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Board of Directors Roles / Responsibilities and Information Form

Thank you for your interest in joining our Board of Directors.  Upon completion of this information sheet please send an email to Karen Pfeiffer at

We hope t
o recruit two new qualified individuals before December 31, 2013.

Dear Board Member Candidate:  

Children: Our Ultimate Investment is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to educate and prepare our youth to reach their full potential through programs that address teen pregnancy prevention, non-violent parenting, life skills, continued education and job opportunities.  

We are looking for new Board Members to help us grow and flourish. You have come to the attention of our current Board and we would like to get a more detailed description of your skills and background.

Please feel free to review our Board Member Roles and Responsibilities outline below as well as fill out the included information form and send me an email when it is complete.

Children: Our Ultimate Investment is undergoing many new and exciting changes.  We are rolling out our Development and Marketing programs, continue to actively fundraise for expansion, are working to implement our Teens & Toddlers program as an LAPD referral program, are finalizing approval of our Teens & Toddlers curriculum as a supplementary Health course by the LAUSD.  

I am happy to send you more detailed information on what we do here at COUI upon your request, and we would like very much to discuss how your interests and talents might contribute to our common efforts.   We look forward to your response and the prospect of welcoming you aboard.    

Thank you,     

Karen Pfeiffer
Children: Our Ultimate Investment


1)    Board meeting attendance. COUI board members will attend all regular meetings, committee meetings and special meetings.  Though participation in other key areas could offset, to an extent, your inability to attend a given meeting, if you are not able to meet your obligations you may be asked to reconsider your role and/or membership status.  
Rationale: Participation at board meetings is essential to the primary role of a board member to advance the fulfillment of the Children: Our Ultimate Investment mission and exercise fiduciary responsibility.   

2)    Board responsiveness. Board members will be available for consultation and respond in a timely manner to all action items and requests in person, by phone, or by email.  
Rationale: Board member participation and responsiveness is integral to the success and momentum of key Children: Our Ultimate Investment business.   

3)    Committee service. Board members will actively serve on one standing committee each year, when there are openings.  
Rationale: To lend expertise, knowledge and leadership in my specific area(s) of strength for developing policy for the board and recommending actions for consideration and approval. 

 4)    Giving and influencing donations (GIVE OR GET).   As a board member, if you work and give at a high standard, others will, too.  As part of your “give/get” you agree to personally give, what is for you, a substantial cash donation.  Each board member is responsible for giving and influencing others to give a combined total of at least $5,000 to COUI per fiscal year (October 1 – September 30).  Of this amount, at least $1,000 shall be cash that:  a) you personally donated; b) you have influenced others to donate; or c) is generated by an item that you personally secured to be auctioned off at a COUI fundraiser.  The remainder of your “give/get” can include in-kind gifts (non-cash generating items or authorized pro-bono work).  In the event of personal hardship (e.g., job loss, medical hardship, etc.) board members can seek appropriate temporary relief from their “give/get” obligation by consulting with the Board Chair and Treasurer.    
Rationale: To demonstrate proper conduct and duty of care; to support COUI’s mission through assured ongoing financial strength.  Being able to publish that all (100%) board members have made a gift also puts the organization in a solid position to receive major gifts from grants / other donors. 

5)    Other volunteering.  As a board member, you lead the way.  You are a model for others to follow, therefore Board Members are requested to attend and participate in at least one (or more) COUI event(s) per year, when and if scheduled.  
Rationale:  Volunteering and event attendance will help board members to better understand COUI’s mission and continue to make informed decisions as a board member.  

6)    Representing the organization. Board members will be a positive advocate for COUI, and will welcome influential friends and associates to meet our Executive Director and/or others in a position to cultivate relationships on behalf of the organization.   
Rationale: This component of board service can open many doors for COUI that may result in positive and productive long or short term relationships.


In turn, Children: Our Ultimate Investment is responsible to its board members in a number of ways, including but not limited to the following:  

1)    Support board members in participating fully, while respecting and appreciating their time at and outside of scheduled meetings.  

2)    Regularly provide status reports and information about the work, service, finances and progress at the organization.  

3)    Staff will be reasonably available to discuss programs, policies, goals and objectives, lead facility tours, and lend support for board needs.  

4)    Support the work and decisions of the board in every way possible.  

5)    Be prepared and contribute to making board meetings substantive and productive.  

6)    Encourage and support board members in taking on roles of responsibility, leadership and impact.   

7)    Practice and foster straightforward and thorough communication and provide all information necessary to support and equip the board in carrying out its responsibilities of the Children: Our Ultimate Investment.  

8)    Work with the board to make this one of the most rewarding and fulfilling volunteer experiences board members will ever have.

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Organizational development
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Nonprofit Management
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11. Please read the following carefully before signing this application:
I understand that this is for the collecting of information only and does not represent any obligation or promise to be a COUI board member. Candidates will be selected through a majority vote by COUI's current Board of Directors.  I certify that I have and will provide information throughout the selection process, including on this application for a volunteer board member and in meetings with Children: Our Ultimate Investment that is true, correct and complete to the best  of my knowledge. I certify that I have and will answer all questions to the best of my ability and that I have not and will not withhold any information that would unfavorably affect my acceptance to a volunteer board member position. I understand that information contained on my application will be verified by Children: Our Ultimate Investment. I understand that misrepresentations or omissions may be cause for my immediate rejection as an applicant for a volunteer board member position with Children: Our Ultimate Investment or my termination as a volunteer.

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