Provider Satisfaction Survey 2015
Answers marked with a * are required.
1. AHC IPA staff returns calls promptly *


2. The AHC IPA staff is courteous and helpful. *


3. Your questions are answered to your satisfaction *


4. AHC IPA referral / authorization forms are easy to use. *


5. Referral/authorizations are returned to you in a timely fashion. *


6. UM information are updated and informed to you in a timely manner. *


7. AHC IPA ensure adequate coordination of care among provider for your member. *


8. Coordination of Care provided in a timely manner. *


9. Members are satisfied with the AHC IPA UM process. *


10. Specialist network is sufficient enough to address your need. *


11. Questions on claims are handled quickly and appropriately. *


12. Claims are processed in a timely fashion. *


13. Capitation checks sent in a timely manner. *


14. C & L issues related to member and their ability to access services are addressed. *


15. Health Education services provided by AHC IPA and Health Plans are satisfactory. *


16. Provider Name / Office & Date:

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