Market research for "The Silent Apple - Music Promotions"
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1. Where do you live? (City)
2. For how long have you been active as an artist?
3. Would you be interested in complex help including promotions, management, public relations, photo shoots, web-design, graphic works (posters, flyers, album artwork)?


4. How important in your opinion is creating artists' image through fashion? (5 - very important, 0 - not important at all)


5. Would you be interested in a long term co-operation with a company like "The Silent Apple - Music Promotions"?


6. How much MONTHLY would you spend to promote your music?


7. What do you think is required to become a successful artist? (5 - very important, 0 - not important at all)
  0 1 2 3 4 5
Good music
Suitable image (fashion)
Appealing website, MySpace page, etc.
Graphic works (posters, album artwork)
Being uniqe
Good promotions
A well educated, professional manager

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