Application for a free Moviestorm Educational trial
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1. I understand that in order to qualify for a free Moviestorm Education site licence trial, I will be using the software within education, and as such I warrant (or confirm) that I am a teacher, lecturer, administrator or other staff member. *
2. What is your name? *
3. What is your email address?
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4. What is your (work) phone number, including international dialing code?
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5. What is the name of your educational establishment (school or college name)? *
6. What level of education will you use Moviestorm for? *

7. To help support your trial, please provide the name of the course(s) you intend to use the trial for.  Any further information about the planned activities could help us support you with relevant information and materials. *
8. By what date do you need your trial to start? *
9. How many weeks do you need your trial to last?
[N.B. We provide free trials of up to 6 weeks]

10. Finally, where did you hear about Moviestorm? *


Thank you for confirming your details, we will endeavor to reply to you as soon as possible.
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