Survey of SOCR Experiences
This survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. You can answer all or some of the questions. Thank you for your feedback!
1. For how long have you been using any of the SOCR resources?


2. What SOCR components have you used (you can select multiple entries)?

3. Please rate your Overall Experience using, and interacting with, different SOCR resources.


4. What SOCR resources are most valuable to you personally?

5. What type of SOCR user do you best self-identify with?

6. Are you satisfied with the SOCR infrastructure (including the SOCR HT Resource viewer, SOCR computational libraries, SOCR Wiki resources, multilingual support, interactive user Geo-Map, Support, etc.) Please explain!
7. Please comment on the Navigation and Integration of the SOCR Internet Resources.
8. Please recommend revisions of existent SOCR materials.
9. Please suggest the design, development and validation of new SOCR resources.
10. Other Feedback

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