2019 Safety Quiz 2 - Due by Friday, April 19th at midnight
1. Employee Number *
2. Employee first and last name *
3. Area Manager: *
4. True or False:  The more supplies and tools loaded on your brute barrel or cart, the greater the force needed to push it. *


5. When working in Hot Weather you should ALWAYS: *


6. Which of these can be signs of heat exhaustion: *

7. True or False.  A "Warning" will be accompanied by sirens in case of a tornado, which means severe weather has been sighted, and you should take shelter immediately. *


8. How do you handle Tornadoes & Severe Thunderstorms? *


9. Submit a SAFETY SHARE by the deadline for the chance to win the Manager’s Choice Award, a $50 Walmart gift card.

· New information you learned in this newsletter and how you implemented it on the job;
· A potentially unsafe act you witnessed or experienced and how you corrected it; or
· Suggest a way ESS might improve procedures or training on safety issues.  

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