2016: New Mission Statement
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1. Tell us about how you are involved in the Vancouver Fringe Festival / Theatre Wire (select all that apply): *

2. Do you feel like the Fringe’s new mission statement reflects what the Fringe does through the Festival, the Fringe Presents, and Theatre Wire?


3. Why or why not?
4. Please tell us about how you feel after attending the Fringe Festival, the Fringe Presents, and / or Theatre Wire shows?
5. When attending the Fringe, Fringe Presents, or Theatre Wire shows, do you feel like you are part of a community? Please tell us about your experience.
6. Do you see “cultivating artists and audiences” as the Fringe / Theatre Wire’s primary function? Why or why not?
7. Do you think the words “vibrant” and “open” describe what we do? Why or why not?
8. Does the Fringe / Fringe Presents / Theatre Wire add vibrancy to your life? Feel free to elaborate.
9. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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