Know Yourself: Quick Questionnaire
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1. Rate yourself on the following personality attributes. All submissions are anonymous.

Don’t think about your best or worst moments. Your answers should reflect how you see yourself as a trader on an average day. 

If you have never traded before, that’s fine. Most people have a pretty good idea of their likely strengths and weaknesses even before they start trading, so just fill out how you see yourself, or how you think you will act as a trader. 

Scale goes from 1 (the attribute on the left describes me best) to 10 (the attribute on the right describes me best).
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Risk averse / Risk seeking
Not confident / Extremely confident
Contrarian / Tend to follow others
Impulsive / Rational
Snap under stress / Great under stress
Poor self-control / Excellent willpower
Average math skills / Quantitative superstar
Love money / Love trading
Act on gut feel / Act on logic
Lucky / Unlucky
Limitless energy / Often exhausted
Highly creative / Average imagination
I control my life / I don't control my life
Decisive / Hesitant
Adapt well to change / Not great with change
Focused / Scattered
Always very curious / Not all that curious
Organized / Disorganized
Significant trading experience / No trading experience
Highly emotional / Robotic
2. How many years have you been trading? *


3. What percentage of all trading months have you been profitable? Rough estimate is fine. *


4. Compared to your peers, how would you rate yourself as a trader? *


5. How many years total in your life have you earned an income of > $100,000 (for yourself) via trading? That is: Trading revenue in a personal account, or compensation from a bank, hedge fund, management fees, etc. *


6. Who is the one person on Twitter you find most useful? (please provide Twitter handle if you can).