2018 Spring Safety Quiz - Due April 5th, 2018
1. Employee Number *
2. Employee first and last name *
3. Area Manager: *
4. True or False:  Safety Data Sheets are summary documents that provide the hazards of the cleaning products with advise and safety precautions*


5. What tasks require you to wear safety glasses at ESS Clean, Inc.? *


6. What tasks require you to wear disposable gloves? *

7. Best Practices to Prevent Workplace Accidents Include: *


8. The main purpose of the Safety Data Sheets are: *


9. Submit a SAFETY SHARE by the deadline for the chance to win the Manager’s Choice Award, a $50 Walmart gift card.

· New information you learned in this newsletter and how you implemented it on the job;
· A potentially unsafe act you witnessed or experienced and how you corrected it; or
· Suggest a way ESS might improve procedures or training on safety issues.  

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