Are you a Radical Centrist?
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1. How valuable are opinions?


2. What makes for a good policy?


3. What kind of leaders should we vote for?


4. Do you support i) teaching evolution, ii) stem cell research, iii) same-sex marriage, iv) abortion on demand, v) legalization of marijuana, and vi) amnesty for illegal immigrants?


5. What kind of speech should we encourage?


6. Who is to blame for our current economic problems?


7. Is the market fair?


8. Is environmentalism a good thing?


9. Should we support Israel?


10. How can we best achieve racial equality?


11. Should women always be treated the same as men?


12. Are all religions basically the same?


13. Are Muslims dangerous?


14. Is homosexuality natural?


15. Is capital punishment justified?


16. Should the entertainment industry be regulated?


17. Is the U.S. Constitution a living document?


18. What should schools teach?


19. Is the United Nations a good thing?


20. Is war ever justified?



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