Digital Innovation Award
Answers marked with a * are required.
Presentation of your Company and yourself
Describe briefly your company and its activities. Explain who you are and which position(s) and responsibilities you have within the company.
Presentation of the project
​Clearly state the business problem/opportunity and the objectives of the project. Please provide further details on the digital solution/idea developed through the project. What is the current status of the project?
Why is this digital project (idea/concept) innovative?
​Describe how your project is digitally innovative. Explain in which way it is original and what are its key differentiators in comparison to other digital projects. Explore how you identify and address a need with your project. For example; is there use of innovative new technology, is there evidence of innovative thought leadership, were there innovative ways to identify/address business needs related to this project, etc?
What is the impact/benefit of this innovative project?
Could you demonstrate the external impact/benefits of the project through quantitative and/or qualitative evidence? (e.g. client satisfaction, market share, revenue increase, improved customer experience, company image impact…)?
Are there internal impacts/benefits of the project? Could you demonstrate these with quantitative and/or qualitative evidence? (e.g. transaction time savings, cost savings, ROI, product usage…).
We ensure confidentiality to each participant of the digital innovation award. Your information and answers will not be disclosed without any authorisation.
Besides, some media and public relation communication will be created to highlight the winner and potential other key stories. The organisation of the award will always contact the participants to have their approval about the content of these communications