3rd Quarter Georgia Swimming Peach Pulse Survey
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1. Check the box that most closely represents your current involvement with Georgia Swimming.


2. Check the box for the region within Georgia that most closely represents your team's location within the LSC.


3. Checking for your agreement on the following statement based on the region of the state in which your team resides. Georgia Swimming leadership in doing a good job in fulfilling our Vision Statement (strong clubs, successful athletes, supported by Georgia Swimming).


4. I believe Georgia Swimming's [age group and senior] LSC Championships should be (check one):

5. What is the maximum travel time each way to the LSC Championship venue that drives your decision to arrange for a hotel stay?


6. How far does your club typically have to travel to competitive events other than LSC championships.


7. Georgia Swimming's annual short course Divisional Championship meets throughout the state are generally a meaningful meet and athletes experience a competitive season-ending event (for those not focused on higher level meets).


8. What would you recommend that Georgia Swimming consider to improve upon the Divisional Championship meet format to provide better competitive experiences for our athletes and clubs?
9. Please provide the greatest challenge facing your club in terms of competitive opportunities, availability & convenience in terms of retaining athletes within our sport.
10. How far are you typically driving to get to your practice facility?


11. How close is the nearest facility suitable for competition (e.g. competitive blocks, non-turbulent lane lines, certified length) in relation to your club?


12. Please share your thoughts on how Georgia Swimming might create more enrichment and better competitive opportunities for our geographically dispersed membership.

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