Big Bear Yoga Festival 2018
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5. If you traveled to Big Bear for the festival, did you spend the night in the area? *


6. How did you hear about the Big Bear Yoga Festival?

7. How many times have you attended Big Bear Yoga Festival?


8. What did you think of the festival location, the Performing Arts Center (PAC)?
9. Based on attendee feedback from prior years, we work to give you plenty of class location options that allow for more space in classes. What did you think? (Picnic Area, Theater, Front Hall, Eagle's Nest, Happy Trail and Outside Classes)

10. What are your favorite spaces for classes?

11. This year we were able to do a one-day festival for FREE admission, and asked for donations to cover the costs of the event. What do you think about the free attendance and asking for donations?

12. How many classes did you attend at the festival?


13. Do you have feedback about any of the classes? What was your favorite class or teacher? Did you find enough variety and classes that interested you?
14. Did you enjoy the new Vendor Village space? Do you have feedback about any of the vendors? What was your favorite vendor? Did you find enough variety in Vendor Village that interested you?
15. What level yoga student do you consider yourself?


16. Did you find enough class options for your level at the festival this year?


17. On a scale of 1 to 5, how important are the activities (hiking, music, etc.) to your attendance at the festival? 


18. At the festival, did you experience something you never have before? Please share!
19. What are your suggestions for future events? What do you think could be improved?
20. What was your overall experience at the festival?
21. One of our sponsors this year is the City of Big Bear Lake. Do you have a few words of thanks that we can share with them? Without their support we wouldn't have been able offer many of the amazing aspects of the festival this year! (Our Guest Speaker Donna Eden, the second day option with Donna Eden, face painting for kids, the stage in the Picnic Area and more!)
22. Would you attend a future Big Bear Yoga Festival?


23. Would you recommend Big Bear Yoga Festival to family & friends?


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