SlideTrax Product Survey
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1. Do you currently own SlideTrax?
2. If you don't own SlideTrax why haven't you purchased it?


3. SlideTrax allows users to use only 1 picture or image file and this image is paired with a single audio file to create the video. If the product were changed to enable you to use multiple pictures rather than just one when creating a video, this would expand its utility.

For example this change would enable you to post lyrics for an entire song or it would allow you to associate tabs or chords with a song, so people could play along. 

Assuming that you do NOT currently own ST, would such an change cause you to buy the program?
4. Other - If you have other suggested features or changes that would increase your likelihood of buying the product please list these below.
Suggestion 1.
Suggestion 2.
Suggestion 3.
Suggestion 4.
Suggestion 5.

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