wouldn't recommend this course for this reason, anyone else such as US students etc this course is great! but apart from that the actual material and everything else from this course was excellent! 0.08%
With a tutor 0.08%
Yes because ıt is very clear and well organized. You receice feedbacks and assistance straight away all the time. 0.08%
yes but without the tutor 0.08%
Yes, but not the one with video support, because the quality of the videos was absolutely horrible, it was hard to watch and understand. The audio was at times very bad and as well the ittt logo sometimes covered the whiteboard. 0.08%
Yes, but NOT the tutor support part though because that was non-existent. 0.08%
Yes, I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering to pursue to teach English language professional. 0.08%
Yes, if they already have teaching experience like I do. 0.08%
Yes, just perfect. 0.08%
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8. Additional comments:

2 -
1 - the course contents are very helpful and informative. They are excellent guides specially for applicants with no formal teaching background like me.

-the subjects / topics on each unit course are very organized ,detailed ,well stated and described.

-good examples ,too, are on each topic of the course.
1 . I may state the obvious but it appears to me that anyone who to benefit form the Business English teaching course must first take the TESOL 120 hours couree.
1 A challenging course but very worthwhile. You need to have a lot of perservance!
1 A course for everyone that wants to learn more about the English language. Materials both pdf and video, are well-organised and very helpful. Choosing a course with a tutor is going to make the course so much easy.
1 A great educational course for all english teachers. I recommend all those who call themselves english teachers to take this course
1 A great online course with high quality resources and materials. Thanks
1 A very beneficial and comfortable course. Covers many areas of teaching field
1 A very good course and I really enjoyed doing it. Gave me a lot of insight on how to teach English as a second language. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to teach abroad.
1 A very interesting course. I am a qualified teacher already but found this course at time challenging. Thank you for offering this course.
1 A very well structured course that equips us with useful information and tools related to the subject.
1 After three attempts at trying to pass my final exam and 20 hours later I finally passed. That was the most exciting day for me and all that had work and determination helped me get one step closer to my dream.
1 Ain't I supposed to have a free course? Before I started this course, I chose ' business english course' for a free course.
1 All the learning materials have been very interesting and relevant.
1 All went like clockwork. Very good information included.
1 Already recommended to a friend who was looking for a TEFL certification company to sign up with. She should be taking the 220 hour course now. (:
1 Although I had finished my course before as in 2015 without a certificate, that is why I have a revision test all over again and I think I m ready on the job market.
1 Although I took the online course without tutor, I think I really learnt a lot from the course and it motivated me to learn even more. I will look into other courses from TEFL and I will recommend it to others.
1 Although I took the TEFL English and TEFL Business English courses back in 2009-10; I remember my tutor being real in-depth with his explanations of mistakes that I had made in the training. Greta online courses and I highly recommend them! Daniel
1 amazing course
1 Amazing course! super complete, dynamic and professional. It covers every possible scenario of teaching, problems you might encounter, types of students, different teaching methods, etc. It gives you great up-to-date tools to provide outstanding teaching.
1 An excellent school with great tutors, learning materials and ideas. I really benefited from this course and gained confidence to teach English as a 2nd language. I would highly recommend this school and the TEFL course.
1 As a new EFL/ESL teacher I felt that I needed some tools and skills to help me learn how to become a good teacher. I felt that I was lacking in confidence in my job simply because I didn't really know what to do. This course has given me the foundations to move forward in my teaching knowing that I can actually become a good teacher. Thank you.
1 As a non-professional teaching in a Junior College
ESL program for five years, I thought I'd have an advantage in this class with my experience and training from the college. However, I was very impressed with what I did learn and with the level
of learning this class provided. Now I know I have more to offer than I did before and feel more confident when I am teaching a classroom of students.
Thank you. James
1 As for me, I found the overall course and services very professional and worthy of introducing to friends. I'm happy I've completed my course and received my certificate thanks ITTT.
1 As I wrote before, I couldn't answer questions nr. 3 and 4, because I didn't contact my tutor during the course.
1 At first, I thought it would be hard since I am not an English major but my job as an online English tutor requires me to have a TESOL certificate. I've been planning to take their online course of 120-hour for 2 years but it was only this May 2019 that I was able to enroll. It was worth the money. By July 30, I was able to finish every unit and submit the summative task. I learned so much with ITTT. I felt so happy when I received an email on July 31 that my submitted summative task met the requirements. I am very excited to receive my certificate. Proud ITTT's TESOL graduate here!
1 Awesome course! Very helpful and dynamic. Can't wait to start teaching
1 Before I begin, I would like anyone reading this testimonial to kow that I do not work for ITTT in any capacity. I also would like to point out that before taking this course I never heard of ITTT.
I personally researched a lot of different schools (online and campus ) before selecting ITTT as my preferred Tefl/Tesol provider. I chose ITTT because when I looked at what they were offering for the price it was actually a simple decision when you realize their criteria was the same as their competitiors, but they offered the information at a much better price!!! I am extremely glad I did the research and chose ITTT, because the course material was very relevent and the tutor was very helpful and quick to respond. I have learned so much! I have a BSBA in marketing and I thought I was pretty knowledgable in English. I realized just how much I did not know, but I also realized that I was making up for what is not taught in college on a daily basis, unless your major is in English. I am walking away from this course quite confident in my ability to teach English as a second language, and I know for a fact that this course has also provided me with more tools to communicate much better in the corporate world. My personal writing, reading and speaking skills have really improved in so many ways through the use and understanding of conditionals, modals, and tenses,and phonology. My confidence in teaching ESL is soaring right now because I understand receptive and productive skills, how to manage a large and small class, when to teach a straight forward ESA, versus the patchwork and boomerang. I found the unit on evaluation and testing to be most helpful. Overall I found my experience with ITTT to be quite extraordinary and just wanted to say thank you for providing me with the opportunity to pursue a career I have always wanted to explore.
1 Being a person who only reads the instructions when things go wrong, I found the site difficult to navigate at first. I only discovered I could read the tests before starting the reading for the very last unit. Perhaps my marks would have been higher if I'd known this earlier.
I enjoyed learning about TEFL and I'm looking forward to putting it into practice in China then Vietnam and Philippines.
1 Being able to complete each unit at my own pace was very helpful. If something came up, I did not need to feel anxious about a deadline. 6 months to complete the course, however, seems quite long. Perhaps there are instances in which 6 months is neccessary, but I do not think the amount of material covered in the 120 hour course needs it.
Allowing the unit materials to be downloaded along with most other resources ITTT provides is convenient. I still have my units 1 to 20 and will probably look back at them in the future.
1 Comprehensive and worth your money and time. No regrets taking the 120 hour online course. The questions every after the unit were helpful to test your comprehension. I had struggle answering the Lesson Plan I missed a lot but the tutor support were responsive and I made it. Thanks ITTT. You guys are a blessing in disguise.
1 Couple of days ago I have just finished my 120-hour TEFL course. The course was very interesting. The team of ITTT is very helpful and friendly. Great experience. Highly-recommended.
Best regards,
Iryna Starankevych
1 Course provided a great mix of the following:
Attention to detail
Focus on topic and interesting material
Excellent tutor feedback
Helpful video support
1 course was well structured would recommend the course to friends
1 Dear all,
I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it was quite interesting for me.
I found that the structure of the course followed a logical sequence with a nice mix of not so complex modules separating the more technical subjects.
I'm looking forward to using my new skills in the classroom.
Kind regards
1 Dear ITTT staff,

I am really glad I have done this course, it wasn't always easy for me to combine the course with my 3 part time jobs and family life.
This course has been very useful for me and some of the information I already put into practice. I have learned a lot about the English language which I had either forgotten or never learned before, yet most of all are the various teaching skills which I think can be applied to all areas of expertise in the future and not just restricted to teaching English.
A lot of practical knowledge on how to plan your lessons with the alternation of the various stages, measure progress and deal with discipline. The course was very well structured and covers any areas which are necessary to become a good teacher.
I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
and look forward to my business course next year....and others to follow.
Kind regards
Nora Reynaers
1 Dear ITTT
I really appreciate your professionalism and I didn't expect to learn so much. I'm particularly happy to improve my mediocre lesson planning skills and bring them up, closer to the level of my other teaching skills. I have learned from my mistakes in that original 20 unit pack, although there weren't many mistakes. Once again thank you for your patience and at such a modest price I did not expect so much support from great teachers. Great value for money.

ITTT guy :)
1 Dear ITTT-team,

I am so grateful for the cousre provided! You material is updated, interesting & highly-motivating! Thank you for accessing my final work. I will recommend the course to my colleagues :)
1 Dear Madam / Sir
I thank you for the opportunity to become a certified tefl teacher, however, as with all other distance learning courses, in my opinion it is better to study "in person" at a school/language center/university.
Before accepting a job or applying for a job I will definitely attend a course at your school in Chiang Mai, Thailand :-).
1 Doing this coarse i gained so much confidence. Only regret is if i did coarse again i would do it in classroom and it would of taken the stress of doing it online main reason being that contact with teacher face to face . Which probaly suiets me better being mature student. But Tania is a great tudor and explains things so well and i am glad she was there for me. So so happy and i am thinking of even doing some more study to gain more knowledge that how much motivation i got from this coarse
1 English is my mothe tongue so I found most of the material very easy to get through. I feel a tutor would have been helpful in th areas of grammar and knowing exactly what iTTT was looking for in regards to the lesson plan. But overall it was a seamless and easy to navigate. I would however make two suggestions. The first one is to make some minor upgrades to the material. With the Internet and YouTube there is no longer a need for cassettes. Also, I think it would be beneficial to make the platform mobile device/tablet friendly. Other than that the experience was great!
1 Enjoyed the course. Well put together and the material was great. Even after the course the team is polite and very willing to help.
1 Even though I have been teaching for 7 years there was still a lot to learn, and it was reassuring to find somethings that I have been doing naturally are part of the approved methodology. I would have liked to see more about teaching students about strategies, as that is more appropriate for my current position. That said, thank you very much!
1 Every time I sent in the lesson plan, instead of being more helpful, the tutor sounded frustrated and would input less and less feedback to 'help' me improve.
1 Everything about this course was very thorough. It provided a great foundation for being a successful ESL teacher. The tutor who reviewed my lesson plan gave me great feedback to improve it. I would definitely suggest this course to anyone interested in becoming an ESL teacher.
1 Everything is good! If the DHL fee could be lower, that would be perfect! Thanks.
1 Excellent
1 Excellent by all aspects. Simply the best.
1 Excellent course material. Good value. I opted out of paying for the tutor and as it turns out, I didn't need one. The course material plus copious youtube videos seemed to be all I needed. If you are looking to take a TEFL course, I would recommend this one.
1 Excellent course, I'm impressed!
1 Excellent teaching and very challenging course.
1 Except for the real teaching experience this course is an excellent start to get to know English teaching. I really hope to be able to grow further in this and to be able to earn my livings out of it.
1 Expensive.
1 Extremely satisfied with the course. I wish I had taken it years ago. It was motivating and very affordable.
1 Fantastic course though I'm struggling to find job but I believe with my 7 years in teaching experience, I shall win
1 Fantastic easy for understanding course
1 Fantastic easy-to-master, but still challenging course
1 First i was not so sure whether i should take this course or not, as i was a bit skeptical taking an online course would help me. but now i am very happy with my decision. Not only my knowledge of teaching English is improved but also i feel much more confident.
1 Firstly, I think you all should provide a full lesson plan example to the level that you will expect on the final. The reason for this is that many of the people who are taking this course are not teachers, and have never written a lesson plan before. If you give an example of the level of detail you are looking for, I think it would cut down on the amount of lesson plans that need to be sent back.

I also think it would be helpful when suggesting activities to teach the grammar point, if the activities were labeled E, S, or A.

I think some of the grammar explanations could be more clear, using more charts and examples. Perhaps it would be beneficial to the students to make more chapters and have each chapter cover one grammar point rather than several things. The information will be easier to understand and retain, and I believe you will also be able to give a more thorough explanation.
1 For a couple of the lessons where there were parts about phonetics, I think there should be audio included in the examples.
1 For an online course, I think it is a good one. My complaints are minor. One, I think the site options aren't user-friendly. I had moments when I chose an answer for the test and when I clicked off to scroll the page it would change my answer. My other complaint is the videos seem pretty old. I think if possible to be updated. Overall It was a pretty good online course experience.
1 For the most part, this course was good. Although I had a difficult time with the last section. I feel as if the lesson in itself was not realistic. Maybe if more context of the hypothetical classroom was given It would make more sense as to why we had so much information to cover in one day. Although I will admit that my second submitted lesson plan was significantly better then my first.
1 Give more lesson plan samples on intermediate and higher level learners.
1 good course.
1 Good Job Guys! you are the Best.
1 Good online-course. Reliability and Experience is superb.
1 Good, straight to the point course.
1 greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
1 Great
1 Great basic TEFL/.TESOL course! I think that ITTT did a great job providing a thorough online course with as much material and resources possible on teaching English to foreign students. I would recommend this course to others who are hoping to take an online TEFL course. Thank you!
1 Great course and I have already recommended it to several friends out of which four have taken it up!
It provides a good foundation for teaching in other countries.
1 Great course but unfortunately ery underrated. I wasnt overwhlemed by it and I Enjoyed having the time and space to do my own learning and take charge of it. I am looking forward to traveling abroad to do the in person component!
1 Great course with a broad coverage of grammar, tenses and other needed material to help prepare you for teaching English. I look forward to the next course I do with ITTT.
1 Great course! Loved it!
1 Great course, I will definitely do the diploma course in the near future :)

Keep up the good work

Kind regards
Pieter Jansen
1 Great course, Thank you!
1 Great course. Couldn't think of anything do to improve the course-- I wish I would have used the tutor support a few times.
Great feedback from when I submitted the lesson plans.
1 Great course. Loved that I could somewhat go at my own pace but still had the accountability of a deadline (obviously, I really needed that).
One thing that would have helped tremendously in the text and in feedback would have been examples of errors that students might make. Without teaching ESL, it's difficult to "imagine" the errors, it would be better coming from the experience of the classroom.
Thanks for your program, your time, and your consideration of this small improvement.
1 Great examples. Easy to understand. For someone who never teached i feel at ease to teach with this course. Back to basics. Thank you.
1 Great experience, I feel like just going on with all the other additional courses, a pity it costs money. However I certainly would like to study further with the institute.
1 Great experience, learnt so much that I didn't know about Teaching and Lesson Planing and was able to brush up few grammar lessons.
1 Great job to every person in this amazing team, it is, in fact, the best course I have taken online. Just one suggestion, maybe, you need to think about giving a graduating certificate with the grades so we can deal it in the ministry of education of any country. Keep growing. Congrats!
1 Great learning experience, high quality study material, highly responsive and comprehensive support. I would highly recommend ITTT to anyone interested in becoming an EFL teacher.
1 Great materials and lessons with easy to understand explanations, plenty of examples, and quality feedback on the final lesson plan. Thanks again for everything!
1 Great teaching materials easy to understand , keep up the good work and thank you very much!
1 happy to be here
1 Happy to be part of this family. Great course. I have enjoyed. Keep up the good job.
1 Happy to have completed the course and will recommend to all friends looking to teach abroad.
1 Having significant classroom teaching experience, I found the on-line course to be very good for my purposes. Although I had access to the on-line tutor, there was never a need to take advantage of that option because the course information was clear. I believe that the information in the course provided a solid foundation for teaching English as a foreign language; however, I do think that students without any teaching experience or without previous exposure to teaching English would find both the tutor option and the in-class teaching experience as good confidence-providing options. I look forward to the additional courses for which I have registered.
1 Hello I really feeling quite confident after completing the course i am feeling quite confident. i am great satisfied with the quality of ITTT quality learning and standard. in future i would like to upgrade myself. i would definitely choose ITTT. Thanks
1 Hi , special thanks to the entire ITTT board , and especially to Tania, who provided me with more inside about my lesson plan . It was great taking this course . I learned a lot of great knowledge during the period of reading . it was really wonderful. Information is powerful .Thanks Tania.
1 hi , when i signed up i understood that i would ge an add'l free i see i have to make a video first? i don't have the tech knowledge to do this and would like to still get the free course...can i?
1 Hi TEFL/TESOL members ,
1 Hi,
I am happy to say that after completing your course I feel much more confident in my English.
Thank you !!!
1 Hi, I didn´t have any real problems during going through the course but I have some comments. As all of the participants shoul be already fluent in English, I think we spent too much time with grammar review. I appreciate the review of grammar, but maybe one unit is enough for this, containing mostly the teaching tips.
I can see that vidoes are already aged and the quality sometimes is realy poor. I don´t remember number of video but there was one I was not able to read what lecturer was writing on the table. In some later videos there were screens with written text, which was much better. Also the tutor appearing at the end of the course seems to be very nervous. And finally company logo appearing and dissapearing during video lessons was disturbing a bit.
As one of my previous jobs was some kind of PR and advertising the project, I dare to suggest to reshoot most of the videos. It will for sure not change the content of course, but I thing it will higher the course standarts and prestige.

Best wishes
1 Hi. My name is Herman Tembo from Zimbabwe. I am an ICT professional, single and 41. I recently got bitten by the travel bug. So I figured what better way to do it than to switch to a career that allows for that sort of thing and yet also gives me an opportunity to impact others positively. That’s ESL Teaching of course! I decided to do it right the first time by getting TEFL certified by the best. So as of Feb 2019, I am TEFL Certified by ITTT through their online course. The course material and content was thorough and up to standard. The resources and support during and after the course are second to none; not to mention the wide range of courses to select from and unbeatable rates. To top it off, you get access to lesson plans and other cool platforms. I have no qualms about doing my next course with them and won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to start off well as an ESL Teacher or to further their studies.
1 Highly obliged by ITTT cooperation and recruitment programme.
I am honored to be the part of such a great platform!
1 Honestly, I have learned a lot from the main diploma but not from this course. I felt it was either repeating what I've learned in the certificate or bringing new information not that valuable. I was expecting more specific information about how to teach young learners, pedagogical information, effective methods for this age group, examples of activities, more recent webliography...
1 I enjoyed the course a lot and I feel very motivated to keep on studying..
1 I already had prior experience in teaching before I attended ITTT courses, but I still learned alot with them!
1 I already had some teaching experience with foreign exchange students. This course has both confirmed and enhanced my teaching methods/abilities. I am so thankful for this on-line course because it fit my schedule. The teaching materials and resources are invaluable! Thank you!
1 I already have a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, but I wanted to get a TEFL certificate to help me to find jobs abroad.
I would 100% recommend this site. I am very happy I chose you.
1 I already suggested.
1 I am extremely thankful to International TEFL and TESOL Training for providing me with immensely informative course material and valuable guidance which have further enriched my knowledge of English language teaching. I feel pretty sure that by applying the knowledge gained through this course, I shall be able to make my teaching much more informative and interesting.
1 I am generally very satisfied from the course. The material provided enabled me to get to know many things that I did not know about teaching. Only one thing to point out is that it would be even better if the course was a bit more practical and there were more assignments to be checked by tutors. There were task sheets at the end of each unit, but they were not corrected by tutors. There was just one lesson plan to be submitted at the end of the course, that was corrected by tutors. I wish that there had been a few more lesson plans that tutors check.
1 I am glad I took the course. The contents were interesting. I greatly appreciated the presence of practical examples.
1 I am glad to complete ittt course. What I learnt now I can use in my teaching professional career. I will suggest ittt to my friends as well as ittt impressed me.
1 I am happy and satisfied with the service, material and the tutor support from ITTT TEFL course. The Tutor replied me on time and answering my question clearly, knowing I had a tutor, I still need to remember that I had the responsibility to work hard as an adult. so that I will not always rely on my tutor helping me out. I also find out The video was so helpful for me, especially for the demonstration and also for some teaching Ideas as well as the knowledge that one teacher should have. All this training put me into two places, one as a student and another one as a teacher at the same time. when I put myself as a student, I figure out the type of teacher I want to be for me to achieves the successful class. I've recommended this course to my friends before I even pass the grade and complete my course. I am planning to teach online as a private tutor, so I can work from home, I will still do reviewing all materials for my teaching skills, and I will always try to improve my weakness. Thank you very much for ITTT course and all the staff, especially for my tutor for giving me advice and point out my weakness. wishing you're all the best in future.
Sincerely yours,
1 I am happy to have completed TEFL (120hrs ) on line course with ITTT. The experience is awesome and wish to take a more challenging course with ITTT in the nearest future. All thanks to all the course tutors, technical crews, management of ITTT, all support officer, your services are perfect. I can proudly said you've build my confidence to teach English as a foreign language abroad.
1 I am happy with this course and I am exited to start the new one.
1 I am looking for this course so long so it is a good oppotunity for me to join the course.
1 I am looking forward to experience a new job opportunity and i want to express my gradtitude for such an interesting, refreshing , needful and essential (in many ways ) information.
1 I am looking forward to start a carrer with the certificate that I had received
1 I am proud of the having this course but, at the end when I was given final information had shown two options TEFL or TOSEL. I am surprised really. During course it was mentioned both. I would like to get both certificates.
Kind Regards
Sadullah Bayazit
1 I am really enjoying studying with ITTT and would like to continue on to the YL short course.
I would recommend the courses to anyone, however I would encourage to include a tutor option... Thank you to the staff at ITTT.
I have a tremendous new sense of self-worth and am filled with renewed energy. Denis
(Now I need to put things into practice with 'the perfect job'
1 I am really happy I followed this course and I learned alot! The units were great. The lesson plan I had to make was complicated, because the feedback said I needed to be more specific about the grammar and teach this to the students and also include example questions etc. So when I added more information to my lesson plan they told me that it was too much information. I was a bit confused at this point. But nevertheless I am very happy :)
1 I am satisfied with the course. It was very enriching and helpful, it provided several ideas for teachers.
1 I am so glad of getting and completing the TEFL course in order to take opportunity with teaching work in the nearest future. Furthermore, it gave the chance of enhancing knowledges.
I got through the course and it's very educational, interesting, useful information there. I feel like i got extension of knowledges and education.
I am so grateful for the course. I have learned a lot of there. I am starting to think about other courses. May be one day i will take one more. This time i will start to look for some teaching opportunities overseas. Thanks a lot for the course!
1 I am so glad that I decided to do this course as it has given me the confidence that was needed to start my teaching career . Although there were times I faltered during the course, and in retrospect, could have excelled in certain areas . This has been a real morale booster for me .
1 I am struggling in my first teaching assignment which is a situation I don't recall being addressed: teaching conversational skills to beginners. I can't even give instructions to many without another student interpreting. This is a small Kyrgyz English Club with small classes of mixed language levels. They are just happy to have their first native speaker. I'm just happy to get real experience. But I am left totally on my own to devise weekly lessons.

Is there good help out there somewhere?

1 I am super glad to be a member of this wonderful family. Even though I already have five years teaching experience in China, but joining ITTT has changed my perspective of teaching to the highest level for which I will always be grateful. Keep the great work ITTT.
1 I am trying to get my boyfriend to do the xourse himself
1 I am very grateful to my Tutor Mr Jon who showed immense patience in helping me! Thank you!
1 I am very happy that I have just finished this course and I will highly recommend to all my friends.
1 I am very happy to have taken this course.It definitely gave me new insight,thorough knowledge in some aspects I wasn't familiar with and overall,I am happy.
1 I am very happy with the course structure and its content. It has somehow built my confidence on what is expected from me.
1 I am very happy with the way my tutor Jon helped me
1 I am very much impressed with course and the quick feedback given. i am now very confident and well prepared to teach abroad without any fear
1 I am very pleased to have attended this course, I consider this English lesson to be very useful and it offered me a very great guidline about how to teach English and I also could enhance my vocabulary related to teaching English. So I am very grateful to you and it is a nice feeling that soon I'll get certification.
1 I am very pleased to have taken this training, I learned a lot.
1 I am very pleased with my experience with ITT. The material seemed well-suited for the level of certification I earned, and was a good place to start formal training. All of my correspondence with ITT tutors was helpful and prompt, and I like having access to teaching resources after completing the course. I'd heartily recommend ITT to someone interested in becoming an ESOL instructor.
1 I am very thankful to the ITTT staff for this great course. It was quite a challenging task but am happy I was able to meet up with the challenges, I must say this course has really improved my level of understanding most especially in my teaching career,
Thank you.
1 I am very well please with the benefit that I obtained through this course. I also just found out the I'm a graduate. I passed the Lesson Plan. I'm so excited and am so ready to move to the next phase. I really appreciate this program and am very happy with it. Thanks for all the support etc. that was given to me.
1 I appreciate the online courses that it could done at ones own pace. It was also effective to be able to read the material on and off line. I'm pleased with the course material and suggestions. Mostly the online resources. It motivated me even more so to study more.
1 I appreciate the tutor's feedback to me about my lesson planning as it helps me to be sure of what I am teaching. Thank you for your suggestions as it is helpful for me to cdo my future lesson planning.
1 I appreciated very much all the videos you provided
1 i belief its a course to be reckoned with so i will take the challenge to inform others about its benefits
1 I believe there should be an update to the course for the modern era such as the type of technology used.
1 I believed this program to be engaging and very helpful. The feedback I received was timely and professional.
1 I benefited a lot from your course regarding the things I knew and the things I did not know.
I am excited to find new engagement in teaching online and onsite in the future, I am already teaching in my country. I feel so proud about adding more certificates in my career.
i will surely comeback to do another course.
1 I can highly recommend this course! Hope to develop my skills all the time gaining more certificates and diplomas. :)
1 I can log in to the site given to me, but it says it is not secure and each link says unavailable. that is frustrating.
1 I cannot believe I made it. It was very impossible . I run out of money to survive my remaining days to continue the course. I was force to finish on a deadline which gives me the strongest determination. You must do it! run out of money. you need to work. My crisis did really re-enforce me meet my target. I am crying now.......coz I made it. This is a complete change in my life. The views of employers about me, my dignity as human uplifted It's a miracle.....tears of joy. I will celebrate.......Thank you...ITTT, Sir jon, The staff....I cannot see you but you did the best that you can for me to achieve my certificate. Thank God for passing me. I will share my skills for the desperate to help them cope up and uplift their spirit. More Power!!!!!......
1 I chose the 120 hours foundation course with an additional 50 hours for each Business English and Young Learners. I admit I was skeptical about doing an online course without having someone in person to bounce questions back and forth with. However, the materials were thorough and the response of the admin staff was beyond my expectations. The individual units can seem repetitive in some aspects, but I found it purposeful in the end as I was remembering specific details that helped in brainstorming lesson plan ideas.

Once completing the course I had direct contact with Tania who has repeatedly helped me with ample resources for looking for work abroad and advising me through any questions I've raised. To which I've raised a lot. In particular I was feeling insecure about not having the hands-on experience as well as not having a bachelors degree. But with the communication available through the admin staff and the support from Tania to stay positive in my job search, I'm happy to say that I've found found work within 4 months from when I started the 120hr course. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
1 I chose the 120-hour course with accompanying video and tutor support. I only contacted my tutor one time at the beginning of the course to request a bit of additional information on getting started; however, the response was very fast. The course material itself is very comprehensive and often times builds a cumulative knowledge on subject areas such as teaching methodology and specific grammar rules. Although I was a bit skeptical at the quality of information and resources an online course could provide when I first began the 120-hr TESOL/TEFL course, I increasingly gained confidence in the course as well as myself as a prospective teacher of the English language. I highly recommend the 120-hr course with video support. Further still, the recommended reading materials listed throughout the course have been very beneficial, and I suggest anyone interest follow the advice provided in this course, for one only stands to gain more knowledge and confidence in doing so.
1 I completed the 120 hour no assistance course. Wasn't that impressed.
Some lessons contained filler and some were extremely short, barely enough info to fill a pamphlet. Some lessons were about 15 screens long but they were covering English tenses and these subjects needed the extra just for a basic explanation. I felt there weren't enough examples especially in the more complex lessons.
The number of questions at the end of each unit ranged from 10 - 20. In many cases there were 4 sometimes 5 questions on a particular item where the answers were abcd or adcb or acdb. None of them were aace or ccbb. So if you got one wrong you automatically got 2 wrong. Some questions harked back to previous lessons.
There are only 2 videos provided in this course, used to answer questions in units 10 and 11. I didn't use any guidance, practice teaching and I don't need the job assistance so I haven't commented. Replies to questions were answered quickly. There don't appear to be a huge number of resources for fledgling teachers.
You are only taught a single teaching method. It utilises 3 phases, Engage, Study, and Activate. There is no mention of newer methods such as class/lesson flipping or gamification. Some of the material seems a little dated.
Finally, a pass of only 75% is needed. You get exactly the same certificate for a 95% pass as you would for a 75% pass so there is no need to bust your ass if you just want the certificate. There apparently is an accompanying letter which will assign a grade of A, B or C automatically. I asked for my % to be put on my certificate or covering letter but the reponse was that it wasn't something they offered. Certificates and letters are printed automatically.I couldn't even get a 2 line letter on their letterhead to say what score I actually got instead of just A B C.
In summary they deliver exactly what they say and nothing more. The course could be completed with a bit of effort in 3-4 weeks, less for some people. Ask for a sample lesson before you commit to the course.I'd recommend the course if you just want a certificate as soon as possible otherwise it's 50-50 from me. You can get a free short course if you leave a video review after completion. I elected not to do this.
1 I completed the 120-hour course with tutor support and the course itself was amazing and taught me things, even as a native English speaker, that I was not aware of. I look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice.
If there was one change that I could make, it would be adding a lesson plan to the test of each unit. I think this could benefit the learner tremendously as they would be receiving feedback from the tutors pointing out errors, etc. In a few of the task sheets, for self-testing, they asked to submit a lesson plan but as it wasn't being graded, it's not easy to see if one has gone wrong and where.
1 I did have one question that I didn't get a reply to from my tutor. However the feedback on my end of course lesson plan submitted was very clear, helpful and definitely made a difference on how I approached the correction of the plan and on the success of the resubmission of my lesson plan.
1 I did not receive an answer to the question I posed to my examiner for my lesson plan. My question being answered would have assisted me. Thank you for this course.
1 I did not use the tutor to ask questions regarding the course content but I did email the tutor with a question about how to download the notes in the Units onto my laptop. When I tried to do it on my own, there was a message on the screen saying I needed a password. I never did get a response from the tutor.
1 I did the 120-hour course without a tutor, and I learnt a lot. It was a great experience, and I would recommend this course to all English teachers.
1 I didn't ask my tutor any question so I can't say much about the tutor's email response time. However, I am very impressed by how fast a response came after submitting my lesson plan. I got the email earlier than I expected. The feedback from tutor about my lesson plan was very good but not excellent because I expected the tutor to say something about what I got right before pointing out what I needed to change. Overall, I'm glad I invested my time and money well.
1 I didn't have a course tutor but I thought the responses from the tutor for my lesson plan was very fast and much appreciated. As for the course, I had sign up for another online TESOL course a few years ago and completed half before I decided to focus on a new job and gave up the idea of teaching English in a foreign country. Therefore, I have had some experience with this type of course I guess. I think overall, the course was helpful and did give me a general understanding of the teaching process. I thought the videos were helpful in seeing how a real class is taught. One thing I don't care about too much is memorizing teaching terminology since this doesn't matter when teaching students. The concepts are more important.
I thought an area where the lesson can be improved on is how to instructors can teach students proper pronunciation. For example, give some suggestions or techniques on how to go about this. Maybe offer some mouth demonstration techniques or ways to generate sounds so the instructor doesn't have to improvise that if they don't have teaching experience. Another part of what I had to do for my other course was live one-on-one teaching. I've had a lot of experience teaching people my entire life but the course required a few hours of this and for the instructor to reflect on issues that arose while they did this teaching. I think it may be beneficial for you to implement this in your study plan just so students can gain hands-on experience while taking the course.
1 I didn't have a course tutor, but the lesson plan portion was initially challenging for me. I received revisions from someone at ITTT and they were very clear and helpful.
1 I didn't have a course tutor, yet the comments I got on my lesson plan from the ITTT member were very helpful!
1 I didn't know that there would be a final project when budgeting time for the class, and nearly used up my 6 months. A heads up would have been useful earlier on in the course. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to have been challenged by the course. Also, the clarification that my tutor provided during my lesson plan may have been what I needed to pass. It wasn't a lot of extra information, but I was quite nervous and the restating and advice was enough to make me feel I knew what to do. Thank you for that, and thanks for the quality of the course.
1 I didn't need to contact my tutor. But I rated 5 for questions 3 and 4 because ITTT was very prompt in responding to any emails I sent requesting more information about the program.
1 I didn't really benefit from watching the video portions of the course. I found them dry, boring, not produced well. I was expecting them to complement or expand the written material. They seemed to just repeated it. The only video I benefited from was the one where you get to watch a real class in session. Real life. But just watching someone talk in front of a white board proved tedious for me. I didn't end up watching most of them. I feel I didn't get value for the money I payed.
1 I do recommend this course 100 percent. In my opinion it was a great tool and learning experience. Eventhough I have been teaching english in my country(Argentina) for the past 6 years, the course had provided me with very usefull tools and methodologies that will definitively be a plus in my teaching carreer .
1 I don't think if this is accepted as a comment but I am really glad that I took this course with ITTT! I'll also recommend this course to a friend. Thank You ITTT! :)
1 I enjoyed doing the course as it has grown me to become a better teacher to teach in greater detail. I am looking forward to doing the children part of the course because that is where my passion is.
1 I enjoyed doing the course especially as I could work at my own pace which was imporant as I work full time at a school and have a lot of private students alongside my family commitments.
I'd like to say a big thank you to Tania my course support tutor whose quick response and help was very useful.
1 I enjoyed every bit of it!
1 I enjoyed learning and was challenged by this course. Thank you.
1 I enjoyed studying this 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course a lot! All the materials were well structured and balanced. Videos were very helpful, but i would like to improve the quality of them. The silent moments and squeaky marker moments would be better cut out. Staff support was very responsive, flexible, and helpful. There were 20 units and each of them required passing a test at the end. All students are required to submit a lesson plan at the end of the course and that part was the most challenging part. I am happy that my lesson plan has been accepted on the first attempt! It took me a lot of time and concentration though. But if you get your course with video, and tutor support, and also, if read unit content and requirements carefully - you are going to pass it successfully! I am looking forward to taking the other two courses I signed up for, which are also parts of my Master package: Teaching English to Young Learners and teaching Business English.
1 I enjoyed taking the course and found it very valuable. I would recommend taking a look at the videos though. I think that they are very good but in several videos the teacher spends half of the video writing on the board. While this may be realistic it does not make for a good learning video. Besides that I really enjoyed it and look forward to studying more classes from you in the future.
1 I enjoyed taking the course and was hoping to continue towards the 120 hr Certificate, but did not have this option as I was told in an email. So the only complaint I have is that I was mislead into believing I could transfer to the 120 course while working on my 60 hr course. I emailed ITTT regarding switching from 60 hrs to 120 hrs and just paying the difference (since it would be a continuation and I was already working through Units 1-10, which are the same in the 120 hr course) and was emailed by your staff that at end of the course I would have this option; however, this was not the case. So I believe I was mislead by your staff member into believing this. However, if there is such an option, I don't see it anywhere online. Also, it would be nice to have the opportunity to take the exams over if you accidently hit the button or if your computer shuts down. It's a shame that you just fail if your power goes out or any other situation occurs. Several times, I hit the exam button and I wasn't prepared, but had to continue with the exam anyway because there was no other option. Other than that I enjoyed taking the course. I also want to thank Jon my tutor for being an exceptional tutor. The comments and recommendation I was given by Jon were extremely helpful and valuable to me. Jon was an excellent tutor.
1 I enjoyed the course a lot. Thank you.
1 I enjoyed the course and found that it was very informative. My tutor was responsive and very helpful. However, I felt less confident constructing the proper lesson plans. It was covered well in the lessons but because we have no feedback for this during the course, I was not always sure of my work. I would possibly recommend that we hand in lesson plans throughout the course. This could give those with difficulty a clearer, more broader perspective on proper construction, correction of errors and advise to produce the perfect plan for the final in the end. Thank you for everything else. I feel more prepared and ready to teach with the help of this course.
1 I enjoyed the course and was happy I could advance my certificate from 60 to 120 hours. This was a fabulous course with lots of valuable information. I also appreciated the tutors reviewing my lesson plan and the thorough suggestions they provided.
1 I enjoyed the course but found doing it by myself in Thailand had some good points but also some negatives not being able to discuss things with teachers and students to get ideas and feedback from peers would be what I missed the most as there was absolutely no I could ask advice..
1 I enjoyed the course, however, I feel there still was not enough material covering the lesson planning. I would like to have had more training in doing this. The course is a very good one and not so simple as I had discovered. I have been given a very good base and from this I will be able to build a very sound foundation in order to be a good teacher.
Thank you very much.
1 I enjoyed the course. it was very interesting. Since I have been teaching for some time, I already knew some of the things, but still I liked it a lot.

I do suggest, if possible, to make some of the tests questions simpler in formulation because I actually had some issues understanding what exactly some questions were asking. I refer to the very long questions, that sound something like this:
" which of the sentences are not a characteristic of.....?" and even the longer questions. some of them are a little bit confusing.

Thank you for this experience.
1 I enjoyed the course..easy lay out to read or download and print. i liked the videos. i learnt a lot. I didn't realise how much grammar there is. i can see now how much there is and can also see it is a finite amount and something i can cope with. The lesson plan at the end really made me apply myself and it gave me a lot of confidence about how to create lesson plans. I enjoyed the knowledge and hope to apply it. Good time frame to complete. I would make it more obvious about the lesson plan as I didn't realise we had to do one and could have left it too long. Seems ok value. thanks.
1 I enjoyed the freedom the course offered regarding the amount of time you were given to complete the course.
1 I enjoyed unit 10 - video lessons, and unit 13 - teaching pronunciation and phonology, as this provided a different style of learning (visual and aural) from the typical written units. It was difficult for me to memorize the terminology of the various aspects of grammar. I actually liked the fact that the assessor requested me to resubmit my final assignment twice, because it made me think hard about what I needed to include in my lesson, and I was given very good, detailed feedback. I enjoyed the course overall, now I just need to find an ESOL job!
1 I enjoyed very much this course and feel very happy with all the given material. The only thing that called my attention was when you mentioned the use of tape recorders... At least here in my country, we don't get to see any of those anymore : D
I feel very thankful and appreciate the quality of the course and the efficiency of your company.
1 I especially liked the worksheets. They are very helpful as it requires careful review of the unit and research. I wish that the program is carefully proofread for punctuation and spelling errors; and that there would be more units in the course. A video unit and some cooperative learning strategies would have been nice to have to study/review. I also would have liked more emphasis on story telling and how to make ourselves more animated for much younger learners.
1 I feel different after finishing this course. Am more confident now than before. I'm ready to teach English as a foreign language in any Country. As a post ITTT course graduate, I believe that my chances of teaching abroad, meeting new and interesting friends have increased. I equally noticed that the course is well structured and has very committed staff who work hard to satisfy its students and entourage. Once more, thank you for the trust and for guiding me from start to finish.
1 I feel like I know so much more about the ESL classroom now than I did before I started the course. Before, ESL was just something that it seemed I was automatically supposed to be able to know and do by way of being a native English speaker. I really felt like I had no idea how to go about or how to start. Going through the ITTT course as given me a total frame of reference for the ESL classroom. I suddenly have a detailed picture and idea of what that is supposed to look like. I feel equipped with all kinds of new ideas and resources. I feel a growing confidence to the effect that maybe just maybe I can be successful at this. The course has taken the unknown and made it known. The course has provided theory, and made it practical as well.
A few highlights from the course. I appreciated the contrasting videos with the instructor teaching the Thai students. One thing that will stick with me is the charming smile with which he introduced, wooed, and captivated the class at the beginning. I also liked his use of action, mime, and gesture; close to the point of seeming a bit childish, but very appropriate for the context. I appreciate the unit on methodology. The ESA method seems to contain within its DNA the wisdom of lessons learned in the ESL world over the past half century or longer. Putting together all the practice lesson plans included among the tasks has helped me get a solid handle on how the method works and flows. Another thing I appreciated was Unit 19 and the way it broke down and addressed the teaching of specific groups. I unexpectedly found myself stirred and resounding with the potential for teaching young learners.
1 I feel like the content in the units wasn't really enough to help me complete the final lesson plan assignment. I felt like the multiple choice quizzes at the end of each unit weren't necessarily a good way to test what I knew. I recommended your course to one of my friends because I feel like any sort of qualification is useful.

Basically, I did this course because I have a LOT of free time at my current job, which is being an assistant english teacher in Japan, and I'm glad I did because I was able to do some professional development during my downtime. It just confirmed a lot of stuff I've learned at my current job .
1 I feel like the tests were too easy. I would recommend trying to make some fill in the blank questions or open ended questions to be sure that the material was understood and that students of the course didn't just look at the pdfs while taking the test for the unit.
1 I feel that this course is really beneficial for me in terms of the materials. They give you a holistic explanation and example of activities to do in class. I am grateful to have taken this course and would recommend it to my collegues
1 I feel very much satisfied with this course. I just would like to tell you that some videos are just a repetition of the unit whereas others contain supplementary information. I didn't find very useful the first ones as I think all of them should contain further information of the unit. But I want to make clear, this is just a suggestion, in general I feel happy to have made the course with you. Thank you very much.
1 I felt accomplished when I finished my TESOL course. The lessons were comprehensive yet the approach was simple and easy to understand. I have learned so much from the 120-hour TESOL course and I feel more confident to teach students in different levels.
1 I felt challenged by the course and am delighted that I completed it successfully. I look forward to practicing what I've learned. The course was indeed motivating toward taking additional courses in TEFL..
1 I felt that the teaching materials lesson was very outdated (still talked about Overhead projectors and using cassettes in the classroom, with no mention of common computer usage today such as powerpoint and prezi). It made me feel like the product has barely been updated over the last 15 years, and that concerned me because teaching methodology is always transforming.

Also, my lesson plan topic was poorly chosen. It asked me to teach 2nd and 3rd conditionals in one lesson with a straight arrow approach. First, I don't think 2nd and 3rd conditionals should ever really be taught together. They each deserve their own lesson because of the difference in structure and difficulty in usage. Second, if I were forced to teach them in the same lesson I would have preferred to use an E-S-A-S-A approach to at least separate the study and activate sections for the two types of conditionals.
1 I felt that the test for the Lesson Plan unit wanted a very specific response and that early on in the course I did not quite understand yet what the ordering was expected to be.
1 I felt that the video lessons in Unit 6 were particularly helpful since they showed how a class should (and shouldn't) be taught.
1 I felt the course was conducted very well. All of the 20 lessons in the 120 hour course flowed very well, and I really did learn a lot from the units. I wanted to express one concern though. Since the units were very well conducted, I did feel under-prepared for the lesson plan itself. I believe that more modules, or at least module number 20, should be a general review in writing a lesson plan as a whole. I think that would better prepare us for the rather challenging lesson plan. Having a mock lesson plan for us to perform would be highly beneficial to help us better prepare for the exam.

Thanks again for everything, and I will definitely refer your course to any of my friends who want to travel the world and teach English :)

Until next time,

Jordan Reabold
1 I find the language and some of the lessons' content a bit outdated/obsolete. I think it should be revised or at least updated, however I have benefited a lot from this course. Thank you :)
1 I found all the information/videos very informative and well presented. This has been a great course and will fully recommend it. Thank you all.
1 I found it easy to follow and well constructed , thankyou
1 I found the course challenging in some areas, and easy in other areas. It is a long time since I studied English at school, so this was probably my greatest handicap. I think I recall having difficulty with the tense system in school so long ago, but I was not a good performer in the classroom. I was extremely capable with my hands, and with drawings, plans etc., but struggled a little with the academic side. I probably did not avail myself of tutor assistance as much as I should have. I'm sure that I will improve quickly in a work environment and I look forward to putting myself to the test.

Thankyou for your assistance. Regards, Barry.
1 I found the course helpful and informative. Having a limited number of days to complete the course helped me to find the motivation to continue working on it and the tests also challenged me in my thinking.
1 I found the course overall really disappointing. I finished all of the units far short of the expected study time. I felt like it was more about memorizing lists than actually giving helpful advice for a teacher. I commented to a friend that the course information read more like a teacher's power point, with none of the practical examples and help that makes for authentic learning.

Part of my frustration might be that I already have a teaching certification and two years experience teaching English in a foreign country. My teaching certification is in English, so most of the grammar units were review. As for the TEFL information, most of it seemed common sense to me with my experience.
1 I found the course to be challenging and in the end very rewarding. It has given me a deeper insight in teaching as well as in the English language. I have been given new perspectives and ideas and the fact that it is possible to do it online gives everyone, including persons like me who has very little extra time on their hands, to take and complete the course successfully. I will absolutely recommend it to others.
1 I found the course to be very well organized and informative. It also provided me with some great resources. I feel more confident in being able to construct effective courses for potential clients!
1 I found the course with tutor support to be a waste of money. I took the course with the intention to learn. On the few occasions when I did contact the tutor for support they made no attempt to help me understand the questions that I had answered incorrectly. Instead, they simply referred me to the unit in which the material was allegedly covered. However, the material was not there, when I again requested for the tutor to help me understand what I was misunderstanding, they didn't. When I pointed out that the material presented in one of the unit videos contradicted the correct answer on a test (which I got wrong because I had taken diligent notes on the video) the tutor made no attempt to clarify what was correct and why it was correct. Eventually I gave up contacting the tutor for support because they were so unhelpful it was a complete waste of time. For a course that is intended to help prepare people to teach, the guidance and teaching in this course is a pathetic example.
1 I found the coursework to be very challenging and informative.
1 I found this course a very great overview of teaching english. It covers basically everything just in a smaller space oc time and material.
1 I found this course great it was very informative and helpful. I think it covers basically everything to some extent. Although, looking at lots of jobs I have found that it is still hard to get a job without at least part of a degree.
1 I found this course great, i am starting to consider following other courses with you guys. i haven't found a better course yet. I am glad that i did. my only hope now is to get a job.
1 I found this course to be enriching and challenging. I feel that a lot of the information seemed really basic, but all in all it provided me with an excellent resource pack for preparing myself to teach. I really liked having the videos to watch because they helped clarify any issues that I may have been confused with. The only complaint I have about them is the teachers felt very dry and mechanical. It would be nice to have a teacher that demonstrated more passion for the subjects.
1 I found this course to be extremely organized, well thought out and professional. I was truly impressed and satisfied. Thanks to your units and feedback I feel confident I will be an engaging and stimulating teacher! Thank you ITT!
1 I found this course very informative and enjoyable
1 I had a blast with ITTT. Thanks so much and more power!

1 I had a lot of exposure during the training. Learned much from our organizers (review team) and I quite appreciate it.

They are quite helpful to see that one successfully scale through the program.

Finally, if they can put something in place the more with respect to job security for her job seeker to be in forefront for selection whenever job opportunities call, that will be wonderful.

Thanks to you guys for everything.
I'm glad I passed through this organization with your unrelenting support.
1 I had been looking forward in taking up the TESOL course for aTESOL certificate. Finally I found ITTT. I found the whole 20 units and the Lesson Plan fantastic. This course has made me open my eyes how to teach a student the English language. I have 100% changed my style of teaching English to my students. I always felt guilty teaching a student and earning from this student without a proper way of teaching. Now I have built so much of confidence in myself and I enjoy teaching my individual students. Thank you to ITTT. ITTT has made me proud. I like my tutor as she went straight to the point when I asked her questions and I could understand her instructions so easily.
1 I have already recommended this course to my cousin and she has completed it now. You guys are the best.
1 I have been serving in China as a foreign expert.I have been associated with education and my nature of work is the Teachers' Development.I studied English Literature and I had a deep seated wish to study English Language under the supervision of the subject specialists.I am really happy to say that ITTT has made my dream realised.My tutor Matt helped me for my TESOL and Tania provided me a thorough support for CTEYL.I would like to say them thanks from the core of my heart.
1 I have been teaching for a number of years,without any qualifications. I now wish to teach English online and found a certificate was wanted by the schools.
I found the course interesting,and I learnt a lot from it !
Most of my teaching is private tuition although I work part time in a college,with up to six students. Thankyou and I'll certainly recommend your course.
Now I need help to find a school online and students !!
Best Wishes Alan Wood
1 I have been teaching individuals for 10 years and had been getting the teaching experience in the classrooms for 5 years after graduating the University that was 20 years ago. After completing the 120 TEFL course I found it very useful to remind myself how to teach classes. Now I am looking at my goals which I had written before the start of this course and can say that I've got what I wanted. I enjoyed this experience very much. It gave me the confidence to achieve my dream which is to teach abroad, to give lessons more professionally, providing quality in teaching. The course made me closer to another of my goal to teach Business English online. Thank you for wonderful possibility to learn the content, improve my knowledge, and for the chance to be able to teach abroad. I totally recommend this course.
1 i have gain much from the course.
1 i have had two tutors when I took my TEFL course. The first tutor wasnt very thorough and he didnt even noticed that i was copying answers from the internet. The second tutor was very good. He was able to see that I was copying some articles. I hope that there will be more consistency among tutors .
1 I have learned a lot. For new teachers like me this course have been very helpful. It had given me lots of ideas. Honestly speaking the only thing that bothers me is that the videos seems to have been recorded during the late 70's or early 80's, by looking at how people were dressed. It is true that the said topics will always be explained or tackled in the same manner but it will be more comfortable seeing up to date videos.
1 I have learned many new things from this course,so i' m very grateful for it. It was pretty tough, especially with the grammar points and pronunciation lesson. Big thanks!
1 I have learnt many useful things which I didn't know earlier. Most of all I appreciated the ESA method which I am sure will make my lessons more effective.
1 I have left unticked questions 3 and 4 because I didn't make use of the tutor even though I had one. I wished the units had had more questions as in some units when answering questions regarding lesson planning with Esa: boomerang or patchwork, where there were four or five questions pertaining to and linked to, if I failed to answer one or two correctly, it meant I could have failed the four or five questions as the score was almost half the test and would mean failing the test for the unit. I would suggest to put more questions in those tests so the value for each question is not so much that when not answering correctly a couple of questions the student fails the test for the unit.
1 I have never trusted online courses or study however after my experience with ITTT, i feel very motivated to registered to more online courses offered by ITTT.
1 I have really achieved a lot by going through this course. The course was so analyzed in such a way that it gave me a big clue on how to make may lesson plans easily without any stress. Although without a course tutor there was no point i had any fear or could panic because the course was really rich with material that i used to help myself go through it. I now know how i can prepare my lesson plan from the start to the end.
1 I have really acquire more knowledge from this course and I have recommended the course to my friends who are living abroad.
1 I have really enjoyed taking this course. it helped me to be more confident and I learned a lot from this course.
1 i have really enjoyed this course. and a lot has been learned from it.
1 I have really gathered and gained much information from this course. I have to thank my tutor, Tania for being very helpful and patient in explaining the lesson plan for me.
1 I have recently completed the 120 hour TEFL course offered by ITTT, and I am half way through their 50 hour course for specialising in teaching online.
I found it very clear and easy to navigate through the course content, and had no issues accessing the units or videos.
I did struggle with some of the grammar units and do wish a little more explanation was included for some of the more difficult concepts.
Otherwise I am very satisfied with what I’ve learnt so far from these courses, and am very impressed with the amount of additional information via external links that has been provided, especially with relation to finding jobs.
A little advice for others considering these courses, would be to pace yourself and try to work on the course regularly. I started mine during lockdown when I had plenty of free time, then became busy with work and travel, and found myself rushing at the end to complete everything before the six months was up.
In conclusion, I highly recommend the course and ITTT.
1 I have some experience teaching English as a foreign language in Africa, in a school I am regularly going back to. This course educated me both on the language of English and the teaching of it in a very helpful way, and what I have learned here I will avail for the rest of my life. Thank you!
1 I haven't got much to add - this course was wonderful, neatly organised, the platform user friendly, the tutor highly responsive and I am looking forward to continuing the ITTT journey.
1 I highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to improve their teaching skills or meet the requirements for teaching abroad. The 120-hour course is informative and provides detailed teaching instructions and methods along with explanations of language points. I will take the diploma course in the near future to further improve my knowledge and skills. Oh, I almost forgot, the reasonable price is so attractive that you won’t regret. Thanks ITTT!
1 I hope I can be part of the ITTT overseas teaching team/s in order to connect the bridges among Nations of our blue planet with common language, so we all can live in peace, prosperous,happy, and with love to end conflicts on Earth. Thank you very much for your blessed touch. Aloha from Hawai'i. Nader K. Parsia
1 I hope t receive assistance finding employment abroad
1 I hope to begin my search for jobs within the next few months. As a possible transitioning military member, ITTT has given me tools to not only survive, but to achieve many future goals. I'm currently looking to start a new course within the next few days.
1 I hoped for a dream job with both earning and travelling from my childhood,I think it would be fulfilled now by completing the course...
warm regards,thanks and long live ITTT.
1 I indicate this course!
1 I just finished a 120 hours course with tutor and videos and can recommend it. Even though I did a Training and Development Course in College a few years ago, I learned so much more about teaching methods and teaching English grammar through this course now. Looking forward for my next courses; teaching Business English and teaching youth learners.
1 I just want to give a thank to those who let me feel this experience
1 I learned a lot teaching English to young learners through this course.
Thanks a lot.
1 I learnt so many things i still refer back to the notes from time to time for guidance .
Unit 3 was one of my favorite
1 I like the course. I would only comment that those in the US who have teacher training like myself might find that we are trained slightly differently regarding lesson planning and that we don't have as elaborate a format..But all in all I thought it was very worthwhile.
1 I liked having the DVDs in conjunction with the written materials - it helped to consolidate the information.
Very well organised. Prompt feedback etc.
Great to be provided with lots of links and references for further reading.
The course didn't actually describe how to design a syllabus for students who have no English language ability (beginners) - what would be important to include in a course for this level?
1 I liked that there were many resources listed - books and websites - for my further study. I found some of the material easier than others because of my background in teaching and English instruction, but I learned that teaching non-native speakers is not the same as my experience and that I will need to work hard, re-learn much of what I think I already know, and have a new set of expectations for my students. I am looking forward to continuing with my studies through the Business English course I'm taking next.
1 I liked the course more so because it was very thorough and professionally presented and conducted. Emails I had sent prior to registering were attended to immediately.
I enrolled in a course with tutor support and I didn't use the tutor once. Students of a non-english speaking background may find a tutor helpful.
1 I liked the course very much. I was happy with my tutor and i liked video lessons here, too. I am grateful to people who helped me to go through that and enriched me with beautiful knowledge. Thank you very much!
I will be happy to do with my Business English classes as soon as possible.
1 I liked the format of the course, with the ease of online access to the units and videos.
1 i liked the videos and materials if you showed more videos which demonstrates more ESA method teaching style it could be more useful and helpful. Over all i liked the course and i got a lot out of it
1 I loved the course! I loved being able to complete it within my own time schedule and the materials provided were very useful. Before I even completed this course, I began looking for a job with my husband. We emailed someone we knew in Turkey and after telling them what course I was taking, he was pleased to say that I had a huge chance in his school. This course is so beneficial and a great experience. I would recommend it to almost anybody.
1 I loved the course. I hope they will send my certificate ASAP so I can get the perfect job overseas. Thank you for offering this at such a reasonable price.
1 I never received my teaching young beginners course for free as promised. This was part of my package deal at sign up. Please get back to me as this is integral to my success. thank you

Stacey Hawkins
1 I notice that all my previous materials are now locked and it would be great to be able to still have access to those books and videos as well as previous lesson plan results (allowing me to improve my skill prior to entering a classroom),
1 I of course enjoyed the 120 hour course, however, I want to comment on my tutor. My tutor's comments to me were beneficial, kindly worded and I appreciated her feedback. I have told colleagues about this course, recommending they have a tutor--hopefully they'll get lucky and have as thorough a tutor as I had. Thanks!!
1 I quite liked the course. If the student actually does the tasks, and read the material, and watches the videos related it take a good 4-6 hours to complete a unit. While I was able to do some untis much faster, it was actually rather challenging, and I'm glad I did it. The only criticism I will say is that the course expects the teacher to elicit specific things from students, that may not be possible to elict. Of course we want to increase student talk time, but without the form of a grammar point presented they won't be able to articulate it no matter how many games, or gap fills. At some point as teachers we have to do some explaining.
1 I really enjoy the course much so that, I feel so confident incase, I get EFL job now, because I have acquired enough to teach any where in the World. I will always be in touch my course tutor for further consultation and job information. I thank so much tutor Tania and the company in modeling me to become a great EFL teacher of the generation. I expect much from the management of TEFL in matters pertaining job details provision.
1 I really enjoyed alot doing this course .
1 I really enjoyed reading the material.
I would like to keep on studying in a near future, so be ready to have me back! :)
1 I really enjoyed the course, and the simplicity of use.
1 I really enjoyed the course. There were many positives I really like that the focus was primarily on the language rather than how to manage a classroom. However, I believe that the course materials should be updated to included the new way of learning without a tutor that is more use of short videos for example, Lesson 13 - Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology. Also some of the units had too many pages and explanations were too wordy hence it was difficult to get the main points. Then there were a few units that I just wanted to be over already.
1 I really enjoyed the tests for the CTBE. I thought Unit 6 was a little to easy and could have covered more material and provided additional "ice breaker" examples for teachers in foreign countries.
All in all very good!
1 I really enjoyed this course however, I would have liked more examples in unit 4, on the usage of present continuous. One for each usage wasn't enough. One or two more examples of a lesson plan would have been helpful and greatly appreciated. Besides those two items, I really learned a lot in this course. Thank you.
1 I really enjoyed this course though I had to do it in a very short time and not in the 6 months. The lessons and the way everything is explained is very clear and you can really imagine the classes with an interesting lively atmosphere where it is also important to have fun. I travelled a lot as a child and had the chance to learn languages by being in the country. When I graduated high school I wanted to know what it was like to learn a language without being in a the country where it is spoken. I signed up to do German at the Goethe Institue in Paris a long time ago. They used the same approach as the TEFL where the teacher only spoke German and though it was a class for adults it maintained an element of fun and games. I found this same method applied to English in the course and it proved how important this is for students to be motivated and I really find this system is lacking in the way young learners are taught in France and how bored this makes them. So I am very grateful to have taken this course and it makes me very hopeful for the future. Thank you!
1 I really enjoyed this course. Frankly the components are vital in teaching. I have confidence that I can get a good job soon. Thank you very much!!!!
1 I really enjoyed this programme. I am very happy to have chosen this course with this company. I was able to work at my own pace, all of the instructions were clear and concise. Thank you for this opportunity to complete the course and start my new career.
1 I really like the course structure and the material that forms part of it. The only unit that I felt was inadequate was number 10 involved with grading.I thought that this unit would teach me not only the elements of grading which is covered well in the course, but also HOW to grade students with more detail and I felt that this part was actually lacking in the program. Aside from this, I was very happy with everything.

Thank you.
1 I really like the way of study. I mean the fact that I was allowed to study just one lesson at the time and then after passing test jumped to the other one.
1 i really like this course and i enjoyed doing the units and the lesson plan. thanks you for all your help.
1 I really like this course, it gives a great opportunity for further work in teaching field.
1 I really liked the comments from the tutor they were explanatory, sensible and to the point
1 I recomend this course to people who want to be teachers and travel around the world.
1 I recommend the course to anyone and everyone that wants to teach English in a non-English speaking country. I am grateful and only have positive feedback about the support I received and about the course.
1 I signed up for the combined course. The online part of the course was satisfactory - I did find the tests a bit too easy and the material lacking in body. But as a starting point it was okay. Personally, I was more concerned with the teaching practice of the course (I signed up for Paris, 8days).

I was the only student in the group who signed up for the combined course - the rest of the students were all In-Class registered students. Some with no previous teaching experience, and a few with. I was under the impression that this teaching experience would help improve my teaching skills and be an opportunity to receive critical feedback. I was however very disappointed with the teaching practical in Paris.

Your website is falsely advertising the Paris training experience - I expected to be teaching and training for 8days as the website stated, however the classes were only from monday to thursday. Thus I only experienced a 5 day teaching practice. I am very upset about this as I specifically chose this location because it offered the teacher observation and eight days of training and teaching. Therefore I did not experience "at least six hours of observed teaching practice" as stated on your website. I only performed three solo lessons which would be intermittently observed either other students or the trainer. I performed three group lessons (with a fellow student) which was also intermittently observed by the trainer or fellow students.
The classrooms are also not "large modern" classrooms, they were normal sized classrooms which were not very well kept - even the trainer mentioned that the cleaning crew of the 'building' rarely come round to clean (the trash in the classroom was not removed for more than a week).

None of the following was met during my time in Paris (and these are statements taken from your website):
- lesson preparation guided by qualified, experienced teacher trainers. (on the first day we were told to prepare a lesson for the next day - there was no guidance or assistance, we had an opportunity to interview the students and then use that information to create a lesson. I have teaching experience and I have completed the online course so I had some guidance to follow, however the other students did not have this and had to find their own way.)
- additional training sessions on language awareness, teaching skills and classroom management. (there was no theory lessons or any additional teaching.)
- observation of experienced teachers in a genuine classroom environment. (this was not the trainers fault, an experienced teacher did arrive on the first day to present a lesson but the students did not show up. We spent that time talking to the experienced teacher to help us with our lesson planning and further advice and guidance. However this was the only time an experienced teacher came to present a lesson, there were no other opportunities to observe an experienced teacher.)

Feedback and observation took place in group settings. As a class we would discuss our lessons, how they went, what we did and how we could improve or follow up on. The trainer and other students then would give feedback and input on what they observed.
- This was very helpful and useful and a great way to create whole class discussion.
Our trainers approach to get us teaching and preparing lessons as soon as possible is also a very good approach. We first started working in pairs of three to, this helped a lot as the students could all work together to formulate a lesson. I do feel however that some short lesson on lesson planning should have been given to help with this, or at least on the following day. Sadly this was not the case.
I do not wish to talk ill of my trainer - he is a very good trainer and a wonderful person. I had many insightful conversations with him and have no problem with my trainer. However, I think there is a serious miscommunication between iTTT and their trainers (what they are expected to do and deliver in class).

This is an expensive course, and it should be the full $1195 worth. It is not. There is some serious room for improvement.
1 I signed up for the course with tutor, but honestly, I would have done the same without it. I feel it was not worth it. Not because the tutor was not good but because the course content was clear enough. I did not really need further help or advice.
1 I signed up for tutor support out of insecurity but did not use the tutor except for one technical concern. The course was structured in a way that it truly was unnecessary for me. I wish I had had the opportunity to renounce the tutor (just to save) mid course.
1 I suggest that you partner with other schools that will nee ESL teachers so that your students who may want to do internship attaches themselves with these partner schools no matter the course option, be it 10 or more hours. this may be in a paid internship or unpaid but with accommodation provided, after which the school may employ the permanent services of these interns especially schools. I know your focus is to train but this would also lead to high enrollment since interns will meet new people who may want to enroll on a ESL program. If I meet someone and they tell me that look, I got my TEFL from iTTTT, they are good, th program is awesome. it is more convincing.
1 I think after the initial lesson plan submittal, one should be able to access it online and make corrections/modifications online vs. cutting, pasting and file attaching etc., etc. It saves a lot of time.
1 I think that this course is essential to becom EFL teacher.
1 I think this course was a good overview of teaching English as a second language, and has helped prepare me theoretically for teaching. I think what will prove to be most valuable, when the time comes, is the supplementary material. I can already tell I will be drawing on some worksheet examples as well as online resources listed in one of the later units for my lessons.
1 I think this course was definitely very helpful and motivating. It was simple in it's teaching and not intimidating or overwhelming at all. It provided great examples and I appreciated the sample pages. I am excited to be able to use what I have learned with ITTT! Thanks a lot!
1 I thoroughly enjoyed my ITTT Tesol training thankyou :-)

As a visual person I chose the ITTT course predominantly because of the DVD classroom which was available, which did aid me well in my learning. I think my only slight disappointment was the dryness of many of the DVD classroom presentations, which I found a little stilted and uninspiring. Most of the DVD presentations were in fact not actual classroom based as I had expected, they were solely presenter based.
I would have preferred the improved dynamic which would have been present if the DVD presentations had actually been recorded from real life classroom based ITTT Tesol teacher training.
1 I thought everything about the course was good, but I don’t think there was enough, if any, preparation and guidance for writing a lesson plan. The tutors were great after the fact, but I thin a unit on this should have been offered and the explanation for what you wanted from us needs more clarification from the beginning.
1 I thought that the course was a fairly thorough introduction for serious-minded teachers. Even though the tests were essentially open-book, they were quite difficult at times. So I think that you have got the balance right.
1 I thought that the course was good and would recommend it ,however, my only complaint is that I did not really feel entirely prepared for the lesson plan at the end of the course. Only one 1 unit is focused on it throughout the course and only an incomplete example is provided for a very basic lesson plan for beginner students. I finally completed the lesson plan correctly but certainly struggled for a time. Overall though I was pleased with the course.
1 I thought that the course was very helpful, and I feel much more confident about applying for a job teaching ESL students. The videos were informative, and the lessons flowed rather well, and for the oat part, made sense. There were a few minor explanations that were a little unclear to me, but my tutor was able to quickly explain them. I think that most of the misunderstandings were simply a result of me being a native American-English speaker, and the course being made for primarily British-English. For the price, I find that course was worth every cent, and have already recommended it to a friend of mine, who is almost done completing her course as well.
1 I thought that the TEYL course was a repetition of the TEFL course, with a few new items. Upon review, I think maybe it was done like that for people who probably didn't do the TEFL course, but only the TEYL.
1 I thought the information was very helpful and the lesson plan challenging but realistic in terms of expectations. I feel ready to start teaching!
1 I thought the material was very beneficial and interesting. I liked how there was a mix between the types of lessons (grammar, then something on classroom management or teaching skills, etc. as opposed to three lessons in a row on grammar). I liked how there was a video lesson as well, it was a nice change of pace from the written units (not to say that those were not helpful - they certainly were). Overall, I was quite happy with the course and was pleasantly surprised as I was skeptical of an online-only course at first. I would recommend iTTT.
1 I thought this course was very detailed and explicit. I learned a lot during this course as to learn myself and also in ways to teach others. This was an extremely rewarding experience for me as I plan to further my goals in teaching others the English language. I've been meaning to do this for a long time now and have finally accomplished it after years of putting it off. I just wish I would have done this years ago but as they say " It's never too late."
1 I thought your course was well organized. I learned a lot about teaching English and I feel that as a result of taking your course I can teach English immediately.
1 I took the 120-hour course (w/o tutor) and I found it really informative and helpful. The modules were not too long, but not too short either. The handouts are very organized and well-made! I'm happy to have the handouts to look back on when I finally start teaching. They explained the concepts really well and I liked how they gave clear examples for the topics they discussed. I also liked the fact that they had worksheets at the end of each unit, I feel that the worksheets helped me in retaining the information that I learned. The website is also very easy to use so I appreciated that. I don't regret spending for this course, I feel that the quality of the materials that I got was well worth the money.
1 I took the course purely to meet visa requirements, but I was pleasantly surprised to get something out of it. It was limited in that it only offered one method of teaching, but this was valuable in that it made me think about how I was actually going to go about teaching, and highlighted what issues I would need to consider.
1 I value so much this online course. It's not just that I could have a certificate but it help me to enhance my teaching method and to widen more my understanding in teaching English as a foreign language.
1 I was able to finish the courses quickly, but decided to take my time on the final lesson plan requirement. Since I did not have a tutor I wanted to make sure that I reviewed the material thoroughly before submitting the final lesson plan.
1 I was extremely happy with the course. It exceeded my expectations by far.
1 I was 'happy' to see that my lesson plan was not accepted just like that. It shows that people seriously look in to it.
1 I was happy with the course without tutor.But many times I faced technical difficulties.The course is mild for the speaker of second language learner.Anyway thank you so much for the entire team who always supported me at that difficulty time.
Thank you so much!!!
1 I was happy with the feedback i received throughout the whole course.
1 I was impressed with the quality and standards of this course. Though it was online and I am a teacher with a little experience who has done another online course before, I felt that this course was of higher quality and that it would prepare someone with no prior knowledge or experience well, as well as benefit teachers such as myself with useful review and extra practice in areas we may be weak in.
It provides an excellent foundation to help one get started and the suggested teaching ideas and how they can be applied, and the extra information about resources are very helpful.
1 I was rather fortunate to have had a good liaison in regards to my final lesson plan, but I think it would have been helpful to have provided clearer requirements on the assignment. I came into it somewhat blindsided, and I would have appreciated if I was inform on what each part required.
1 I was really enjoyed doing this course, from the beginning of the units. I learnt a lot. The handbook is so professional. I definitely will recommend this to my friends.
1 I was trying to decide whether to do an onsite or online program and my schedule just wasn't letting me get away for 4 weeks away from my family. There are so many TEFL programs out there, many with different prices, but now that I have finished this course, I really appreciate the knowledge that you shared and the price was perfect for my situation. Thank you for your help.
1 I was very glad to be able to complete this course, and I feel like the course materials will be extremely valuable when working in the field. Thank you!
1 I was very happy with the course. I would definitely recommend it to my friends , if they are interested in it.
1 I was very happy with the service and support (during the lesson plan stage) that I received from ITTT. The feedback I received to resubmit my lesson plan was very thorough and enabled me to submit a good plan that subsequently passed. I am happy with my experience and will be enrolling in other courses through the site.
1 I was very impressed with the all course: learning materials, readiness on dealing with any issues, efficiency of the staff and the course itself. Thank you.
1 I was very motivated to undertake this course as m planning to help little children to learn how to read, write and speak English to a level that can place them in a much better position to either obtain better work opportunities at home or abroad if the opportunity arises.

I look forward to continued support/assistance as and when required.

Thank you again
1 I was very pleased with the content and the completeness of the course. The online version was worth my while, and the tutor support was exceptional. Thanks for a wonderful experience.
1 I was very satisfied with the course overall and felt that it was a very good value for the money.
1 I wish I could have talk to the tutor like chatting with her instead of waiting for the reply after 1 or 2 days. That would be the only interaction that I could have.
1 I wish there's a lot of time for me to learn the language because I want to learn more.
1 I wish to get a placement to start teaching so I can take my desire course in business English so that I can teach in companies. Thanks.
1 I work very hard at this course and even when I was doing night shift, came home and went online to start studing. I never gave up and I never do and when I lived in Napoli Italy, I wanted to teach English. I speak 5 Lauguages and its my dream to be a teacher. I went to the british language school in Napoli and they was 4 other school that want me to teach english. I have been living in Maastricht Holland for the last 20 years and also 2 years in Italy. somebody told me about TEFL and I looked it up and then I got started and I was happy to do it . I want to thank all the staff at TEFL Tania and Stephen of course for making a start to my journey. Best Regards Patrick Buckley
1 I worked thoroughly on each Unit but I made one mistake in Unit 3 there were two videos and I only realised that when I had taken the test. I was extremely disappointed with the result and should have checked if I could have taken the test again.
1 I would absolutely recommend this course to others. The units were extremely informative and I will continue to use them as a reference in my ESL teaching.
1 I would definitely recommend this course and have done so throughout the month.

I particularly liked the fact that one has to complete a unit before moving on to the next - while this is logical to me it is sometime not the case in other courses - I was, thereby, able to maintain a constant momentum and focus on the course at large. The units were deliberately paced so that, for example, the grammar didn´t overload at the beginning which was so important in terms of motivation.
I did this as an online course and was initially nervous at: was the ITTT a legitimate place and not a scam (its a lot of money to find out its false); would I receive the information in a timely manner and if the course was quality material. ALL OF THESE CONCERNS WERE BASELESS.
I´m so glad I did it. THank you.
1 I would do the course with a tutor if I had to choose again. If I sign up for any more classes; I would only recommend a tutor course. The material is harder than expected without tutor support.
1 I would end by saying that i would recommend others to do this same program and get certified to teach English as a foreign language
1 I would have liked the first email from my tutor to be a little more welcoming and less condescending. Otherwise, I had a good time taking this course
1 I would have liked to have read and tested in the units in any order, rather than in the order prescribed. Also, I would have liked to have had more video lessons, rather than just those two. Otherwise, it was a good, informative course.
1 I would have preferred to pay slightly more for phone support. Or, being able to do another unit while waiting for a response. Because the other units were locked I did not ask questions I wanted to sometimes but just moved on. Time is of essence for me. I started a business and lost money so I need to find work very soon that pays well!

In saying that, the course was very well designed and I appreciate the response time from my tutor: responses were within the time frames as stated within the course, and they were of high quality. Thank you!
1 I would just like to thank everyone at ittt for the opportunity they have given me to complete this course, we leave for Hat-Yai ( Thailand ) on the 5th of October and I finished in time.

This course really helped me a lot, I found out things about myself that I never knew I had in me.

1 I would like to make a point about the the tutorship. My tutor Miss Tania has been great punctual and helpful all the time. However I don't think that our personal tutor should have been be the same person that reviews our final lesson plan. This is because I would have liked to ask some revision of my changes for the second submission and receive some advice before submitting my plan again and risk another failure, but I think this was not possible since my tutor was also the person that was going to check my lesson plan. In my opinion the tutor should give directions and another commission of teachers shoud review the lesson plan and give a score.
1 I would like to do another course.
1 ı would like to have job opportunities via course .
1 I would like to say thank you for the opportunity and I enjoyed the course immensely. I look forward to my future career as an EFL Teacher.
1 I would like to take this time in appreciating the administration of ITTT for such an opportunity in making available these tangible and outstanding materials that are helping many who seek advancement in knowledge.

I would like ITTT to add more materials as time goes by and make the necessary change if possible as the teaching ideas varies from one country to another.

Finally, I extend my gratitude to my course tutor, Tania for the support, guide and positive respond to question that were posted.
1 I would like to thank ITTT for the opportunity to receive my TEFL certificate. When it finally does arrive in the mail I hope to use this to find a career overseas.
1 I would like to thank Tania. She was very supportive and a very good person to help me a long my way with my courses final submission. She was very professional and supportive. The course was easy going. I learned a lot from it too. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to teach English as a second language.
1 I would like to thanks for all thei nformation i have gotten. the course is really nice, the material, videos, activities.
1 I would recommend a change on the pricing of all the courses. They are rated near high end.
1 I would recommend if ITTT will innovate the course materials according to world events happening right now. Since pandemic major schools around the world shifted from classroom teaching to blended and online teaching. It will be a great edge if we could develop course materials for the advancement of the teachers skills especially designed for blended and online teaching that is considered world class so they can be considered a high caliber graduate of ITTT.
1 I would recommend the course to anyone. It gives you confidence and motivation to be a professional teacher for students from all over the world. Absolutely worthwhile, the content was good and was presented in a supportive atmosphere. I have learnt a lot. Thank you very much.
1 I would thank ITTT fot this opportunity studying online for the TEFL&TESOl certifcate. It is convenient and affordable for teachers who doesn't have leasure time to go study to the training centers or schools. Studying online made my journey easy and mostly convenient. I wish ITTT best of luck!
1 I’m happy,I could take the course. It was very helpful!
1 I'd like to finish everything and take advantage of your career resources. I was happy I found this one and signed up.
1 If there was anything lacking, I would say it is the fact that more tips could have be given for teaching on a one to one basis or teaching online.
1 if you want to be a real foreign teacher, then you are realy advice to take this course. its really good. you will enjoy it
1 I'm delighted to be a part of this family. hope to have more association with ITTT.
1 I'm grateful I've taken my online course. The units given are interesting and informative, The resources are very useful. The tasks and tests helps a lot. Indeed, the course is motivating.

Thank you so much.
1 I'm happy that i took this course and completed it. the experience was motiving and exciting to find ways to travel and teach.
1 I'm much grateful that I took this course. I enjoyed every part of it, although some of the topic too were tough.
1 I'm so thankful for this program!
1 I'm very glad I finally took on this course. I learnt a lot, and received very valuable and insightful feedback from Tania, which I will take into account and refer to in my teaching. It's been a great journey and look forward to put into practice what I've learnt.

Thank you Team!
1 I'm very glad to complete course with ittt just I wanna one sentence ittt is very trustable and I'll guide my friends to do ittt ..Thank you so much
1 I'm very happy to have found this course online, I recently moved to Japan from Hawaii and realized that there are so many jobs for Teaching English language and I like working with kids. I have a 5year old daughter who's first language is Japanese and she has been enrolled in an English language class here so she could learn to speak with me in English for my Japanese is not that great. This ITTT course will be beneficial to both me and her I will now have a chance to get a good job and have the proper knowledge and skills to teach my daughter at home.
Thank You ITTT for a great course. ALOHA
1 Im very happy with ITTT.
1 I'm very pleasant with my course and hope to stay in touch because I always need a good teacher as ITTT.
1 I'm very satisfied with the class and can't wait to begin applying towards TEFL jobs around the globe. Thank you.
1 In taking other courses in ITTI. I found that between the tutor, Current course learned and the teaching in TEFL France that there is inconsistencies in the material. I understand that material is going to be different but it makes a difference when it comes to the basics of the material.

I am being more critical because i am a curriculum writer and know that consistency is key. The tutor was helpful, I just would have appreciated a more positive attitude when exchanging correspondence.
1 In the questions above I had rated the ITTT course materials as "satisfactory"; largely because of the quality of the accompanying videos.

My only problem with the printed course materials is that sometimes they are a bit out-of-date with regard to content. I think that, with the possible exception of some Third World countries, no one really uses audio or video tape cassettes anymore. Even audio-only CD's have begun to be supplanted by the more interactive CD-ROM's and DVD-ROM's and MP3 and MPEG files.

With regard to the videos... it is my considered opinion that these seriously need to be updated; as their technical-quality sometimes leaves much to be desired. The existing set of videos should eventually be scrapped in favor of newer ones with improved graphics and visual-quality. In particular, the demonstration class videos are often "washed-out" (see my comments below) and consequently difficult to watch.

One of the problems I've noticed with the videos has to do with the actual presentation of written material. If the video is a "live" account of an instructor teaching an actual class of students; I can see how showing him or her writing things on a white-board would be necessary.

In the videos which contain no such scenes, but rather just the instructor directly facing the camera and addressing the viewing audience; it would be far better, I think, to utilize a different system of video graphics. What I mean is that, often the brightness of the white-board in the videos often creates a problem of "wash-out"; in which words and images written on the board in marker are difficult to see because the image contrast is so high.

It would be better, I think, to use video graphics with images of a white font on a dark background (which has been proven to be more easily legible and less of a strain on the eyes than black or colored letters written on a white background).

Also, too much time is taken by the instructor in physically writing things onto the white-board. Again, when the video depicts a real-life classroom situation that can't be avoided... but in the other videos where the instructor is addressing the viewer head-on; it just seems old-fashioned and a waste of time. Indeed, the videos would be shorter if the instructor didn't have to pause every few seconds to write something on the board.

When I teach a lesson, I always try to have at least 50% of any text I use (vocabulary words, bullet points) prepared in advance as part of a PowerPoint presentation (as well as on any printed handouts I distribute to the students); simply because I don't like to waste time writing everything on the board, erasing it when I run out of space, and then writing something else.

Granted, in a real-life situation such technology may not be readily available due to budgetary restrictions, and the instructor may have no choice but to use a chalk-board or a white-board exclusively. But for the instructional purposes of these videos, however; not having the text presented electronically makes no sense whatsoever.

In addition, the superimposed "ITTT" logo on the videos is annoying: It often obscures important text that the instructor has written on the white-board in some instances (hence, the need for more elaborate video graphics) and it's simply too big. I noticed that, in some videos, the logo reverts back to an older design; indicating that the revised logo was "slapped on" to an older video for copyright purposes.

I understand the need to protect copyrighted material; but the opaque logo currently in use is simply to obtrusive. It would be better to adopt a less-obtrusive "water-mark" design and to super-impose it somewhere in the upper left or right-hand corner of the video image; so as not to interfere with any text that the instructor has written down.
1 It has been a good journey in studying this course online.
1 It has been a good learning experience for me. I'm looking forward in enrolling another on line course with ITTT!
1 It has helped improved my teaching skill. I can't wait to start teaching soon!
1 it is good we are able to take the course online but real life training should still be necessary.
1 It is really the best course for the one who wants to be a qualified and successful teacher.It really provides all the teaching aspects.It is the most valuable course I have had.
1 It is such a great course. I feel very confident with what I've learnt here and I think it will open lots of new doors. I think this course is very complete and the materials are very well explained.
1 It really helps me know much about the ways to get a lesson planned well and make the class managed as well as get every student involved. so thank you TEFL guys!
1 It us such a privilege and honor to be part of this course and it is indeed helpful not just in the teaching industry but personally to me as i am trying to be more understanding abd loving towards any type of learners , may this institution continue to support and guide us still as we journey with our dear learners. Thank you for the valuable help and your service, Godbless and i hope to meet and know more ittt graduates and feast with their teaching experiences as guide and learning examples.
1 It was a great English teaching course that open my mind towards teaching and planning of the English lesson. It taught me different teaching styles, resources to use for teaching and techniques to help understand different levels of English students. I would highly recommend “TEFL” from ITTT anyone who is interested to build their career in English.
1 it was a great experience for me and now i can't wait to see my diploma.i will go on with CELTA i hope it would be such a good experience too.i 'm so motivated.
thank you and special thanks to my tutor Mr .Jon
1 It was a great experience, thank you so much!
1 It was a very good and pleasant experience and i'am really satisfied
1 It was a very nice online course. As a native English speaker, I found myself absorbing the material well but I enjoyed the formal presentation of the English concepts. I think this course offers a nice balance of English structure, classroom experience, and tools of teaching. Many of my emails were answered very quickly (within 2 business days) and the correspondence has been clear. My lesson plan took some additional time but turned out well. Overall, I would recommend this course to a person who would like to teach TEFL courses outside of their country. The course gives the necessary tools for future TEFL instructors.

1 It was a very satisfying skill development and personal experience for one like me who had been teaching, including language, as part of a long career which started some decades ago. Clearly whoever designed the course did his or her homework and the competency to work with that design is also clearly evident in the Tutor's responses. In all a satisfying experience, well worth much more than the very affordable price.
1 It was a wonderful experience since this course has provided everything into detail. Have learnt quite a lot from this course.
1 It was absolutely worth it and Mr. Eric's video lessons in terms of grammar and pronunciation points are superb. Also, I would like to thank you to Ms. Tania, my tutor, for supporting me at any time. Thanks a lot to all of you!
1 It was alright. I'm not sure the tutor portion is worth the investment however.
1 It was an amazing experience. I'm glad I chose ITTT to achieve my TEFL certification. The website is simple and easy to use, no complicated task or activity. Help and guidance is available in every step via email and as well on the website. The course was very informative and helpful. Thank you once again ITTT for your help and support.
1 It was an excellent course, I learnt a lot from all the units and activities. Besides, I obtained useful informaion to carry out the english classes.
This course was very fruitful and useful. Thank you.
1 It was an interesting course. As someone with no previous experience in Business English I felt the materials were accessible. There were also many useful references.
1 It was fun and educational.
1 It was quite fun units for reading. I wanted some more examples for writing the final lesson plan as I was not really sure how much planning would be enough for passing. It could be better if the unit materials include some lesson plans in different formats as schools have their own forms and it could be good for getting used to the ESA format written in different forms.
1 It was really easy to follow and I learned a lot.
1 It was very nice. The material was exhaustive. it was interesting during all the course. I liked it))
1 It was was a great course. I really appreciated it.
Thanks again.
1 It will be great to know the task answered at least end the course. I would suggest having more videos for every unit.
1 It would be nice if I could have a tracking number on my certificate, so I know when to expect it. It's very nerve racking to have gone through the course and not have anything to show for it until a piece of paper arrives in the mail.

I did enjoy the course, although I felt at times the language was either British or Australian in its bent or word choice (i.e. In America, I've typically heard "fill in the blank(s)," not "gap-fill." Without immediate examples when describing activities, I was sometimes unclear that the course suggestions meant due to this problem.).

I think if there were a more natural way for students to interact through some sort of forum it could be helpful (I understand that this might be difficult due to the need to keep cheaters at bay so that test answers aren't revealed, but I feel trouble-shooting some real-world scenarios through discussion could be extremely helpful.

Thanks, and overall, I would definitely recommend the course. The online delivery was very convenient.
1 It would be nice if there was a feature to retake a test.
1 It would be nice to get some live support every once in a while. Because in my ophinion the max 2 day respond time from tutors seems a little long, if you want to get support on a subject right before you are taking an exam. For example i had to delay one of the test becausr i was stuck on one of the units halfway through.
1 It would have helped if I had been given some exposure to online teaching in the material and as practice. Mock interview exercises with feedback would be great too. Some clarity about job opportunities with expected salaries in the areas of EYL, Business English will help too.
1 It's a fantastic experience to have completed the TEFL training. It's challenging yet rewarding. The training scheme is superb. It encourages me to make more effort to finish the course.
1 It's an incredible course. The exercises were helpful
1 It's awesome. I learned a lot from the course. Thank you very much. Continue to be a blessing to every teacher and those aspiring to be one.
1 It's been a pleasure. After almost a month of working really hard, I feel really happy. I am planning to take the TESOL CIPLOMA COURSE. I want to carry on enhancing my skills and abilities about teaching.
1 Its indeed a wonderful learning journey which boosted my confidence and developed my knowledge on new methods of teachinh English. I am thankful to ittt And my support tutor Jon for his excellent guidence and concern.
1 It's really good experience and also good knowledge
1 It's very good. Keep up the good work!
1 ITTT has been doing a marvelous job by providing outstanding and authentic course material to enhance the learning as well as teaching capacity of ESL teachers. Their response and feedback is up to the mark. I really appreciate them for such an outstanding job!
1 ITTT is the best for TEFL or TESOL certificate course in the worldwide.
1 ITTT provide a good TEFL course, they provide step by step information which you can work on. Over-all I'm happy with the result.
1 iTTT TESOL training, to me, is the best experience so far. The course actually exposed me to some salient points in classroom management and lesson delivery which I wouldn't have known if I had not undergone this training. If possible, I wish to pursue further studies in TESOL with iTTT, and probably have my Masters Degree in TESOL program.
1 ITTT to me is one of the best online course services i have gotten so far. I love their strictness. They are focused and strict. I love ITTT and i will always run further courses with them any day, any time.
1 I've never completed a course like this before (120-hour TEFL certification course) and I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would definitely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends. I will be looking into taking more of these similar courses through ITTT in the near future. Thank you!
1 I've recently completed the ITTT 120 hour TEFL course and their 50 hour Teaching English Online course. I found each of the courses contained relatable content, and having the same / similar layout made it easy to navigate. The course material was extensive and covered all relevant aspects related to teaching English. I especially enjoyed the TEO course, as this where I hope to get employment in the future. I would highly recommend these courses to anyone with some spare time, and wanting to try something new. I've never taught before, but believe it will be a fun way to meet people from different cultures than my own.
1 Jon was an excellent tutor, he really made sure that I could do a lesson plan before I finished/passed the course, and I am glad that he was serious/hard about this course. Now I am very confident with my skills that I have learned, and cant wait to do lesson plans at a school environment. Thanks very much, I have talked to several people about taking this course.
1 Jon was excellent and professional, he made the material very clear and explained perfectly what I was doing wrong and how I should fix the mistakes. If I could I would promote him myself.
1 Jon was great, strict but very helpful. I was surprised after so many years in the classroom that I had such a hard time with the lesson plan, but after studying his (constructive) criticism, I was able to pull it off.
1 Jon, who review my final lesson plan, helped guide me and direct me to go back and review material that I thought I had grasped but in reality had missed. Now I feel that I truly understand how the ESA approach works and why it is better than the PPP approach that I learn from another provide. This approach actual does the most important thing, it puts the student in an environment during the class period where he use the language. For me, a learner of Korean, who knows that is the thing that works best, at least it did for me. Thank you all for teach an approach that I think will help a lot of English Language Learner succeed.
1 Just so excited having passed the course and will be waiting to get to work with the knowledge I just acquired making me a more confident teacher. Was just so amazing going through the units and Oh my God some of the test questions gave me hard times. Thank you for enriching my portfolio and keep up ITTT team.
1 Just want to say thank you so much for your help - much appreciated
1 Keep up the good work!
1 Kindly check your pdf files for typographical errors. There were a lot. Others might find it discouraging, considering your course materials are expected to have been created by individuals who are certified teachers of the English language.
1 Knowledge I get from this courses is going to help me in my dairy teaching activities
1 Lesson planning was the most challenging and learning part of the whole! I enjoyed absolutely!!
through out the course. Every chapter upgraded myself of what knowledge, I had.
1 Like I said in the previous question - videos were useless for me. Videos were the reason I opted for the more expensive course and it absolutely did not pay off. If I pay for something I expect good quality content (which I did get with the unit texts, but not with the videos).
1 Mariana/Romania. The 4th of April 2022
I have more than thirty years of teaching experience. However this ITTT-120 h Course was a perfect guide concerning up-to-date teaching methods and techniques a teacher of English needs to master.
Besides, the ITTT team is the best one could work with.
I am really happy and thankful I had the lucky chance to find this Course on the Internet.
So, if you are a passionate teacher and you love teaching English as I do, do not hesitate to subscribe and start this wonderful journey for it's worth.
1 Materials in the course are not difficult to understand but the task after the class is a little difficult for students to finish. Especial the design lesson plan is a little bit difficult. If in the lesson material ,we can see all kinds of lesson plan design example, it will make me easier in designing the lesson plan.
1 Materials were very helpful. One suggestion is to have more videos and audio series available for learning.
1 Maybe it's just me but some of the construction of content were too difficult to understand in one reading. I guess they were too technical for me which made me took time in learning. Everything else was fine and adequate. The videos are kind of old and you could use more updated materials. I had a hard time constructing the lesson plan and and the evaluation given for revision were still almost too technical for me. I guess using examples would be better. The lesson plan example you had on the course was also not exactly the format you wanted from me for the final lesson plan submission for the course. So you might want to clear up the content and flow you want for it everything else was good though. I'm very pleased and satisfied.
1 Mayby one comment. I am hoping still to find a job in the Netherlands which has English as an official second language. Finding job here as a ESL teacher needs to contact more people than I did for now.
1 My apologies if I had already completed and submitted this survey before. I can't remember now if i did or didn't.

In any event I have some suggestions to make regarding the study materials used in the 120-hour online TEFL certification course:

I feel that the instructional videos need to be completely re-done and uploaded again in better quality.

For one thing, the ITTT logo/watermark that is superimposed in the lower half of the viewing screen is obtrusive. I understand and appreciate the need of ITTT to copyright its intellectual property; but I also feel that a smaller, more translucent logo would be less distracting.

Also the length of some videos is too long. The videos could be made shorter, I think, by utilizing computer graphics for the presentation of key points; instead of simply showing the instructor writing each point on a whiteboard. Either that, or a PowerPoint presentation with all text could be superimposed over shots of the instructor... in the manner of a weather segment from a TV newscast.

Speaking of which; pointing the video camera directly at a whiteboard creates unnecessary glare and causes a great deal of eye-fatigue for the viewer. Using computer graphics, wherein all printed text is in a white, easy-to-read font on a dark background, would be preferable.

With regard to the printed materials (on PDF), these need to be thoroughly proofread for errors and corrected where applicable.
1 My experience with ITTT has been excellent. The customer support has been top notch every step of the way and I feel like I am a valued customer/student. I will definitely be completing my Diploma with them in the future. Highly recommend!
1 My motivation is to change my career. I am currently in a stable middle management position. I like to commence teaching within the 2 years time, while traveling. Two years ago I had 5 months of on full pay. I liked traveling and seeing places. Idid feel being a tourist for too long very shallow and I started to miss having a constructive role in life.
1 My only concern in regard to the course was that in some units there appeared to be too much material demonstrating principles. It was of no real use and gave the impression of only being there to pad out the unit to a decent length. Sorry, but I thought you should know that .

Also, it would be useful for those with some prior TESOL experience to obtain mention of that experience in the documentation as being an acceptable substitute for in-class observation offered at the end of the class as it is, indeed, a component of most in-class courses such as CELTA.

However, even though I personally have experience, I still learnt a lot from this course. Thank you.
1 My personal opinion is that it should not block the student from moving to different units besides 3 a day. A person knows there own learning level and should pace themselves accordingly.
1 My TEFL course through ITTT has been incredible, and I'm now getting started on the other certificate programs they offer. They're an awesome company with a ton to offer! They have been very accommodating and helpful along the way, and I know they will continue to be as I prepare to find a teaching job abroad. There's no doubt in my mind that this is the company to trust if you want a quality TEFL education with unmatched support.
1 My tutor Tania was wonderful! She was always available to answer all my questions. I loved the course and will definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested. The material was thorough and easy to follow. I am very grateful to have taken this course.
Anne Gamble
1 My tutor, Tania was very helpful and insightful. She guided me well during the lesson planning stage. I have learnt a lot from her advice.
1 n/a
1 No
1 no additional comments
1 No additional comments.
1 None
1 Nothing to add. Overall it was a great experience.
1 On the Unit of lesson planning, I was a bit confused on the part of "interaction," this hadn't been covered in my university courses nor discussed very well in the reading so, it would be nice to explain that a bit more. Also the requirements for the final lesson plan are vague。

All that aside,a quick course!
1 Only two things, the first one is that I am disagree with some of the "correct answers" from the tests, anyway, I had a good score and I'm very glad for it. The second point is about the lesson plan task. In the units, you gave us a lesson plan as example and I based my own lesson plan in this example, I even wrote more details and you resend it to me for write more details and information. Why don't you are more specific with the example on your own lessons? And another thing is that some of the structures in the grammar lesson are wrong. Thank you very much, I really enjoy it!
1 Overall a good course with clear instructions and units. I do think I would have benefitted more with a tudor, as I am a very visual and tactile learner, but my schedule did not allow me to do this.
1 Overall a good experience. Particularly appreciated Jon's insightful comments on my lesson plan.
1 Overall a good learning experience. I didn't know it would be so much work though. I hope it will prove rewarding both monetarily and non-monetarily
1 Overall I'm very happy that I completed this course successfully. Tutor response time was excellent and the feedback was great as well. Units were easy to understand.

The only thing I would like to see is more examples being used in the unit material. For example, sometimes it's said in the unit that you should take note of the error in a sentence. For me that wasn't that difficult. But it could be for others. Nowhere was it stated what the error is, so there's no way of finding out if you spotted the error. Except by asking your tutor.
1 Overall it was a great experience learning grammar in depth. It isn't easy though, but now I can confidently teach grammar. Thanks for your support
1 Overall the course was good.
1 Overall the course was good. I am pleased and happy choosing ittt.
1 Overall, I felt the course was okay. As an American, I probably wouldn't have chosen this course had I known the materials were U.K. English based. A lot of the websites and other resources in the text were for U.K. based organizations/materials. This is fine - except the English I speak varies a bit from what is spoken in the U.K. and some of the materials presented use wording that I/other Americans wouldn't naturally use. Also, maybe this is just due to the Adobe Reader on my computer, but I couldn't copy and paste any of the text/links in the pdfs, so I couldn't easily click on the links provided. (Minor inconvenience, I realize.) Also, the pdfs presented were from 2011 and it's currently 2014. Maybe TEFL/TESOL teaching strategies don't change greatly in 3 years, but it made me wonder if the information presented was the most current. I have noticed the PPP teaching strategy on other sites, but there was no mention of it in this course. Some of the materials provided in the course (flashcards, etc.) were really ugly, too busy and unusable. I hoped to be provided with better materials (flashcards, games, vocab lists, tests, etc.) I realize graduates are given access to a site with lesson plans, but I didn't see any lesson plans for advanced students there. I had also envisioned the course to be a little more interactive/less dry - having a virtual tour guide read the slides for me and being able to press pause/play as necessary. More videos of lessons would also be really helpful. The 2 videos shown were very informative and good to see. Overall, the course was ok. I think taking any TEFL/TESOL course is a good start for someone wanting to teach English, but I by no means feel ready to jump in front of a class.
1 Overall, I found the lesson planning information most useful!

I have and will continue to change the way I plan and structure lessons.
1 Overall, it was an interesting course. Some lessons were packed with quite a lot of information for me, but they were all presented in an appealing way. I especially liked the way some of the usages of the tenses were summarized in a short, simple sentence. An example was one of the usages for the future continuous tense. It said, "To predict the present." That was very short and yet so self-explanatory. One of my greatest fears in considering a career in teaching English was how to make the class exciting and motivating because I personally never liked teachers who made a potentially interesting subject feel like a 45-hour prison sentence. That fear has been completely neutralized after completing this course. It sometimes felt like I was learning Psychology, but it was really insightful to know that teaching wasn't all about just transferring knowledge. I actually feel like a new person now, and you know you've truly benefited when you have such a feeling.
1 Perhaps more material substantial content can be added to the course units.
1 perhaps some javascript/flash run quizzes would really help besides having only the articles and blank work sheets. I found the course book to be good, but there was not enough practice and other interactive learning devices to help with the actual learning part. The videos were interesting, but the content was almost exactly the same as the text in the unit ( I was hoping the videos would go into more detail) . The feedback on the final lesson turn in project was excellent, and I couldn't have asked for a better critique.
1 Personally i am not only happy that i took this course but that i choose ITTT.
Everything is well organised, my answer of question 3 and 4 above is excellent but i did not consult my course tutor because the course videos are elaborate. The course videos really help me to understand the materials. I will advise any teacher who intend to take the course to choose the 120 hour course with video lessons.
Thanks to ITTT
1 Please change the wording on the first student page that says the course needs 75% to pass, when instead this percentage is to qualify you for the final assignment which will ultimately decide the students faith. And as the assignment is so strongly focused on elicitation, I’d like to see more detail on this technique. The course material is not properly providing the student for what he/she will face with the lesson plan. Maybe instead of only relying on mutiple choice tests, installing assessible fragments of a lesson plan would be very beneficial, e.g. “write a detailed engage phase of 5 min. for 8 students.” or “write a detailed study 1 and study 2 phase activity (straight ESA lesson) of 10 min. each that teach to differ between present continuos and present simple.”
1 Please send the certificate as soon as possible.
1 Professionally, I know that teaching is a challenging career. A teacher must make lessons meaningful and engaging for students to enjoy and remember. As a result, a teacher finds joy in student accomplishment. Thank you.
1 Really enjoyed the whole course, though parts of it were hard. Talking English everyday is easy but understanding the reasons why we use language in certain ways is harder. I will be teaching young learners after I complete this course so can't wait to teach the beginners, then progress to the next level and so forth.
1 Really great, but it would have been better if you would have been more detailed in the lesson planning lesson!
1 Respond time from tutors is quite long - 2 days in my case, but overrall, their e-mails are very professional and informative.
1 Since the final lesson plan needs to be very detailed and specific, the instructions on how to write the final lesson plan should include much more detail. A model lesson plan would be very helpful.
1 Sincerely I really enjoyed and benefited from the course.
I was able to learnt most things i was finding as challenges to me easily.
The only issue I am having now is about using the certification to get teaching job in Abu-dhabi Uae.
Besides that the course is the best and as soon as I am able to get a good job with the certificate, I will start the Masters program.
Hope you can be of help with that .
1 So Beneficial
1 some of the units felt superficial. I wrote details of this in the written portion of each test. One example that comes easily to mind is unit 10: tests. I thought I would get more guidance on how to create tests and grade instead of the information I received on external examinations. Please refer to my essays at the end of each test for more detail.
1 Some of the units were harder than others and some if the test questions were quite odd and hard to understand (and Im a native english speaker) nonetheless, I passed and I couldnt be more happier to start my journey as an english Teacher around the world!!!
1 Some test items need revision... As I did not have a course tutor, I was not able to tell them about some irrelevancies. To get immediate feedback, you may add after each test a place for students' comments on the test itself.
1 Sometimes the expecations are different from one´s perspective
1 Studying this course has not only given me the tools and knowledge to teach English but also understand the language on a deeper level than I previously knew.
1 Studying with ITTT has been one of the very best experiences of my learning career. In as much as it felt like an adventure, I get the sense that I was adequately prepare for any challenge and i feel very confident of the person I have become when it comes to teaching. I would strongly recommend anyone who wishes to take this course!
1 Taking an online course is a risk taking. First when doing the payment, at first im afraid that it might be a fraud but i can assure that its not a fraud. All the course material are really good and it will help you to gain a lot of knowledge in English language.It also help and teach me to improve my grammar and motivate my self. It also give you self discipline. I am thankful to take my online course with ITTT and i will recommend this to some of my friends who will be willing to take a TESOL or TOFL certificate. Again Thank You..
1 Taking up an online course in ITTT was a very excited and very challenging course. It helps me to motivate and discipline my self. It help me to improve my grammar and understand more better the grammar. I would like to recommend your site to some of my friends who would also interested to take a TESOL course online or in-class..
1 Teaching Business English has proven to be an excellent course, that has given me the opportunity to branch myself into something new since my retirement. I have found it to be exciting and self fulfilling, especially from the common sense point of view which .

Kind regards,

1 TEFL adds information to unable a teacher to become a better online teacher. It really doesn't make you a teacher. You need to go to college for that. Nevertheless, I think taking TEFL if you plan to teach online is invaluable. I recommend it to anyone interested in teaching English online.
1 test fede
1 Thakyou for this program
1 Thank you :)
1 Thank you for a refreshing approach to teaching. Your comprehensive and clearly explained lessons were well sequenced and easy to apply. It made such a departure from the jargon so often presented. Many thanks,
Mark Reincke
1 Thank you for a very good course.
1 Thank you for all support, responses to emails.
God's richest blessings .
1 Thank you for all your help
1 Thank you for support and for creating such a effective formation course. It is very helpful and motivates me to continue with the studies for further achievements.
1 Thank you for the course it has helped me a lot. I found the online course very user friendly and easy to access.
1 Thank you for the course! I'm very happy, and I feel more confident.
1 Thank you for the opportunity to begin a travelling conversation with foreign language young learners.
1 Thank you for your positive feedback.
1 Thank you for your positive feedback. Thanks.
1 Thank you ITTT for giving me the best course to enhance my professional career. Your support has brightened my professional career, and your generosity will remain in my heart forever. I appreciate you so much for helping me become a better professional.
Highly appreciated.

Kavita Kamble
1 Thank you ITTT.
1 Thank you so much for providing this course online. It has given me a lot of confidence and the opportunity to improve my skills without the restraints of a strict schedule. I truly appreciate your initiative.
1 Thank you so much for the whole course. It was really beneficial and useful.
Materials were good but the videos are not in good quality. The sound of the marker on the board throughout the lesson is really annoying.
I suggest to prepare the videos in a creative way and to use power point presentations. The tutor does not have to write everything while explaining, as this was a bit boring and annoying.

I have really enjoyed the whole course.
Thank you again
1 Thank you so much to Jon for the additional support on lesson planning.
1 Thank you very much for a wonderfully learning experience, have have gain much and this will help me for sure with my future plans to teach.
Thank very much. I can go rest my brain for a moment or two, lol

regards Jason Daly
1 Thank you very much for everything
1 Thank you very much!
1 Thank you very much! I have learnt lots of things from this Course.
1 Thank you very much. It was my pleasure to complete ITTT ELS 120 hour course.
1 Thank you very much. Your work is great!
1 Thank you vm !
2 Thank you!
1 Thank you!!!
1 Thank you, I know that it would of been a bit more beneficial for me to take a tutor but money was a bit tight. However, I would recommend it to others if they can.
1 Thank you, ITTT! 😊
1 Thanks
1 thanks
now i have excellent information about teaching english and the course’s material is very priceless
1 Thanks a billion for this great course and the opportunity to take it on-line
1 Thanks a lot. It's a good opportunity for me.
1 Thanks for everything and I sincerely hope to get a job.
1 Thanks for the course and your work!
1 Thanks for the help of my tutor...
1 Thanks for your help and guidance throughout this course that I was taking. You have designed this course perfectly and efficiently. It goes step by step for the teacher to plan what to do next. You have even foreseen the difficulties that a teacher might have to teach English in the future either from the view point of teaching English in an English speaking country or another country whose native language is not English.
1 Thanks for your web site. Being able to get the 60 hour course done means that I will most likely be given a job close to my girl friend in China. This could lead to me getting remarried (I'm a widower now.) in the next year or so.
1 Thanks ITTT!
Enjoyed the course, and learned a lot more about TEFL. Very helpful, good guidelines, overall a well balanced, step-by-step program of study.
1 Thanks Jon from ITTT for the prompt and high quality feedback, really much appreciated.
I'm really happy with the course overall. Thank you very much :)
1 Thanks si much,you are the best teammmm.
1 Thanks so much
1 Thanks to this course I expanded my knowledge of language and methodology
1 Thanksgiving to ITTT training TEFL/TESOL centre.
1 Thankyou very much ittt tutors for enlightening me on the methods of teaching,there is no way in the world I would have known where to begin and I wouldn’t be as confident as I am right now thankyou so much keep up the good work
1 The 120 hour Tesol/TEFL course honestly has been a very insightful one for me. I have learned English as a child and still continue to use English daily. The experience with the course that fascinates me most is the 'how' to teach various aspects of the english language. Though I passed the lesson planning, and of course went through the quizzes with ease, after resubmitting twice, I learned something very important. I had to prepare my lesson plan on the usage of the present continuous tense. The grammartical structure subject+aux verb+ -ing ending is to be included in the plan and in the teaching and learners encouraged to learn to use this structure in the formation of sentences on their own. Writing the plan down actually helps to make sure you teach your lesson thoroughly.
1 The 20 unit lessons did not give enough detail about the expectations for the graded lesson plan. There should be a lesson plan requirement for each unit with a 'tense'. This would provide the student with enough training that they can meet the expectations for a successful lesson plan at the end of the course.
1 The class demonstration lessons were incredibly valuable. The videos of someone standing at a whiteboard, giving a lecture, were a disappointment and I think a lost opportunity. Please consider expanding the demonstration videos so that each unit offers a chance to see a lesson in an action. I think that's the main missing component!
1 The content and structure of the ONLINE TEFL COURSE offered by ITTT is very informative, and challenging.You gain necessary skills and knowledge to become an effective TEFL teacher.
1 The contents of this course provide an essential foundation for teachers. Especially useful were the various usages and teaching ideas for grammar points, and the primer on the IPA. The central principle of ESA primes a learner to teach any language, and even other subjects.

The prompt and upbeat response to emails and Facebook comments alike is very reassuring; I appreciate feeling that the company has a human side that I can depend on.

Overall very satisfied with the content and evaluation of the 120-hr course. I hope the included CTBE course maintains the same standards of quality.
1 The contents were very well presented and also contained useful resources. The information was quite concise and good. I'm glad about having taken this course.
1 the course and the material where very good and interesting
I live already a few years in a Asian country and give some lessons there but in the material you give already a little insight what you can expected but it is sometimes worse the skills in English that I see and here are really bad but its a challenge to work with it


1 The course challenged me to do better in my studies, do better in the test and in making lesson plans. Lesson planning equips me to be ready for teaching English. Thank you ITTT team.
1 The course covered the most important areas any good teach should be able to master and i addition the tutor support system is quite great.I recommend the course already to a friend.
1 The course has indeed given me the basic know-how in TEFL. Going through it was indeed a great experience. I learned much from the reading materials and also the video. I truly appreciate the comments made by the lesson plan reviewer. It only proves that ITTT is an excellent training school. I would highly recommend it. Thank you and keep up the standard of excellence!
1 The course has provided me the ideas of teaching. It is going to be very helpful to always revise TEFL course materials for effective teaching process.
1 The course has really build my confidence has a teacher. I have gotten a lot of strategies to help students learn English as a foreign language.
1 The course helped me learn much more than I knew about planning and organising lessons in an efficifìent and practical way and also gave me many new ideas on teaching techniques and giving more variety to my lessons.
I must say that the ESA methodolgy has been very helpful for my classes and improving my work as a Teacher and I'm definitely satisfied with what I've achieved from this course.
1 The course is all-encompassing and there is always a new thing to learn from each module regardless of your level of experience and expertise.
1 The course is extremely helpful for people with no teaching experience, I personally enjoyed the teaching modules more than the grammar lessons since it was the introduction of a new concept. This has been a thoroughly enriching.
1 The course is outdated and clearly has not been updated recently. For example, much of the material refers to cassettes, which have been phased out for 15 years. Of course, digital files have replaced cassettes so I substituted that throughout the course, but it just shows that you haven't bothered updating the course material.

Secondly, the tutor was not friendly and it didn't feel like he was providing any quality support. Deeming my first two lesson plans as unacceptable, the tutor's tone throughout his e-mails was overly negative and made me feel like I had badly failed. A tutor should be supportive, encouraging and empathetic. Given that the material is all online, I assume that the $300 AUD paid for the course partially goes to the tutor. This was unacceptable support given the amount that was paid. Lastly, a copy of the certificate should be provided digitally given the cost of the course.
1 The course is quite hard but if you work hard and dedicate yourself you will be happy with the end results.
1 The course is very effective in teaching and learning.The task worksheet and the unit test are also challenging. The theories, methodologies and teaching ideas presented are clear and easy to follow. The videos are also useful and helpful in understanding the topics in each unit.
1 The course is very good, easy to follow, especially when we are simultaneously working to get some income,

What I didn't see accuratel was the cassette mentioned as a teacher aid, which should be removed from this course.

I will go over again to get more confidence! Thank you again. You are doing very well !!
1 The course material and exercises are excellent. The final assignment, to create a detailed lesson plan, was challenging, but I learned a lot. Jon's feedback was extremely helpful. I was very pleased with the quality of the course.

Next, I plan to purse the certificate for teaching Business English.
1 The course material did not prepare me at all for the final lesson plan assignment. I almost failed the whole course because the requirements for the final assignment we're completely different from what the course work taught.
1 The course material was great. I did feel that the my tutor should be a bit more detailed when asking revisions of the lesson plan. The main page that describes what your looking for needs to be revised it can be confusing . When you say detailed it should outline what details because , sometimes when a person is communicating maybe their communication skills are not very clear it could cause a person to fail because of misunderstanding in what is needed. I also think in the tutors responses sarcasm should not be included or making statements like .."If knew what the activate stage was then you would be able to understand what I am requesting." That type of response should be left out. The tutor should read the students questions and like I tell every one listen without defending and speak without offending. Thank you again for this course it will change my life and the lives of many children who are poverty stricken. I have a mission
1 The course material was vague and poorly written. The material did not prepare you for the test. I feel that some of the test questions were not applicable to the material. I would not recommend this course to anyone.
1 The course material was very well structured, understandable and useful. I didin't quite get the role of the tutor as I asked only once a question and the answer was, identify the problem before. So it wasn't very useful and I continued doing the course rather without any questions. This was not a problem however as the material was easy to handle. The tests were also fair I would say. At the end I would have preferred if the last task is a little more challanging, like planning a lesson, then doing it and recording it for evaluation. Because this way I didin't feel it very practical. I have now a lot of knowledge, but no experience...
1 The course material was well presented , but a summary at the end of each Unit would have been helpful and much of the grammar content was complicated .
1 the course needs updating in the area of technology. When was the last time you used a cassette or tape for teaching?
1 the course needs video lessons of actual young learners' classes
1 The course really helps me to improve my skills and knowledge using English and how to teach it to foreign students in different levels. The videos using a classroom based setting is also helpful because of some challenging encounters towards learner's experience, level of knowledge, differences, race, religion, and behavior that is also one of the reasons and a factor to consider. As I've undergone to the course I learned and corrected some mistakes that is not obvious and invisible to the reader, this little things can cause a major change to the grammar and sentence construction that might give a different interpretation to the receiver, I'm thankful that I took the course and it gives me hope to teach abroad with the knowledge and skills that the course imparted to me. It's challenging and at the same time it's exciting, thank you very much for the opportunity and hope that you gave me. Looking forward on working with you and the future endeavors.
1 The course tutor JON was great in providing information for the lesson plan because I didn't quite understand everything that the course desire for the lesson plan.

The other tutor I had also was great helping me more specifically in completing correctly the units.
I am much better prepared to teach English as a second language

thank you
Robert S. Matthews
1 The course units are many but very easy to understand.The videos/tutor support are a bit old but priceless. I managed to finish the 120hr six month course in 3weeks. I appreciate the immeadiate response of my tutor Jon* who was very friendly. I would definitely reccomend this course to anyone who aspires to become an English teacher
1 The course was a bit tough going (I still don't think I have those tenses properly sorted out in my head yet) until I got myself into a routine and then things started to go a lot smoother. I recommend doing a unit a day of the 120 Hour online course, and getting the video package as well. Block out 2 hours a day. (I found that 10:00am to 12:00 noon worked best for me) and start by watching the video even if it doesn't make sense. Then when you read the PDF you'll get lots of "A-Ha" moments "That's what they were talking about" For me it seemed to trick my mind into thinking I was recalling something, not learning something new. Thats my one big tip. After you read the PDF print it out and have it with you when you need to recall things for the test. One unit a day and in 21 days you'll be done
1 The course was a combination of English 101 and outdated, rudimentary teaching methods. I would have enjoyed the course if it was not so limited to the ESA teaching style. I expected a well rounded course and did not get that. If this program is strictly limited to ESA, that should be advertised at the time of purchase.

I also did not like the fact that the system lock was based on when you finished the third course. This forces a later start time every day and is inflexible to meet my schedule. Having to start later each day meant that I sometimes had to wait until unreasonable hours to start or had to skip a day. The system lock should be based on when you start a course. In this way, people can make a schedule and start their courses at the same time each day, regardless of what time they finish.

This last problem may just be limited to me. I could not watch the entire segment of video two of the video lesson. When downloaded, it would only play the first few minutes. When watching it online, it would stop at the last ten minutes of the lesson. If these technical issues are not just limited to me, they should certainly be addressed.
1 The course was a good experience. It's direct approach kept my interest, so I easily moved to the next lesson without procrastinating or dreading the work, that sort of thing. The tests were challenging and also built up test taking confidence at the same time. It has helped me improve my teaching methodologies, for sure.

I'd like to see you develop an interacting virtual classroom for teaching practice scenarios. I realize it's not the same as the real classroom, but I think it could serve as a revolutionary approach to teacher training. It could be a component of a practice program, too. Just a thought.
1 The course was a weapon for me to the extent that I have no fear to stand in front of my students teaching English . I was really equipped and my confidence was boosted as well as self-esteem. As a result of the course, I am ready to work as an English teacher.
1 The course was awesome and I enjoyed it! The tutors are very supportive and helpful, they gave me good feedback and advice. I appreciate their work. Thank you very much!
1 The course was basic but one thing that can be improved are the videos. I was hoping the videos would give me additional training that the lessons would not, that is why I paid for them, so I was a very disapointed. But I found that the videos were rather boring and only discussed the exact information that I had just read. I liked the videos of classroom practice and seeing IN ACTION what I had studied on my own in my lesson. That to me is more practical and useful. In one of the videos the instructor spent more time writing on the board than actually talking. Something that your own lessons discouraged doing as a teacher. (have the white board presentations prepared before class). The other instructor did well in this aspect. He had each white board prepared. I hope you can improve on your videos because those are so important in making an online class more interactive and interesting for those of us that have a hard time in online learning.
1 The course was beneficial and very enlightened and it has given me the confidence to be able to go and teach different types of people at different levels. It is good programme and I will recommend to my friends and people who want build their carrier around teaching.
1 The course was certainly not easy and it felt like going back to school. I enjoyed it and found it challenging too. Thank you.
1 The course was challenging and a good review of the basic English skills required before entering a classroom. I graduated from college in 1977 and it felt good to be "back in the classroom". I wasn't intimidated or overwhelmed and enjoyed the tone and pace of the materials presented. The units on classroom success techniques confirmed my confidence in carrying over my coaching experiences into the classroom.
Thought it was experience was well worth the time.
Thank you.
1 The course was good and flexible and all units were easy to understand however it was a little challenging but I guess it's supposed to so u know how to face your future students thanks for everything
1 The course was no piece of cake, but I got through it OK. I loved doing each lesson, but I let myself down on a few units. Overall I was pleased with what I accomplished on something that was relatively difficult. I had fun taking the course. The company provided also great service. Thank you.
1 The course was packed very well. The information within each unit made me feel prepared and also want to learn more on my own time. The course was very flexible so I can do it whenever I wanted. I have already recommended to two friends.
1 The course was pretty good and I benefited from the course as I did need to complete the course and gain the certificate for future opportunities and options.
Thank you.
1 The course was quick and easy to go through, but I also feel much more prepared to teach than I did prior to taking the course. In other words, it was everything I was looking for in an online course. A person who completes the course would not necessarily be a good teacher, though, but that would be the responsibility of one hiring them to determine. The only way to ensure (potentially) quality teachers are passing the course would be to have them record an example of them teaching with or without students, but that could create difficulties for some taking the course. Overall, I am pleased with my decision to enroll and have recommended the course to others.
1 The course was quite interesting.
All my thanks to the team
1 The course was thorough, well-presented and a great confidence boost for moving forward with my profession.
1 The course was very easy to go through and the material was very good, clear and motivating. Videos are also a great thing because they do provide class handling skills to those who have not taught before.
1 The course was very encouraging. I felt great satisfaction after completing the Units and the Test. The whole material is easy to understand and very easy to apply at lessons. Thank you!
1 The course was very enjoyable and all instructions were very clear. I will truly use all that I have learned and will certainly recommend it to my friends.
1 The course was very good and gave me all the skills and information needed to work as an ESL teacher in Mexico. The lessons on teaching special groups and troubleshooting were extremely helpful because most of my students fall into these categories.

If I had one suggestion it would be to include a couple more examples of topics being taught in classes in the videos, as the videos gave a good example of not only what to teach, but also how to act and speak in the classroom.
1 The course was very good and helpful.
1 The course was very helpful and I also enjoyed it!
Thank you so much! Kind regards!
Maria Noemi Rios
1 The course was very insightful. Im really happy I took it.
1 The course was very interesting and i would like to recommend this course to a friend. It helps build up your confidence in teaching english as foreign language. Thank ITTT. Keep up the work of helping and creating a good english teachers.
1 The course was very interesting. I immediately started learning ways to help friends of mine who are studying English as a new language within a few chapters. I do feel some of the content was lacking mainly in the testing portion where it would ask for certain criteria that was not specifically covered in the written / Video portions. Other than that it was a great course!
1 The course was very rich with the amount of informations, ideas, and techniques. In addition I would give A+ to the videos that were a great addition of simplifying the course.
1 The course was very useful for me. I feel very confident now about teaching English. The tutor was very helpful, I appreciate it. Thank you very much!
1 The course was very well organised. The steps were very easy to follow and tutor response time was lightning fast. Tutor response was always on point and very helpful.
1 The course was well organised. At times, however, I needed to carry out additional research to obtain a fuller understanding of what was written in the course units.
1 The course worked very well for me as it was flexible and fit in around my day to day life. Whilst having a lot of information to take in, the structure made it so that it wasn't too overwhelming and allowed me to work at my own pace until I understood enough to feel confident enough to take the end of unit tests.
All the areas I was concerned about before starting the course were covered and made very clear, helping build my knowledge and confidence in understanding.
I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone thinking about Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
1 The course, course materials and staff were excellent. I will happily refer this course to my friends. The only criticism I might have would be giving somebody who is new to the English teaching market a difficult lesson subject for their final lesson plan examination. HOWEVER, I can also see why this was done i.e. to test the student's depth and breadth of knowledge, to offer greater productive feedback AND to give the student's a clear example of an applied lesson. In the future, it may be worthwhile giving student's a little more choice with respect to which topic they may select for their final lesson plan. For example, three subjects could be provided - each with varying degrees of difficulty - for the student to select from with respect to their final lesson plan.
1 the course, how it is structured and the tests, can be done also without tutors.
I wouldnt have chosen teh tutor version if I had known... I would suggest to indicate in the descriptions that the with tutor version is useful for the ones who doesnt have experience in teaching yet.
thanks anyway, I foudn a lot of useful information in the course - will use a most of them during my lessons in the future.
1 The experience is a very good one .
1 The experience was great.
1 The final assessment (lesson plan) didn't reflect the content of the course. I did not feel prepared for the specificity required for the lesson plan portion of the course. There was very little preparation work for this lesson plan. If it is essential to know the skills that were being assessed, we should have been given more explicit instruction. If it is not essential to know the minutiae of the ITTT lesson plan format, we should have been assessed in a different way.
1 The final lesson plan needs further explanation apart from the examples given in the units. If the tutor wants greater depth and detail, then the unit needs to provide understandable examples of this. The concept of the lesson plan and the proper format of them should be elaborated in the unit lessons.
1 The formatting for the lesson plan we difficult to manage through. I prefer the file that my tutor sent me. I think you should consider changing that part.
1 The geomacy of the entire course units is riveting to imbue with profound knowledge to aufeit pedagogies for either to lecture or use in the circular world. Indeed, the course is superb.
1 The grammar sections were especially helpful, as was the lesson plan feedback at the end.
1 The information in the course is really well explained, it's well proportioned and well organised. The tips and ideas that you can use in the classroom and really helpful, the suggested sites are extremely useful and the course is really easy to get through.
The platform is very friendly and I never needed any help or support regarding the course.
I highly recommend ITTT! It's trustworthy and safe!
1 The instructors/observers for the onsite portion of the course were quite good and very helpful.

The online units were also good.

For future students I would recommend that you warn them against using an android based phone to view the Unit 20 Lesson Plan instructions. Somehow the screen did not display all of the instructions. Key portions just above the lesson plan form did not show up so I had to redo and resubmit the lesson plan.
1 The ITTT course is something everyone should think of applying for ,because this amazing program allows you to open a new door of opportunities WORLDWIDE and offer you experience of what means to TEACH,happiness of helping someone and changing someone life is irreplaceable...

I got mine ITTT CERTIFICATION,so go on ,do it to,you will by no means regret!!!
1 The lesson plan at the very end of the course was definitely a better gauge of whether or not I understood the material and would be able to practice it in an actual teaching situation than just studying notes and then taking a multiple-choice unit test. Feel free to have more assignment during the course like the lesson plan that demand extra thought and effort.
1 The lesson plan was a good way for me to practice what I learned. It gives me the confidence I needed!

The course was good, not to difficult.
1 The literature was all quite easy to read and understandable. As a native English speaker it was not so repetitive or redundant that I found myself wholly uninterested as there was enough there to maintain engagement.
1 The materials are good as was my tutor. The videos are helpful. I did have issues submitting my tests and my final work but that may have been due to the internet connection here in C.R. Regardless my tutor supplied an alternate way to submit which worked for me.
1 The materials were very comprehensive. It was well thought through but certain parts could be further improved by linking it to industry usage.
1 The more and more I got into the course, the less excited and less motivated I was in teaching abroad. Maybe it is something that takes lots of time to get familiar with the teaching methods, or maybe it is not something for me. I tried going through the units and they were very difficult and very time consuming. Not so easy. Sometimes I had to read a unit more than 3 times before I actually understood what they were saying. Also, making lesson plans seemed complicated and very time consuming. I was excited before on teaching abroad, now even though I have my certificate, not so much anymore. It doesn't seem incredibly hard, but it seems like a lot of work for the type of salary they may offer.
1 The online course I have just succesfully completed was very useful, the materials provided were great.
1 The online course was well structured and quite detailed. As a native speaker, I had no idea how much was involved in teaching English. This course was comprehensive and prepared me well to begin teaching English.
1 The online TEFL courese was a very good. The modules are organized and informative. Very rarely I felt some contents were not useful or irrelevant. Along with that as learner I have received certain privilaeges like installment fee remittance and extention of one month to finish the 120 days cousre are truely helpful.
Thank you very much ITTT Team!
1 The only thing I have missed out on as a result having done a solely online course ,is the practical experience I would have got if I could have attended a training centre course, But sadly my personal situation, both financial and time constrained prohibited that. I hope that it doesn't badly, if at all, affect my future teaching experience when I return to Chiangrai ,North Thailand, where my house and family await my return.
1 The only thing I want to mention is that I feel like I needed more practice with writing lesson plans. The first lesson plan I submitted and got feedback to was the final test in the course, and surely enough, I had to make lots of corrections before I got it right. Thanks, anyway!
1 The order of the units and videos were a bit mixed up, which had me wasting 10-20 minutes twice. You might want to correct this.
1 The process was very exceptional the only set back has been a technical error that has deprived me of a full tutor experience and extremely valuable tutor video lessons
1 The profile and materials are all understandable and fill of useful information. It helped me to understand some teaching points better. However I would put more examples of worksheets , icebreaking examples and activate phase activities. Thank you !
1 The reading and testing was reasonable. I think many of the test questions involved subjective responses and therefore it was difficult to be successful. Also the use of "which is not the correct" question strategy further causes unnecessary anxiety and ambiguity. I did not see any lesson plan examples that aligned with what was being requested. The lesson plan template had too few instructions. The lesson plan template was extremely limiting. The lesson plan part of the course was poorly supported and lacked sufficient teaching for student success.
1 The school advised me to sign up without the tutor option, probably to save money. But when I recommend the course to others, I will tell them to consider the tutor option. It's not that much more expensive, and I think I would have understood some of the units better, and it would have been useful to have been able to ask questions along the way.
1 The studying materials are sufficient and informative enough to pass the course without a tutor. Thank you very much.
1 The submission of facts and the overall content of the course is good. Why do you not have an example of a lesson plan you find satisfactory? Why do you not say you can not model your lesson plan after this lesson plan you need to come up with your own ideas and you can not use another lesson plan as a template. It was humiliating how you did not do this and then sent me letters stating I plagiarized my lesson plan. There is no room for that kind of thinking or need for that kind of letter if you had stated clearly what exactly you were looking for instead of the very weak general statement you use. I will not say anything negative about your company as you are a teaching institution and we need every single one we have to further education. I will not recommend you to anyone because of the way I was treated. It is not just me there are hundreds that have written their complaints on how you handle the lesson plan portion of the course. That should be enough to motivate your institution to change how it handles the final part of the course, the lesson plan. It would really be beneficial in the long run if your business took what is written by the students seriously, and you correct the way you handle the written lesson plan. I really hope you do.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Pacheco
1 The Summative Task was not specified enough. I think adding a rubric and information on what it is and how to complete it would be very helpful to future TEFL course takers. Thank you staff for the quick replies!
1 The task sheet is a bit challenging and makes one tgink that the teat will be difficult whilst it is not. The test question were very fair and straight to the point.
1 The teaching profession is indeed a profession for the called and chosen. I want to thank you all for your dedication and hard work. I am very grateful.
1 The TEFL course definitely helped me in so many ways. Not did it only help me strengthen my foundation in grammar patterns and other concepts I was familiar with, it also taught me how to teach English to international students. That was my biggest struggle, but after completing the course I feel much more confident.
1 The TEFL course is a good one as aspects of the English Language that I thought I had mastered I was totally lost to. Since international organizations ask for such qualification it is always good to learn and take on new challenges. I am always skeptic as to why an English native needs to do such course, but having done the 20 hours there the relevance came protruding at me. Generally it was a good course.
1 The tests reinforce the topics presented in each unit quite well ... I think the tests themselves may be considered as a lesson too because the tests will get you thinking of the things you have learned in each unit especially the part which asks you to pick activities appropriate for each phase of the ESA method like: Engage phase, Study phase, and Activate phase ... Right now I am planning to take a TESOL Diploma course when I get to Vietnam ... I hope I can make it there ...
1 The unit and tutorial about lesson planning could be a bit more detailed as it is an important part of teaching and a requirement for completing the course.
1 The unit tests were way, way too easy because of how they were formatted. Most tests were comprised of a few clusters of questions and if a test-taker knew the answer to only 1 or 2 of them then he/she could simply use the process of elimination to determine the answers to the rest - even if he/she didn't actually know the answers.

A few of the unit PDFs were helpful - particularly those of chapters 4,6, 8, 13, 16, and 18. The rest were essentially fluff.

I appreciate the course's low cost compared to many other online TEFL training programs.
1 The videos are a beneficial method of reinforcing course materials and the theoretical unit studies. I would strongly recommend choosing the course with them included.
1 The videos could have featured more "real life" examples of the taught subject, as the content of the videos was pretty much a repeat of the unit itself. So I guess they were good for absorbing the content better, but for the extra cost I expected them to be more detailed and have more "real life" examples of the unit subject.
1 The videos for the course although useful are quite boring. If there is any way to use more colour or to make them more interesting it would be great.
1 The videos were amazing. I am very much a visual learner and so I really appreciated the videos.
1 The videos were generally a great resource, except there was one trainer who is new. He was obviously very nervous and, in my opinion, should have not been included in the materials. I understand we all start somewhere but this is for a course that people pay good money for. His videos did not add value to the two lessons he was used in.
1 The videos were out of date, and couldn't understand many of the teachers teaching. Also American English is different from European English, and being an American is very difficult understanding those teachers, and also the spelling was very confusing since in America there are z's and there were many times when I was reading through a lesson, I did not like seeing misspelled words. There should be an American version of this course.

For the Final lesson plan, I had many issues with it because it did not go into much detail about what ITTT actually wanted to see in the lesson plan. 60 mins is not enough time for learning 2 types of conditionals. The tutor who graded it had to tell me specifics on what was needed, and I could have had that if the instructions for the lesson plan weren't so vague.

The point of the worksheets at the end of the lessons were pointless. I didn't have a answer key to make sure I'm doing them correctly. I never used the worksheets and still got an A overall.
1 The whole course was very well structured. It made learning engaging. The materials provided as well as the videos were great.
1 There are lots of resources out there to become a certified TEFL but I chose ITTT because it made me feel confident I was taking a good decision and the experience proved better than I expected. I would only suggest to remove cassettes as a tool for teachers from some Units because it is now very difficult to come by this old technology and there are better resources online and on DVD. Thanks for the efforts in providing such a good learning experience and best wishes for the future of ITTT.
1 There are some great ideas in the course, and I can imagine, how fun it could've been in a class room. Still, it was enjoyable, easy to follow, and the Tutors got back to me quickly and gave me very useful answers. Especially Jon.
1 There should be an improvement on transcribing,the course material provided is not sufficient.
1 There should be more information on lesson plans before the submission.
1 There was a little extra information in the videos which I found useful but overall I think that part of the course was not worth money paid.
1 There were a few things here and there that I commented on at the end of each unit. Very few. Some things were outdated a little re: technology available now, again just a few. And there are some differences in British English vs American English that might be pointed out more.
1 There's a lot of time given to do the course which is really encouraging and also a lot of course materials given which help understand the course and and prepare us for first teaching. Thank you for the staffs assistance.I'm really excited. Thank you.
1 This (60 hours) is an excellent brief course for those who do not have time or need to go into detail much but rather would like to confirm their qualifications within a limited time period. Out of drawbacks, some progress test questions were not clear enough but the course was useful and interesting in general and I wish I had ordered a longer course, as I did enjoy the studies and their format.
1 This 60 hour online course/no tutor was very valuable: as a qualified and experienced science teacher I needed a concise course with high quality course materials to introduce me to English language teaching methodology and techniques. I feel that I am now ready to open my mind to another field of possibility, by learning how to teach students who wish to learn our language.
1 This combination of online and offline is the best way for taking this course.
1 This course challenged me and at first I was intimidated. It did make me realize that education continues always and I appreciate this course for reminding me of that fact. I would suggest that with or without a tutor that there should be more about Lesson Planning. I was at a total lost as to what was expected, since the ones in the actual lesson were short. I will be brushing up on lesson Planning and thanks for allowing me access to your. I greatly appreciate you all. Thanks
1 This course challenged me in the English language. Being out of school for over 13 years it's hard to remember all the rules. I'm very happy with what i have achieved in the course and would like to thank you for it.
1 This course had helped me to gain knowledge and confidence in me.The quick response for each and every problem of mine from my tutor also helped me a lot to proceed in a right direction.
1 This course had motivated enlarged my knowledge. Thanks to ITTT course.It is very important and powerful course for everyone.
1 This course has been so good to me. I have learned lots of stuff, from handling students, especially with negative attitudes in class to gaining more subject matter. I would recommend it for every teacher not only for English teachers, but also other subject teachers.
The explanations are so direct and the tests are real practical than theoretical.
I wish the tutor could respond within 6 hours to enable the trainee mend the problem when its still fresh in his/her mind.
1 This course has been very helpful to my teaching skills and am extremely satisfy with every steps I took part in
1 This course has excellent teachers who presented the material in a very logical and organized manner, so it was easy for me to grasp the material. I highly recommend this course for all teachers.
1 This course has expanded my knowledge on how to teach English, though I have been teaching prior this course but now I a full knowledge of the course.
1 This course has given me enough background information to feel confident in teaching English. But I do need practical experience Befire being able to run an entire lesson by myself. I'm planning on following some existing teachers to be able to adjust my theoretical knowledge in real lessons.
1 This course has help me Improve in many areas and has given me a lot of confidence when teaching!
1 This course has helped me a lot to improve myself as a teacher. And I would like if you can improve or add more detailed explanation on lesson planning where most of the teachers find it difficult.
1 This course has high end benefits and I believe in one should keep on learn to improve in your knowledge.I learnt so much by doing this course and felt all the more confident now.Its feels like you getting recognition.
1 This course has taught me a great deal. I have already started using things i have learnt here in the classroom. I have already seen a great improvement in my students. Now some of them don't want to go home in the evenings or want me to keep thier class going during the break. They are more enthusiastic to learn English, what more could i ask for.
So a very big Thank you to ITTT for giving me the extra knowledge and push i need to really thrive in my teaching. I am very greatful.
1 This course has taught me a lot of new things and ways to teach english as a second language, I would highy recommend this course to other who wish to become certified.
1 This course helped to know the nuances of teaching and learning English. Again, the mentor facilitated with guidance which helped me to complete the task of creating a lesson plan. The communication was crisp and precise which helped me to understand exactly what I am suppose to do.
After service us excellent.
1 This course is exceptionally great, i enjoyed the lessons and the constructive corrections.
1 this course is perfect , includes useful materials that's help me open my own private school in future
1 This course is pretty remarkable. I realize the lack of an exclamation point makes it seem unfitting, but I say that with full intention. I'm a student of the American Educational system. Honors classes, attempts at a variety of degrees in college, an innovative worker, and the type of person who looks for all the things wrong to make right. I really think that this system, while it doesn't quite appeal to my [complete] learning desires, is a tried and true system. So, since there are no "this could be changed for the better" comments, I just want to additionally say, thank you.
- Cloud
1 This course is the best in the world. My son and I both took it at the same time. My son is a very successful teacher in Thailand and he uses materials from this course all the time. I have been teaching in US for the past 15 years and I use many of the aspects of this course in various subjects that I teach. It was money well spent. They are true professionals and are very supportive to it's students.
Jonathan D Knepper
1 This course teaches us teaching concepts and methods in very simple language, and one of my friends has already started this course.
1 This course was amazing and very helpful. I am so glad I took it.
Thank you guys so much.
1 This course was as intensive and challenging as I had hoped it would be. I came to the course with over ten years of teaching experience in other subject areas and found the ITTT Methodology not only very helpful for planning English lessons, but also highly applicable to my other areas of expertise, and I am looking forward to putting these ideas into practice. I think the greatest strength of this course was the amount of lesson planning and actual teaching practice that you come away with as a trainee, along with meaningful feedback from the Senior Teachers, who were all outstanding models and mentors. I appreciated their rigorous grading standards, as well as their encouragement and support throughout the course.

Assignments were by and large quite relevant and, although occasionally they seemed redundant, I think in the end this was an important part of internalizing the teaching methodology.

The workload leading up to the final exam week was quite intense, but doable. I think we all very much appreciated the time allowed for mock exams and reviews before the actual exams.

All in all a very positive experience!
1 This course was challenging and highly motivating. The course material was constructive and logical and I found each time I completed a Unit very rewarding. The feedback and link to the correct answers given in the response was most helpful; even without a tutor. I am by trade a Medical Coder and this course gets to the core of teaching and I would highly recommend this ITTT course to anyone. Infact it is better than most TESL courses offered at TAFE in Perth Western Australia.
1 This course was great and very easy to navigate. I went into the course thinking it was something I needed to do for some skills I already had, but I learnt so many new things, and actually enjoyed myself. I thoroughly recommend it.
1 This course was the best ever I love the fact that I took it ,at first it was very tasking but easy as the course went so I am glad that i have got so much motivation and also the course impacted greatly in me all thanks to ITTT.
1 This course was useful in understanding different techniques and methods of teaching.

I am looking forward to teaching assignment.
1 This course was very informative at the same time challenging. I am happy that i have completed successfully. Hope to all the methodologies and techniques in my teaching. Thank you!
1 This course was very well organised and well run. All the information is in the units so you learn a lot before going into the test. The information seems very handy for when you go into teaching aswell. I would certainly used what I have learnt.
1 This has been a great course and really helped me in understanding how to teach English as a foreign language. This course really gave easy to understand information and plenty of examples and activities to help in teaching lessons. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to start teaching english.
1 This training course was very helpful and useful for me. I have learnt a lot from the course. I have signed up this course with tutor but I did not use tutor's support at all. So, I gave satisfactory answer for questions #3 and #4.
1 This was a great course and I learned a lot. I would recommend, if possible, remaking the Video lesson with better equipment. It is very difficult to hear the audio on the video lesson and I think I would have benefited from being more engaged with what the video was offering. Thank you guys!!
1 This was a nice experience looking forward to undertaking a degree in future
1 This was a wonderful course. I was very pleased with the combined course because it gave me the classroom experience that I desired as well as the mobility that I need right now. I feel confident going into a job interview with this certificate and feel equipped with the tools necessary to teach English as a foreign language. A special thank you to Simon and Eric at TEFL Campus Phuket and the tutors, Tania and Jon, who helped me along the way!
1 This was an excellent course as a means of improving communication with students who speak English as a second language. The lesson plans and student exercises are excellent. I feel that I gained a great deal from this course. Thank you.
Glenda S. H. Taylor, Ph.D.
1 This was indeed a very useful and a very important course to me. I learnt a lot and understood several teaching methods and skills during this course.
1 This was my first TEFL course and it was a great experience. I have benefited quite well. I felt the handouts were quite helpful and I was able to understand areas that were challenging in the past.
1 This was quite exhilarating for me. I have wanted to do this for many years and it was extremely gratifying. I hope to someday teach in Mexico and with what I have learned, feel I will certainly be able to do it. Thank you!
1 This was´nt easy in fact the hardest part was the lesson plan but I followed the instruction and Tania was a great point of contact.
1 Though I have been teaching English in China for over 5 years, signing up for the 120 hours online tutor support certificate course is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my teaching career. I have started introducing my friends to ITTT certificate courses.
1 Though I would say that I am glad to now be TEFL certified, I cannot help but feel that this course ultimately wasn't worth the money it cost. Several lessons throughout struck me as existing solely to flesh out the number of lessons available, specifically units 7, 14, 15, and 20. Unit 7 was a travesty, containing absolutely nothing of value, and units 14, 15, and 20, while containing valuable information, hardly seem like they ought to be tested. They feel more like information that one might find in an appendix of a coursebook. It would have been more valuable, for instance, to know what kinds of teaching problems or classroom dynamics one might find in various countries. For example, I recall that it is briefly mentioned in one of the early chapters that students in East Asian schools tend to expect the teacher to talk more, in contrast with Latin American students. This is a point that ought to have been developed. How does one adapt the methods taught here to a classroom environment where students may, culturally, be hesitant to talk? Are there activities that may be more successful in some countries more than in others? What are the common language issues that one could expect to face in Country A, or Country B, or Country C? I don't care about interactive white boards or overhead projectors or coursebooks, because those are issues that will change from school to school, but if I have my mind set on a particular country, or if I am weighing multiple countries in my head, I want to have more information about what teaching there is actually like.

Another thing that really bothered me is that tests are solely multiple choice, until the final lesson plan submission. I understand that your company may lack the resources to actively grade every test by hand, but multiple choice tests hardly provide feedback of what one knows or doesn't know. At one point, I completely ignored reading the content for a chapter and just took the exam; I believe I scored a ninety percent. If what you're testing is logic, well, that's a noble thing, but I took logic in college. I'm here to learn TEFL. Even if there were one or two written examinations throughout the course, it would do wonders.
1 To whom it may concern
I did this course because I am extremely interested in teaching abroad. I have had many years of experience in the teaching proffession, most of them teaching English in the elementary phase. I have also had a great deal of experience teaching children whose home language was not English.
I hope to teach in Abu Dhabi or Dhubai as the location is exotic. i am also impressed what the government in UAE has intriduced a programme to raise the standard of education. I would like to be part of this initiative.
1 Trying to take the best out of a bad situation I decided to take the ITTT 120 hours course during this pandemic time. If you are looking to take a TEFL course, I would recommend this one. Well-structured, clear and straightforward!
1 Very good class!
1 Very good course, very happy I took it.

One note, Tanya's feedback regarding re-submission of my final lesson plan was sometimes snippity and defensive, which caused me concern that I wouldn't pass the course in the end. The only negative part of what was very much a great experience.

Now let's see if I can find a job! Thank you ITTT!
1 Very organised and clear.
1 Very practical
1 Very satisfied with course. I am a retired High School teacher with Many volunteer hours with our new Canadians.
I felt that I needed some form of qualification in the field if I want to teach in China next year.
Many thanks!

1 Very useful and interesting. I would recommemd anyone trying to learn or get an acreditation on the subject.
1 Well organized course.Very clear. I would recommend this course to anyone who desires/needs to teach English abroad.
1 well put together course very good ,great step by step course that was easy to follow .
1 While thanking everyone who might have directly or indirectly helped me with this course, may I ask if it is possible to have contacts of schools nearby that might need me as a teacher?
1 While the teaching units were mostly review to me due to my educational background in Elementary Education, the grammar units challenged me to analyze English as I would another language. Since the lessons were self-paced, I was able to complete it in the time that I needed, and I had no technical issues, which can be an issue with some online classes. Overall, the course was put together well.
1 wonderful course and insights to help me be a good English teacher!
1 Words are not enough to thank you for all the learning I have gained from the course especially for the advices and suggestions toward a successful teaching career. They are very functional and advantageous to everyone who has the goal to mold students to be a great one.
1 Your course was greatly structured. I loved the feedback from you through all of the stages of the learning process, as well as pre, and post-buying procedures. The certificate has arrived on time, and I couldn't be happier more. Thanks a lot, and wish you all the best.
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