Apache Tuscany User Feedback Survey
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1. Which releases of Apache Tuscany do you use?
2. In what stage of development are you in?
3. What runtime platforms do you use?

4. Which technologies do you use in your solution?

5. If you answered "other" to the previous question, please indicate what?
6. Which SCA binding types do you use?
7. Which SCA implementation types do you use?
8. What additional bindings or implementation types would you like to see?
9. How would you rate ease of installation and use?
10. What suggestions do you have for improving this?
11. If you have not adopted Tuscany yet, what would help you make that decision?
12. How is your choice of SCA helping your business?
13. Do you have any other comments on what might improve Apache Tuscany?
14. Would you be willing to give testimonial on your use of Apache Tuscany which we could use on the project website or in other publicity about the project? If so please enter an email address where we can contact you:

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