Magic Circle Festival 2008 Survey
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1. How would you rate the Magic Circle Festival 2008? *
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General festival rating
Fairness of ticket price
Quantity of bathrooms
Cleanliness of bathrooms
Battle of the bands
Authentic viking ceremony
Burning of the viking ship
Autograph signing session
MANOWAR soundcheck
Festival website
2. How did you find out about the festival? *


3. Where did you buy your ticket? *


4. How did you pay for the ticket? *


5. Where did you stay during the festival? *


6. How did you get to the festival? (check all that apply) *

7. How many people went to the festival with you? *


8. What is your preferred payment method? *


9. What is your least favorite payment method? *


10. What are the reasons you went to the festival? (check all that apply) *

11. Did you take advantage of our deal with Arobella public swimming pool? *


12. Did you buy an Ultimate Fan Package? *


13. How likely it is that you will attend the Magic Circle Festival in 2009? *


14. Would you recomend the festival to others? *



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