14th Unlock the Past cruise Alaska - topics survey
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To help you review and plan for the cruise, and guide us for the best allocation of rooms, we have prepared this survey of topic interests (there may be minor final adjustments to times and rooms based on the results of this survey).

We have also included a question as guide to how many might be interested in a 25 minute one-on-one DNA consultation with an expert.

- it is arranged with a page for each day and topics by session time
- you can only select one from each time slot
- please refer to the program as it is currently - it can be downloaded here
- this is NOT a booking. There is no restriction on numbers at any session
- anyone in our group can attend any session they choose on the day

You can go backwards to previous pages if you want to review or change your answers.

There is no closure date for the survey, but early responses would be appreciated.

8pm - This is the first of the talks scheduled for most evenings after our group's allocated dinner seating - indicate your preference from the following 


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