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How many times a day do you become aware of breathing
When does that happen
Tell us about your experiences of becoming aware of breathing
Do you feel someone else's breathing at times
Is it someone familiar to you or a stranger
At what moments in a day
Tell us about your experiences of becoming aware of someone else’s breathing
What does the expression “to get one’s breath back” mean to you
If that experience of “getting one’s breath back” was related to:
- a place
- a city
- an animal
- a famous person
- a machine
What would it be
Can you think of any surroundings or mental images associated with the experience
of getting one’s breath back
In what kind of situations do you emit a “sigh”
What does the expression “to be winded” mean to you
In what kind of situations would you say you feel “winded”
What does the expression “have puff” mean to you
Do you find particular scents or tastes in the air that you breathe? If so, what are
After pausing for a few seconds, could you describe exactly what you feel here and
now, while breathing in and out
Being as spontaneous as possible, could you write one phrase or make a drawing
to describe what breathing evokes in you
First name and last name
Date and place of birth

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