Bolton's Covid-19 VCSE sector challenges Dec 2020
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5. What is currently your biggest challenge?
6. Since April 2020, has your group taken or considered any of the following actions?
  Yes - already actioned Yes - we're considering this No - not yet Don't know at this time
Cost savings
Furloughing/partially furloughing key staff
'Mothballing' activities or services (temporarily ceasing activities until the situation improves).
Closing down activities or services, permanently
Applied for Covid-19 support grants
Exploring the permanent closure of your group or organisation
Using 'reserves' to continue to deliver your activities, services or support?
Make redundancies in your staff team
7. Please use this box if you want to tell us more about any of the points above.
8. Has your group or organisation experienced a loss of funding due to grants being diverted to the Covid-19 response?

9. Is there anything that you specifically need that you're not currently getting support with?
10. Are there any specific issues or concerns for those people that access your services or support.
11. Is there anything else that you want to share?
12. Feel free to share something positive about either your teams or your volunteers response to Covid-19 that you'd be happy to share.
13. Please leave your email address if you'd like a summary of what's produced...