Song Surgeon Version 6 - Features Survey
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1. Show Beats:  When a file is opened SS currently detects and displays a BPM but it does not show WHERE the beats occur on the wave form file.  What level of interest is the ability to graphically show the position of each beat? *
2. File formats – Is adding the ability to EXPORT and save a file in a midi format of interest to you?
3. Volume Normalization – When opening a file Song Surgeon could show the measured DB level of the song and then allow you to adjust the volume up or down to a specific decibel or volume level.   Would such a feature be of interest to you.? 
4. Note Grabber - This is a feature that would allow you to tell Song Surgeon to grab or elongate the playing of a specific note within a file, so you can hear it play continuously, thus making it easier for you to identify what it is. Would this be of interest to you.?
5. Frequency Analyzer – Song Surgeon currently has a chord detection module.  This would be something in additional.  It would analyze the audio frequency and graph the frequency to assist you in determining and identifying specific notes based upon the value determined.  What this feature be of interest to you?
6. Opening Files From Streaming Services - An increasing number of people listen to and get their music from streaming services.  Such music normally is not physically present on your computer but is streamed from the cloud.  Would the ability for Song Surgeon to open and use such streamed files be of interest? *
7. Chord Voicing for Other Instruments:  Song Surgeon currently provides chord voicings for guitar.  Would you be interested in expanding this list to other instruments like:  Piano, mandolin. ukulelee, etc? *
8. Sheet Music Transposition:  Would including the ability of Song Surgeon to transpose sheet music be of interest to you?  A piece of sheet music would be scanned and sent to Song Surgeon. Song Surgeon would process it based upon your input and change the notes to conform with the desired key, and allow you to print an edited or revised copy of the processed sheet music in the new key.   Would this feature be of interest?
9. Other - If you have other suggested features or changes that you would like considered, please submit these below.
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