A survey to understand issues in people's helping patterns
1. Have you been in a situation where you wanted to help for some cause (ex: sponsor a child’s education, rural development) and did not know how to?


2. What did you do in those situations?


3. If you dropped the idea, what made you do so?
[can choose mutiple options]

4. Where do you seek information about organizations/NGO's?
[can choose multiple options]

5. Do you get details on the above chosen options?
[can choose multiple options]

6. How frequently do you help?


7. How do you get to know the needs of an organization/NGO?
[can choose multiple options]

8. Do you prefer helping the same organization/NGO every time?


9. Do you hear from the organizations on how your contributions are being utilized?


10. How would you like to be informed of the same?
[can choose multiple options]

11. Does knowing the impact of your help motivate you to contribute in the future?


12. Do you share the impact of your help with friends, colleagues and motivate them to contribute?


13. Name some of the organizations/NGOs whom you have helped in the last year?
14. Have you visited these organizations after you have helped them?


15. Which of the following sectors do you usually offer help to?
[can choose multiple options]

16. Given information about an organization/NGO working in “your hometown”, will you be more willing to help them?


17. Will a website containing the details of all organizations and their current needs help you?


18. Will you be willing to spread the word about "this website" (referred in question 17)?



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