Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity: Diagnosis and Management
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1. Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease?


2. When (What year, approximately)?
3. How were you diagnosed?

4. Have you been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity? 


5. When? (What year approximately)
6. How were you diagnosed?

7. Do you suffer from any other autoimmune diseases?


8. If yes, which diseases?

9. Do any family members have an autoimmune disease?


10. Have those family members been tested for celiac disease or gluten sensitivity?


11. Are you having difficulty maintaining a gluten-free diet?


12. Have you had a follow-up medical review since your diagnosis?


13. If yes, did it include one the following tests?

14. Do you presently suffer from any digestive complaints?


15. If yes, please indicate which:

16. Do you react negatively to dairy products (lactose, casein)?


17. Do you react negatively to other foods?


18. If yes, please indicate which:


19. How would you rate your overall health?



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