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1. What is the 'primary aim' of your company? *


2. A difficult situation that you daily face at your work? *


3. What do you want from work? *


4. Do you have the liberty to take decisions regarding your work or you do what is asked to do? *
5. Is there anything happening or has recently happened in the organization that you are not very happy about and feel de-motivated? *
6. Which department of your organization, according to you, is most motivated and why? *
7. Based on the experience, so far, in the company, do you think your job is secured or you have a feeling that you might lose it anytime? *
8. Do you feel taken care of by your organization? *
9. Are you consulted prior to any major decision being taken by your department? *
10. Do you feel listened or heard? *
11. Does your company offer you a system through which you can give your feedback/suggestion on any of the existing processes? *
12. Did you find any difference in the work culture/job responsibilities before and after joining the organization? *
13. Does your company truly reflect its logo/punchline? *
14. At work, what keeps you occupied for most of the time? *



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