Complaints Consultation
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1. What is your relationship to Canopy? *


2. We try to sort out most problems straight away. If we can't do that, because it's too difficult, we aim to give people a formal, written response within one week. This is quicker than under our old policy. Do you think this is a good move?
3. We are scrapping our complaints form because:
 - some people who want to complain struggle with English
 - some people don't like filling out forms
 - most people just want to speak to us or send a text/email.

We will write back quickly to people who complain verbally, confirming what we understand their complaint to be.

Do you think this is a good move?
4. People can ask for their complaint to be taken to a higher level:
 - if Canopy don't reply within one week
 - if they are unhappy with the response they have been given
 - if the complaint is very serious and urgent (e.g. abuse by staff or something illegal)

Do you agree with this?
5. If somebody who complains is unhappy with the way their complaint has been handled, it can be escalated to:
 - a manager
 - then the director
 - then a panel of Board Members.

It should never take more than five weeks (from the initial complaint) to go through *all* of these stages.

Do you think this is reasonable?
6. We have introduced a policy to handle situations where people behave unreasonably.

If we believe people are being unreasonable, we will warn them, then if they don't change their behaviour, we may suspend the investigation or refuse to handle their complaint.

We have defined four types of 'unreasonable' behaviour
1. Being aggressive or abusive towards staff.
2. Taking up unnecessary time (e.g. two hour long phone calls, or several calls over the space of a few days)
3. Not responding when we ask for evidence or clarification about their complaint
4. Trying to make Canopy do something that is either (a) prohibited by law or (b) not wanted by other Canopy tenants or volunteers.

Do you think this is fair?
7. Do you have any other comments you would like to make?
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