Cat Homing Behavior Survey
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1. Which best describes your cat at the time s/he went missing?


2. Under what circumstances did your cat become lost?

3. Where was your cat found?


4. How long was your cat missing? 
5. If possible, please provide an address (or intersection or nearby landmark) for the START and END of your cat's homing journey.  Please remember to include city, state/province, and country.  Your address will remain confidential.  
6. How far did your cat travel?  Please indicate whether this is straight-line distance, estimated distance actually traveled or distance by road. (You can skip if you answered Question 5)
7. Is it likely that your cat traveled through or over any of the following?  Select all that apply.

8. How old was your cat at the time s/he went missing? 


9. Was your cat spayed or neutered when s/he went missing?



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