Global Challenge Virtual Preliminary - Executive Summary
Answers marked with a * are required.
1. Please state the names of your team members (up to five people). *
2. List the email address of each team member (in the order you have listed the team members above), so we are able to contact you regarding your submission. Separate each email address by a semicolon.  *
3. State the name of the institution/university you attend as a full-time student. *
4. State your team/business name. *
5. What is the general business concept description, as well as the business age/stage? *
6. What is the initial launch market and who/what is targeted customer base? *
7. What specific customer need does the product/service address? *
8. What are the competitive advantages of the product/service/technology? *
9. What are the business and technical qualifications of the launch team? *
10. What are the key near-term milestones in preparation for market entry? *

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