LewisC's Database Survey
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6. You PRIMARY Role:


7. Your relationship to open source (multiple answers allowed):

8. Your employer's relationship to open source:

9. The PRIMARY database in use at your company:

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10. What databases are in regular use at your company:

11. What databases, besides the ones listed above, have you or your company ever used:

12. Does your company have an open source policy?


13. Does your company ALLOW the use of open source software:


14. Does your company ACTIVELY use open source software:


15. Does your company use any open source databases?


16. Have you or your company ever migrated from a commercial data (i.e. Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc) to an open source database (i.e. MySQL, Ingres, Postgres, etc):


17. If the answer to the question above (dealing with migration) was YES, was the migration successful:


18. Have you or your company ever paid for services, support or training for an open source database:


19. If you have used an open source database, how would you classify open source databases in general:


20. If you or your company has not used an open source database, why:

21. If you or your company IS using an open source database, why:

22. How large is your largest database:


23. Are any of your databases clustered or running on a grid?


24. Are you concerned with high availability for your databases:


25. What operating system do you use for your PRIMARY DATABASE:



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