1. Requested information:
Your name (optional)
Facility Name (if known)
Accreditation Number (if known)
Date of on-site Assessment Activity (if known)
2. Assessment Activity - Preparation
When initially contacted by the Lead Assessor and asked to participate in an accreditation activity, did the Lead Assessor:
  Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree
a) initially maintain the anonymity of the facility to be assessed;
b) provide you with general information on the facility, e.g. what State and the activities needing to be reviewed;
c) indicate the likely time commitment;
d) having sought your agreement to participate and having subsequently disclosed the identity of the facility, provide a Conflict of Interest Memorandum?
3. Did the Lead Assessor discuss with you the plan prior to the visit to ensure adequate coverage of the facility's competency areas as defined in the scope of accreditation?
4. The briefing package (containing the information relating to the assessment activity):
  Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree
a) was provided to you no less than two weeks prior to the date of the assessment activity;
b) was marked as "confidential";
c) contained adequate information and supporting records, test methods etc, for you to be sufficiently prepared for the assessment;
d) were you contacted prior to the activity to confirm you had received the briefing package?
5. Prior to the assessment (including on the morning of or evening prior to the visit, or whilst travelling to the facility) were you:
  Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree
a) provided with an opportunity to discuss and clarify any questions about the assessment activity, including any concerns with information provided in the briefing package;
b) reminded of the purpose and scope of the visit together with assessment plan, logistics and timeframes;
c) advised to the extent necessary of the appropriate facility staff to engage with?
6. On-Site Assessment Activity
During the on-site component of the assessment activity, did the Lead Assessor:
  Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree
a) explain your role during the entry meeting;
b) invite you to ask questions during the entry meeting;
c) provide you with adequate support;
d) facilitate opportunities for discussion between you and facility staff;
e) spend an appropriate amount of time with you;
f) manage time effectively?
7. Throughout the process did NATA staff:
  Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree Not Applicable
a) communicate effectively;
b) demonstrate good organisational skills;
c) demonstrate a good knowledge of NATA Accreditation Criteria;
d) conduct themselves in a professional manner?
e) allocate sufficient time to adequately consider any additions to scope (if applicable) without adversley impacting the coverage of the existing scope
f) allocate sufficient time for the assessment to allow completion of the scheduled activities, as described in the sampling plan (if provided) and to enable an adequate review of the overall technical competence of the facility?
8. Post On-site Assessment
Following the assessment activity, if a facility submission was sent to you, did you consider:
  Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree Not Applicable
a) that your input was necessary;
b) the action required of you was clear;
c) the submission was provided in a clear and ordered format, in order to facilitate your review;
d) that sufficient information was provided to allow you to make a determination on the action taken, e.g. data in support of test validation provided as a validation report?
9. Do you feel that the time you committed to the assessment activity was effectively used pre, post and during the on-site activity? If 'no' please provide your comments below.
10. Please use this section to provide additional information in relation to Question 9 immediately above, and for any general comments on the assessment activity process.