History Curriculum for Home Schooled High School Students
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1. Consider the history curriculum that you currently use.  How satisfied are you with it?  Does it meet your needs and expectations?  Does it exceed them?  Or does it fall short in one or more areas. *


2. Why do you feel that way about your current history curriculum?  (choose all that explain how you feel about your curriculum) *

3. How much influence, if any, do you have in your family's choice of history curriculum for you? *


4. When considering history curriculum for yourself, which of the following are most important to you? *

5. Which curricula are most interesting to you when considering a history curriculum for the year? *

6. Which curricula are the LEAST interesting to you when considering a history curriculum? *

7. How many years have you been homeschooled? *


8. In which state do you live? *


9. Do you currently or are you interested in participating in any of the following history-related activities? *
  I am currently involved in this I would be interested in learning more about this I would like to be involved in this
State History Day
A.P. US History
A.P. World History
Taking college history courses online
Visiting local historical sites
Visiting distant historical sites within the US
Visiting historical sites outside of the US
Participating in an archealogical dig
Volunteering or working in a history museum
10. Here is your chance to share anything else you want us to know about creating history curriculum for you.  
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