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Thank you for participating in this survey. All data provided will be treated as strictly confidential and results will only be presented on an aggregated basis.

For the purpose of this survey, last half of 2022 and first half of 2023 refers to the months of July to December 2022 and January to June 2023 respectively, while the next half refers to the months of July to December 2023.

Answers and data entered should refer to the collective performance of your company's South African operations only.

NORMAL in the context of this survey refers to “the level of acceptable business performance in line with the realistic long term average performance you would hope to achieve, or the long term average historical performance experienced (pre-Covid), during this period, i.e. taking seasonal variances into account”.

Note: As a guideline, performance within 1% or 2% of normal is considered “normal”, performance between 2% and 15% is “better than normal”, while performance that is 15% or more above normal can be considered “significantly better than normal”. The equivalent negative percentages apply for “worse”. However, for businesses of different sizes and in different stages of maturity, these parameters may differ. Respondents should therefore make a judgment based on their own business, its specific situation, and what level of performance they would typically describe as “significantly better” or “better”. Ongoing respondent consistency in answering the questions is more important than identical parameters for every respondent.



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