2012 thru 2013 Winter Survival of Honey Bees
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1. How many hives did you manage going into the Winter of 2012 (numeric answers only 1, 250...), please)?
2. How many hives were still viable at the begining of Spring 2013 (numeric answers only, please)?
3. In which state do the majority of your hives over winter?

4. Do you consider yourself a hobbiest or commercial beekeeper?
5. Do you do any treatment for Mites (chemical or other)?
6. If you do treat for mites, what treatment did you do in the fall of 2012 for the majority of your hives?

7. How would you break down the percentage of probable causes for your colonies lost. 
Total should come up to 100%.
  0-10% 11-20% 21-30% 31-40% 41-50% 51-60% 61-70% 71-80% 81-90% 91-100%
8. Do the majority of your colonies pollonate crops?
9. Any comments or you can leave email address here and if I get ant responses, I'll mail them out later.

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