Graphic Design And Advertising
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1. How do you see yourself?

2. Is your work

3. What type of design work are you involved in?

4. Where do you work from?

5. Where is your workspace located?

6. How much of your work involves Print Advertising to the general public?

7. Do you think that there is a lot of Print Advertising aimed at children? Please give a reason for your answer.
8. Do you think that children are becoming more avid consumers because of print advertising? Please give a reason for your answer.
9. In design, do you think that color and typography play an important role in advertising to children? Please give a reason for your answer.
10. Do you think that the use of celebrities, popstars and footballers in advertising to children, play an important role in getting a message across?
11. (A) What messages (if any) do you think advertisers like to get across to children specifically?

(B) How do you as a designer incorporate these messages into the design process?

(C) Do you think this can have harmful effects?
12. How much of an influence do you think advertisers and marketers have on design in general?
13. Digital manipulation in photoshop has raised questions abouth the authenticity of images. What is your opinion with regard to this statement?
14. In her book ‘The Lolita Effect’, the author, M. Gigi Durham, heavily outlines the increasing 'sexualisation' of young girls in the mass media for profit. Do you think Photoshop has contributed to this? Please Explain.
15. As a designer, how do you feel about your answer above?

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