Help Survey Efficiency of Garbage Management in Bangalore
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2. Address with PIN code *
3. Ward number (search for your zone or area closest to you in the link below to know your Ward number . Or you can Google "locality name" + Ward number to get your Ward number)
4. Type of waste generator
(Household, Educational Institution,
Office, Bulk generator such as Hotel, Marriage hall, etc)
5. Do you segregate your waste? (Eg: separate into dry and wet, compostable and non-compostable etc)  *


6. If Yes, does the solid waste worker transport it separately in the vehicle?


7. If No, does the solid waste worker segregate it and transport it in segregated form?


8. Have you been made aware of waste segregation through any medium in Bengaluru? (eg: posters on buses, public awareness videos, newspapers etc) *


9. Do you mix biomedical waste (such as syringes, blood soaked cotton, bandages) or hazardous waste (batteries, etc ) with your normal municipal solid waste (kitchen waste, plastic etc)? *


10. Does the solid waste worker collect and transport the biomedical, hazardous and municipal solid waste separately? *


11. How often is waste collected from your area? *


12. Is the waste from your Ward being taken to a Landfill or Processing/Composting plant? (Your Solid Waste worker can tell you this)
Please give details (eg:- Collected from Ward and taken to a Processing/Composting plant in Budigere)
13. Does the Solid Waste worker who picks your waste wear any Personal Protective Equipment? (dust mask, gloves, etc) *


14. Are you aware of the Ward Committee in your Ward? (bottom right of page in *


15. Are you aware of who the Health Inspectors and Environmental Engineers of your Ward are? *


16. Are there any Dry Waste Storage and Segregation units in your Ward (Dry Waste Collection Center)? *


17. If Yes, are these Dry Waste Segregation units functional and being used?


18. Does BBMP collect waste from Bulk Generators (Hotels, Kalyana Mantapas etc) in your Ward? *


19. Is any lake/water body/park/playground/road side or any other public or private space in your Ward being dumped with waste/polluted with sewage/encroached upon etc? If Yes, please type in a few details. Else type "No". *
20. If Yes, is it cleared?


21. Have you approached your Ward Committee regarding waste being thrown like this in public/private places? *


22. If Yes, have they resolved the problem?



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