UNM Valencia TRiO/SSSP onTRAC Advisement Survery
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1. Who did you meet with today? *

2. Type of appointment: *


3. My advisor is accessible, is flexible with her schedule, responds to me in a timely manner and provides enough time to adequately advise me. *


4. My advisor encouraged and motivated me to do my best academically, helping me to examine my academic and personal needs and goals.


5. My advisor discussed my academic interests and progress, including selecting and/or changing my major choice.


6. The advisor knew the requirements for my major here at the Valencia Campus.


7. The advisor provided alternatives for me to choose from rather than making the decision for me.


8. My advisor is knowledgeable about entrance requirements and program prerequisites for my intended degree. (i.e. UNM Main, NMHU, etc.)


9. My advisor helped me to identify obstacles/difficulties I need to overcome/address to reach my educational and personal goals.


10. My advisor encouraged me to assume an active role in planning my academic program, clearly defining my responsibilites in doing so.


11. My advisor considered my academic abilites, goals and interests when recommending courses.


12. My advisor respects my privacy and maintains confidentiality.


13. My advisor discussed obtaining course credit through the CLEP exam.


14. 1 peice of information I found most useful from this meeting. *
15. How often do you meet with a TRiO advisor? *
16. If you feel your advisor needs to make imporvements inher approach to advisement, please give us some suggestions of things your advisor could do to improve.
17. What did your advisor do that your liked most and appreciated?

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