Promoting Durian Using Interactive Multimedia
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13. In your opinion, which of the elements (above) is THE BEST ways to get the information? *


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15. Do you think using interactive multimedia is a good method to provide information about durian to the audiences? *


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17. In order to promote durian using multimedia method, which elements should be emphasised to make it more attractive, interactive and informative? (you may choose more than 1 answer) *

18. What do you think about steps that have been taken by Government and private sectors to promote durian in presence day? *


19. What is your opinion about the future of durian and your suggestion?
20. Thank you for your participation, May God bless you and me.... If you are final year student, you may paste your link as well, so I can help you too! Terima Kasih! Xie Xie Nandri! Syukran jazilan Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Ringraziarla!

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