Manhattan Housing Survey
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I have lived in Manhattan for: *


My personal monthly housing mortgage/rent is: *


Based upon my experiences, this cost is (in comparison to other communities): *


Based upon my experiences, obtaining housing in Manhattan is: *


In my opinion, the biggest issues facing the Manhattan housing market are (select up to three): *

The City often finances infrastructure (streets, sewers, etc.) for new housing developments and then assesses the costs back to the properties within the development. This is called a special benefit district. It allows the developer to lower the initial purchase price of lots and homes because the infrastructure costs are paid over time (usually 20 years). However, homes in special benefit districts typically have higher property tax bills because the assessments are billed with property tax statements.
Do you think the City should continue to allow special benefit districts to help finance housing developments?


If you own a home in Manhattan, what is your annual property tax bill for all taxing jurisdictions (city, county, school district, etc.) – please exclude special benefit assessments.
Note: if you own multiple properties in Manhattan, please respond for your owner occupied residence.


To what degree did you or would you consider local property taxes in your decision to buy a home inside or outside the city limits? *


Would you attend a housing summit conference in Manhattan to discuss the housing market and other housing issues: *


In 200 words or less, please summarize your opinion of Manhattan housing:

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