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Case study – written exercise

There is a given a dry mortar producer customer with a well-known brand on the market. You as Commercial director / Manager of Euro-cem Ltd. prepare for a personal meeting with the CEO of this company to evaluate your cooperation and renew your yearly contract.

The customer is one of the biggest in its branch. Euro-cem Ltd. has a long-term relationship with the company, delivers cement and filler to their plants, mainly around your location. The company is highly committed to green solutions, offers CO-reduced product-line to their customers, cares about branded packaging waste management.

Based on CRM info and report of the sales rep. the customer complained unofficially several times about the setting time and the Chloride content of your cement. Once they sent back a whole delivery due to screen overflow, >0,9 mm particle-ratio was 0,5%.

According to the sales rep. the customer (head of laboratory) suspects that the increasing alternative fuel usage in the kiln may cause unpredictable effects on the mineral composition of the cement and it results higher deviation in pot life and open time mainly in case of ceramic tile mortars.
Please describe briefly how would you approach, solve this situation.   Find synergies or common targets between Euro-cem Ltd. and the mentioned customer. Set short- and long-term value proposal to reinforce your partnership with this customer and to reach your pricing goal. *