HAFM conference follow-up (Jan 2018)
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1. Please tick whichever applies to you: *
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Hearing aid user
Musician (or musically trained)
Audiologist (or related professional)
2. Please rate to what extent you agree with the following statements:
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I learned something new at the conference
The networking was useful
The event had an impact on my audiology and/or musical practice
I took action and/or changed my behaviour as a result of attending the conference
I need further help in applying what I learnt
I would like to attend a similar event in the future
3. We would love to hear if the conference made a difference to you in any way.
For example:
- did you alter the ways you use your hearing aids when listening to music?
- did you begin discussing music in clinic?
- did you make any useful contacts at the event?
- did you take any action as a result of the event?
- were you motivated to find out more?
Please share your thoughts!

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