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1. Please specify your status. *


2. Are you a professional? *


3. You stay with:


4. Will you oblige a service dedicated to get your washable shoes washed? *


5. If YES, please specify do you prefer to get your shoes washed at your home or a home-picked, home-delivered service? *


6. How often do you wash your shoes or get them washed? *


7. How much should be the fee for this service (per pair)? *


8. Would you prefer a maid or a specialized shoe-washer to wash your shoes? *


9. Are you okay with giving your shoes to some outsider for washing? *


10. Do you think, if someone starts a service like this, it will attract a sizable turnout? *


11. Do you want to visit the facility on your own? *


12. Do you have any inputs for this kind of service? Please specify in the box.
13. We want to do this to create new jobs for unemployed people. Does this information change your answers?


14. If you want to add some comments after reading last question, please fill this box.

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