Predator Attack Survey
Answers marked with a * are required.
1. What kind of predator attacked or killed your dog or cat?


2. Had you seen or heard this predator in the area prior to the attack?  Select all that apply.

3. When did the attack occur?


4. What month was your pet attacked?


5. What city and state/province did the attack occur in?
6. Which best describes the area that your pet was attacked?


7. When your pet was attacked, where were they or where did you find their remains?


8. Which best describes your pet?


9. Was your pet injured or killed during the attack?


10. Did you or someone else witness the attack?


11. Have there been other attacks on pets within your town or surrounding areas?


12. In as much detail as you are comfortable, describe the attack or any evidence that you found.  Please include a description of the location such as habitat type (e.g. lawn, woods, desert) and distance from your home (if applicable). 
Optional Questions
13. If your pet was attacked near your home, do you live within 1 mile of a ...?  Select all that apply.

14. How old was your pet at the time of the attack?  Note that some large or extra-large dogs may qualify as seniors as early as 7-8 years old. 


15. Was your pet spayed or neutered?


16. Prior to the attack, was your pet...?  Select all that apply.

17. Any additional comments?  (Please indicate if you are filling this out for someone else)
18. If you would like to be contacted with the results of this study, please include your email address.

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