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1. What is your age? *


2. What school level is your child (or children) with an IEP in? (Check all that apply) *

3. How many years have you been involved with your child's IEP? *
4. What part of the IEP process do you find the most confusing or difficult? *
5. What resources were most beneficial in learning to be effectively involved in the IEP process? *
6. Which online IEP resources would you recommend for parents? *
7. Which members of your IEP team have been the most helpful? The least helpful? *
8. How would you rate your school’s communication skills in keeping you up to date on the IEP and within the IEP meetings? *
9. How has involvement in parental support groups helped you? *
10. Do you feel that your school is responsive when you have concerns regarding the IEP? *
11. How critical do you feel your contribution is to a successful IEP? *
12. What do you feel is key to a successful IEP? *
13. What advice would you give parents just beginning the IEP process? *

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