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1. Personal Data:
*Note that your passport validity is requested because it is required to be valid on the day of the exam. 
 If you don't have it with you right now, please write 00/00/0000 and send us the missing info later on.
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Passport Validity (dd/mm/yyyy)
Personal Email
2. Education Information:
*Note that a Bachelor degree (or equivalent) is a requirement for the CFA program. 
Degree #1
Completion year
Degree #2
Completion year
Degree #3
Completion year
3. Employment Details:
*Note that in order to become a CFA, after passing all 3 levels, you also need to have 4 years of relevant work experience.
Company Name
Current Position
Corporate Email
4. Please select your course level:
* If you qualify for a Special Discount we will automatically deduct it from the total amount due.


5. FRI offers a 50% discount to All Re-takers (of the previous 2 years maximum).
Please specify if you are a Re-Taker?
* Note: To qualify as a Re-taker you must send us by email a copy of your previous CFA failed exam results for the same Level that you are registering to now OR a copy of your registration to the previous CFA exam for the same Level that you are registering to now.


6. Please select your preferred material package:
FRI strongly recommends the Wiley - Ultimate Prep Package which is a very complete and useful pack at a special price for FRI only.

You can compare the Wiley packages in this link & the Schweser packages in this link. 


7. Please specify if you would like to order the Texas Instrument BA II Plus calculator at 120 000 LBP:
* Note that you must have a specific Financial Calculator for the exam (and the courses).
* You can read the CFA Institute Calculator policy in the following link:


8. Please specify your preferred method of payment: *


9. How did you learn about Finance and Risk Institute: *