Host Billet Request Form 2018
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DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Friday August 3, 2018

The Vancouver Fringe will try our best to arrange the perfect artist to stay in your home with you. To help us match you with the most appropriate Artist, we need to know as much about you as possible! *Note that while we try our best, we cannot guarantee that an Artist will be placed with you.
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3. Host Phone Number *
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6. Have you Billeted for the Fringe before?        *


7. If Yes, which years and who stayed with you?
8. Is there an artist you’ve billeted in the past that you are open to hosting again?
9. Do you already have an arrangement to billet an Artist?  *


10. If Yes, who?
The approximate time frame for billeting is Sept. 3 – Sept. 18, 2018
11. When can the Artist/Artists ARRIVE at your home? 
*Please provide date in this format: Month Day ie. September 6
12. When MUST your Artist/Artists DEPART your home? 
*Please provide date in this format: Month Day ie. September 6
13. If your artist wins a spot in the Pick of the Fringe series, are you able to extend their stay until approximately Sept. 24?       *


14. Please describe the type of accommodation you have? For example, a shared apartment, guest room, private basement suite, fold out couch in living room etc.  The more information the better. *
15. How many people can you accommodate?  *
16. How many beds do you have available?  *
17. If necessary, please elaborate on the options for sleeping arrangements:
18. Will the Artist/Artists have a private space?  *
19. Please check which amenities the Artist/Artists will have access to:  *

20. Are there any people who smoke living in your household?         *


21. Do you own any pets? *


22. If yes, what type of animal are they, and describe anything we should know about their demeanour, allergens, etc.
23. Please describe the gender composition of your household: *
24. Do you have a preference on the gender of your billet? *


25. If yes, please specify:
26. On a scale of 1 “Quiet, cool, and collected” to 5 “Chatty, life of the party” You want to host an Artist/Artists who is/are:          *


27. Will you host someone with children and/or pets?  *


28. Are you comfortable hosting a couple sharing a bed?  *


29. Are you within walking distance to Granville Island?  *


30. What are your House Rules? *
31. Are you volunteering for the Fringe Festival? *


32. Are there any other factors we need to know that will help us find the best match for you?
For example: You work late nights, you have a gluten-free kitchen, artist must provide bedding, you’d love to show someone the city etc. 

In return for your generosity, you have the option of receiving either 1 Volunteer Rush Pass or  Ten Ticket Exchange Vouchers for the 2018 Festival.  

A Volunteer Rush Pass allows the holder to get into any show at no cost, if there are seats available! A person with a Volunteer  Rush Pass must wait in the Rush Line (for Artists and Volunteers) outside the Venue, starting 45 minutes before the show starts. Then, 5 minutes before the show starts, empty seats will be filled from the Rush Line on a first come first served basis. Although tickets cannot be booked in advance, there is no limit to how many shows you can see!

Each voucher admits one, and can be used for admission to any regular 2018 Fringe performance (Not valid for Pick of the Fringe, or other special events). You can share these Vouchers with other people.
33. Which Perk would you like? *



The information on this form is being collected by Vancouver Fringe Festival solely for the purpose of fulfilling the objectives of the Vancouver Fringe billet program. Your information will be safeguarded and will not be shared with any other organizations. 
34. I consent to the use of my details for this purpose. *


35. The Vancouver Fringe may contact me about future volunteer opportunities with the Festival.  *



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