Music and Self-Promotion
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I am a French student doing a Bachelor in the UK, I am conducting this survey for my final year dissertation which question is "Self-Promotion in the Music Industry : a PR tactic ?".

This survey doesn't require you to know anything about the music industry or PR per se, I just need the general music consumer perspective, how you do perceive it and what it means to you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these few questions, I know it looks like a lot but it actually shouldn't take more than 3-4 minutes. I really really appreciate it !
1. How old are you ?


What is your occupation ?

Have you ever heard of the term "self-promotion" when it comes to the music industry ?


What do you understand by"self-promotion" when it comes to musicians ?


Definition of self-promotion : the act or practice of promoting one's own interests, profile, etc. (Collins English Dictionary, 2003)


In your opinion, what means / tools are used for self-promotion ?

6. Could you give an example of an artist or a band who used self-promotion and how ?


Example: In 2007, Radiohead whose contract with record label EMI has just ended,decided to promote their new album, In Rainbows, using self-promotion. The In Rainbows promotion was distributed online, without backing from a major record company and allowed fans to pay whatever they thought the digital album was worth, starting from £0,01. Radiohead waswidely praised for breaking from the label system.

7. In cases like Radiohead, were you aware it was self-promotion ?  *
8. In the cases of self-promotion you came accross, could you tell the difference between self-promotion and record label promotion ? How so ? *
9. Do you think self-promotion is a good PR tool ? Why ?  *
10. As a music consumer, if you knew that an artist of a band you like was using self-promotion, would it change your opinion, your image of them ? If yes, how so ? *
11. What do you think would be the advantages of self-promotion in the music industry ? *
12. What do you think would be the inconveniences and limitations of self-promotion in the music industry ?

13. What do you think self-promotion can give musicians that record labels can't ? *
14. What do you think record labels can give musicians that self-promotion can't ? *
15. Do you think it is necessary / important for musicians to keep a part of self-promotion even after they are signed by a record label ? Why ? *
Thank you so much for you time !

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