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A new program of quarterly Discover family and local history seminars brought to you by:
  - State Library of South Australia
  - Genealogy SA
  - Unlock the Past                    

See for more information.

These will generally be held on a Thursday in the months of  February, May, August and November at the State Library’s Hetzel Theatre. Most will be a full day, though a two-day program may be offered in May as part of SA's History Festival.

We would like your input to help us decide on themes for 2019 and beyond. Some suggested themes are given below. Please tell us what level of interest you have in each - and offer suggestions of your own.

As appropriate these will deal with historical background and the resources available for family, local and social history researchers.
1. The Cornish in South Australia - Cornwall, emigration, reasons they came, where did they go, what did they do, Cornish culture, contributions to SA
2. The Germans in South Australia - Germanic Europe, emigration, reasons they came, where did they go, what did they do, culture, contributions to SA
3. Churches and religion in South Australia - general introduction and overview of the origins and history of the main denominations in SA, with contributions by their own historians, archivists and historical societies. Learn about their records and publications for researching the history of churches as well as local, family and social history
4. Regional South Australia - There are some wonderful local history collections in libraries, archives and societies and a lot of expertise. The aim of a seminar on this theme would be to introduce some of the key regional history centres
5. Online resources - free, paid, what's new, how to get the most out of them, advanced searching techniques
6. Immigration - reasons for migration (push / pull factors), migration schemes, shipping records, ships, departure, arrival, life on board
7. War / military - overview of the main conflicts, conscription, impact of the war at home and post war, war/military records, medals, soldier resettlement schemes
8. Social history - many aspects which could occupy several seminars - crime and punishment, customs, folklore, death/burial, dress, entertainment, food, communications, marriage, medical, sport, education ... and more

9. Transport - rail, road, sea, river, 19th C, 20th C, motor cars, maps, development of infrastructure (roads railways, bridges)

10. Your archives - preserving, organising and managing your records and research projects, documents, photos, storage, software, photo editing, digitising - personal, societies

11. Writing and publishing - copyright, style, indexing, printing, self-publishing, ebooks, periodicals

12. Built heritage - engineering and architecture - houses, factories, commercial buildings, places of worship, cemeteries, monuments and built infrastructure such as roads, railways and bridges, gardens, mining sites and other places of historical significance such as archaeological sites - city and country - occupations relating to these

13. YOUR SUGGESTIONS - we have listed 12 themes above. We welcome suggestions for others - themes as well as prospective speakers and organisations who could contribute to the program. Use this box or email 
14. CONTACT - optional but useful if you there is any follow up to your own suggestions or if you wish to subscribe to UTP email newsletter to keep in touch with developments.
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